Two years less a day for Deacon/ former CCCB Director of Communications

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Finally!  More than a year after pleading guilty to child porn charges Deacon William Kokesch was sentenced.  Kokesch, a former journalist and former director of communications for the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, was sentenced to two years less a day.

24 March 2015:  Montreal deacon in child pornography case gets jail time

According to media reports, there were nearly 100,00 images of child porn on the Deacon’s computer.

Nadine Haviernick, the Crown prosecutor, said she has no words to describe the images “they were outrageous disgusting images.”

Jeffrey Barro, Kokesch’s lawyer,  seemed to rationalize the crimes by alluding to problems that Kokesch had as a child:  “When you have a troubled childhood, it sometimes manifests itself in acts such as the one that Mr. Kokesch pleaded guilty to.”

That is perhaps true, however , as an adult Mr. Kokesch voluntarily became and served as a Deacon  in the Roman Catholic Church.  Please, please, please –  please don’t try to convince us that this deacon didn’t know that what he was doing was both sinful and criminal!

All seem to agree that Kokesch is not a risk to re-offend.  I hope and pray that is true.

The two-years-less-a-day means Kokesch will not be heading for a federal penitentiary ( A sentence must be two years to spend time in a  penitentiary).  And, even though his sentence is just shy of two years, according to media reports – believe it or not -Deacon Kokesch could be out on good behaviour in four months!

I just realized that I have no idea what disciplinary action can be taken by the Church to ensure that he can longer be referred to or serve as a Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church.  There must be an equivalent to defrocking?  I will check.  Whatever is required action should be taken to get this man out of the diaconate.

I will look for an post other media coverage.  Keep an eye on NEW to the site.  As I post I will post a link there.

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3 Responses to Two years less a day for Deacon/ former CCCB Director of Communications

  1. Agathe says:

    If a deacon takes vows, and I’m fairly sure they do, then surely these actions means he broke those vows.

    It’s a good question…..the church doesn’t talk enough about the fact of the clergy taking, and breaking, vows in these cases ….shouldn’t they just be automatically out? Instead they focus on fighting legal battles. But if vows are broken, they are broken, correct? So that means the deacon/priest should be out – right?

  2. Miecul says:

    Agathe In this case and many others what’s good for the Goose isn’t good for the Gander. Just like there are 2 laws for the rich and the poor. They say there isn’t, but there really is. If you believe that it’s the same for both, then do I have a deal for you! Not you Agathe just the ones naive enough to think that Justice scales are balanced.

  3. Agathe says:

    I think it is probably natural to be cynical. What I am saying is, breaking vows means a priest should be out. O.U.T. The focus becomes the legal charges, and the vow- – suddenly don’t matter. We, all, seem to turn a blind eye. So, what I am wondering is, why should vows/sacraments even matter, or count, for any of us, if the church takes such a seemingly light who-cares view? Then, why should the flock? If you really think about it…that is the main issue!

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