He locked the door and raped her

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Father Ronald Leger, the Viatorian priest and native of Lancaster, Ontario  who attended and taught at Cornwall Classical College, has a court-date in Winnipeg Manitoba tomorrow:

14 May 2015: 1 pm, “to be spoken to,” courtroom #302, Winnipeg Provincial courthouse (408 York Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba )

Father Leger, was charged January 2015, is facing three charges of sexual assault and one of sexual interference.  Two charges  date to the 1980s, the other two relate to the time frame between late  2002 and late 2004.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.


Canadian Oblate Father Rocky Grimard‘s next court date is:

29 June 2015: 09:00, Pre-Trial Conference, Bexar County Texas, courthouse

The pre-trial conference is open to the public but apparently may, if need be, move into chambers.  This is not, as I understand it, at all unique to this case:  it is the way the system works in the States.


More news on the nature of the charges against fugitive Nigerian priest Father Anthony Onyenagada . 

You may recall that Father Onyenagada, a visiting priest assisting at parishes in the Diocese of London Ontario  in 2004, has successfully eluded justice for years.  By the time police laid eight charges against him in 2005  he was out of the country and back home in Nigeria.  A warrant was issued for his arrest.  Despite the warrant  he managed to cross the border into Canada without incident in 2013 to assist in a fund raiser at a parish in the London Diocese.

A reader thoughtfully sent me a link to the following article which ran in the London free Press 28 March:

28 March 2015:  ‘In the one moment, I lost everything’

Father  Onyenagada raped the young parish secretary.  Locked the door and raped her.  The predatory priest and fugitive is still  a priest.  He has not been defrocked.  When I last checked he was listed as a priest with the  Okigwe Diocese, Nigeria.

Please keep Nicole and her family  in your prayers. Pray too for all the young women who encounter Father Onyenagada.

Enough for now,


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