None of the above?

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First and very important.  Someone very recently contacted me regarding sex abuse as a child by a priest.  I had looked into the situation.   I was going to respond yesterday, however, I can not find that email anywhere.  I have searched high and low and it is nowhere to be found.  It must have disappeared somehow in the midst of my computer woes.  I ask that person to please contact me again.  I don’t want to say any more about location and name.


As I noted elsewhere, the next court-date for Father Peter Groulx (Diocese of Thunder Bay, Ontario) is:

 07 April 2015 :  10:00 am, pre-trial hearing (NOT open to the public), Thunder Bay, Ontario courthouse (125 Brodie Street North. Thunder Bay, Ontario)

Note that the hearing is NOT open to the public.  There will be another courtdate set after this hearing.  When the time comes I will find out what it is and post it.

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.


A busy week coming up in court next week.  I will post on that later, meanwhile, click here to check the Legal Calendar so you can mark your calendars.


I am still pulling together and getting it sorted out on the Nathan Labatt page.    When I took a break last evening I decided I had had enough for the day – just needed to leave it all for a spell and pick it up again today 🙂

This young man has had contact with countless young people.  Hundreds!

I won’t cover everything I have posted.  Keep checking the page.  When I am finished I will let you know.

One thing to note, however,  is that I came across yet another instance where the name of Nathan Labatt seems to have mysteriously disappeared from documents filed on the Archdiocese of Regina’s website.

It is well known that in the summer of 2014 Nathan Labatt was part of the archdiocesan contingent which travelled to the Philippines pn a “missions trip.”   And, in fact, if you google  “A Journey to the Philippines:  COUNTDOWN”  the results show Labatt’s name along with that of a few others .  Those are names which at one point were included somewhere in that page.  Look at the google result here:    google result for A  Journey to the Philippines… with Labatts name

However, if you click on the link,  the following Regina archdiocesan blogspot page opens,:  A Journey to the Philippines archdiocese blogspot . Note  that there is no mention of Nathan Labatt on that page.  The other names seen on the google result are there.  Nathan Labatt’s name is nowhere to be found.  Gone!  We know from the google search results that once upon a time it was there.  Now, well, poof – it’s gone!

Is this

(a)  a mystery?

(b)   a miracle?

(c)   sheer happenstance?

(d)  none of the above?


A number of people are asking me what’s happening with the inquiry at St. Mary’s International School in Japan.  All has been quiet on that front.  Not a word.   I have sent an email off to Mr. Saburo Kagei, the Headmaster of the school who announced on Tuesday 19 November 2014 the appointment of “a panel of experts” to conduct an independent inquiry.  When I receive a response I will pass along the word.

Enough for now,


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