Court date in States

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The next courtdate for Canadian Oblate priest Father Rocky Grimard is:

11 May 2015: 9 am, Arraignment, Bexar County Texas, courthouse

Father Grimard, as you know, is facing charges in Texas after approaching tow plainclothes police officers in a park in Can Antonio, Texas.

Today I contacted the courthouse and will probably from hereon-in be able to keep tabs on Father’s courtdates.  The system is different in the States, but I think we should be able to sort things out as the case moves along.

If Father Grimard shows up with a lawyer on 11 May the charges will be read out to him and he will then be required to enter a plea of guilty, not guilty, or no contest.  If pleads “no contest” he is not admitting guilty but is not contesting the charges.


An update on Father James Roth OSFS, the recently deceased and self-confessed American molester and Oblate of St. Francis de Sales who had been serving in the Archdiocese of Toronto from 2004 until January 2015.

I have been advised by Mr. Bruce Campbell, spokesman for the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board, that that Fr. Roth “occasionally heard confessions at some high schools under the conditions I previously described, but not in elementary schools.”  The conditions previously described were that such confessions were heard  “in an open area with a teacher or other staff member nearby, but out of range.”

Mr. Campbell also advised that a notice has been sent to all schools to be published in the school newsletters.

I have asked for, but not as yet received,  a copy of the letter.  If anyone has a copy or sees it online in a school newsletter would you please send me a copy?


I understand that some people think that the victim of Brother Lawrence Lambert fic received an out-of-court settlement from the Brothers of Christian Instruction.  That, alas, is not the case.

As I mentioned in a blog “Done once” the order financed the victim’s trip to Tokyo for a face to face meeting in the synagogue.  That was the extent of any ‘goodwill’ demonstrated by the brothers.

I made mention in that blog that  Brother John Paradis knew that Brother Lawrence had sodomised that little Jewish boy.  I will give you a few  more details on that within the next few days, and following that a little information on a visit the  child’s mother’s paid to the Cardinal Archbishop of the day in Tokyo, but first,  I have  details which I must clarify


Yes, the Ottawa Senators did it last night.  A win!  I’m usually not a big hockey fan (barring of course when family play) , but I think it’s nigh to  impossible for anyone living in the Ottawa area who knows about the new goalie (“the Hamburgler”) not to be smitten with hockey fever these days.

Tomorrow night is the next BIG game 🙂

Enough for now,



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