“Religious Activities”

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There a few articles which I really must post in relation to the Brothers of Christian Instruction and sex abuse scandal and cover-up at St. Mary’s International School (SMIS)

Here are the first three, with a few background and/or explanatory comments and/or questions:

(1)  Brother Michel Jutras’ apology

21 January 2014:  Apology by Brother Michel Jutras fic signed by Brother Raymond Ducharme fic

Brother Michel Jutras, who arrived at SMIS in 1969,  was Headmaster at the school in 2013.

On 14 May 2013  “Jacob Bernstein” contacted Brother Michel Jutras alleging he had been sexually abused in 1965 by a Brother at SMIS; in short order he identified Brother Lawrence Lambert fic .

By July 2013 Brother Michel had redirected/directed Jacob to Brother Raymond Ducharme, the Vice Provincial for Japan and the Philippines.

When Jacob asked that various individuals issue him a written apology, he included Brother Jutras.

(2)  Financing Jacob’s trip to Tokyo

Arrangements were underway for Jacob to meet with the Brothers in Tokyo.

Jacob advised that he would travel business class as he was accustomed to doing,  that his wife and therefore also daughter would accompany him, and he identified one of the top hotels in Tokyo for their lodgings.

The Brothers readily agreed.

The Brothers wanted the meeting to be held in early December 2014.  That date was problematic for Jacob and the date of 21 January 2014 was eventually agreed upon.

In the following email, Brother Ducharme references payment for the trip .

24 October 2013:  Brother Raymond Ducharme asks victim to send copy for fees for trip and references Brother John Paradis apology

Note too the reference to Brother John Paradis (Paul-Emile Paradis).  Jacob had asked for an apology from Brother Paradis as well.  According to Brother Ducharme, Brother John “is very sad about what happened to you.”

(You may recall that I made reference to the fact that back in 1965 Brother John, then headmaster at the school, knew about the abuse.  More on that in due course, but I will tell you that there was no apology from Brother Paradis)

A final note on this:  Not in the above email, but as a perturbing aside to talk of arrangements for the trip,  Brother Ducharme actually offered to provide an Asian Brother to babysit for Jacob’s daughter in Tokyo!    I am serious!!!

(3)  “Religious Activities”

An then this!

Look at it.  This is regarding the money which was deposited by the Brothers into an Australian bank to finance Jacob’s trip to Tokyo.  It is, as you can see, an official defalcation to comply with tax laws

  11 December 2013:  “RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES”  Brothers of Christian Instruction  Declaration to send money to To Australia to finance victim’s trip to meet with brothers in Tokyo

Note “We hereby declare…”

Note the sum of monies, which I think works out to something like $60,000?

And, now, note the “Purpose” of the transfer of funds:  “Religious Activities”!!!

I’m not sure exactly what in this whole sordid mess the Brothers construed  as a “religious activity.”

Is it the sodomy of the child?  or is it the cover-up?

Further to that,  from a legal perspective,  is this ‘kosher’?  I’m not sure how the declaration should have been filled in to honestly reflect the situation, but in no way, shape or form was that trip anything close to a religious activity.

But, then again, in these troubled times of cover-up and scandal perhaps the Brothers- and others-  really do see trying to keep the lid on a scandal as a   “religious activity”?

Enough for now,


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