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By now most of your are aware that serial molester, ex priest, thrice convicted molester , former fugitive from justice and Oblate Eric Derjager has been sentenced to 19 years in jail.  With 2:1 time awarded for his four years in custody since his arrival in Canada, that means Dejaeger is facing another 11 years behind bars.

Now, a message in Inuktitut for Dejaeger’s many many victims.  The following prayer was posted on Sylvia’s Ste earlier.  I am told some victims wanted to see it posted in Inuktitut.  Thanks to a kind soul who knows the language, it has been translated.  Here it is, first as a pdf file, and then below:  Dejaeger Inuktitut prayer after sentencing pdf

Dejaeger Inuktitut prayer after sentencing







Can you read that?

If not, I will try some other approach to get it posted.  This is solely for all you victims in Nunavut. so if you are unable to read it please do let me know.

There is a typo there.  the original posted by northern fancy referred to “journalists” – plural, and indeed that is the case.  So many came together to see this man brought to justice.  But, mostly it was you, the victims, who found the courage to speak out, those of you who waited years to see Dejeager answer for his crimes and sins., and those of you who spoke up when he finally landed back in Canada.

Well done.  Each and every one of you. Thanks to your courage Eric Dejaeger is no longer a priest in the Roman Catholic Church.  And, thanks to your courage, Eric Dejaeger is no longer the fugitive from justice wandering foot-loose-and-fancy-free in Belgium.  Thanks to your courage we now know the real Eric Dejager.

I think too of those of you who came forward but failed to see the charge translate into a conviction.  I believe I was in court when some of your testified.  I can tell you that I believed you.   I was heart-broken by what I heard.  Please know that there are all sorts of legalities and technicalities which sometimes prevent a conviction, but never doubt for a moment that you did the right thing.  Your voices were heard.  And rest assured that Eric Dejeager knows what he did to all of you,  and that he has many nights ahead of him on a hard prison bed ahead to think about it, – and, hopefully, as he should, to pray for each and every one of you constantly, and, yes. to beg your forgiveness.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

My thoughts and prayers also go to the complainants in Edmonton, Alberta,  Dejeager has a court date in Edmonton this Friday.  Will it be a plea deal and |guilty”?  or will he deny?

We shall see.  No matter, those poor souls in Edmonton have been waiting for years for the charges in Nunavut to wrap up.  Keep them in your prayers.

And, a reminder here for all who think the sentence is too light.  I too think that a man like this should be behind bars for the rest of his life, but, that’s not the way it works in Canada.  Not now.

Do you have any idea how profound a 19 year sentence is?  for  sex abuse?   I don’t think I know of one single case which comes close to this.

This is a huge step forward.  Huge!!!  This is now case law, a precedent has been set and can and will be used as reference for the sentencing of other molesters.

You did that.  All of you who spoke up.  It would not have happened without you.  I and so many others are am so proud of every single one of you, and so thankful for your courage.

Stay strong.  Stay strong. Be proud of yourselves.  The shame is where it belongs:  squarely on the shoulders of Eric Dejaeger.  It never was and is not yours to bear.   You put it where it belongs.  Well done 🙂


The following articles and blogs have been posted:

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04 February 2014:  Go to jail for 11 more years, Nunavut judge tells pedophile ex-priest Dejaeger

04 February 2015:  “Eric Dejaeger, former priest, sentenced to 19 years for child sex abuse” & related article

04 February 2015:  BLOG 11 more years in jail

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There will be more tomorrow.

And, please do take the time to read the reaosn for Judgment:

30 January 2015:  R v Dejeager 2015 Reasons for Judgment (Justice Kilpatrick’s explanation for the 19 year sentence – includes a factual summary of each offence for which Dejaeger was convicted or plead guilty)

Excellent.  Yes, heart-breaking and graphic too, but I really recommend that everyone take the time to read it through.

Enough for now,


P.S.  Mark your calendars in Edmonton.  According to an APTN report Dejaeger is now in Edmonton.  I can’t post article right now – will do so after supper.

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2 Responses to Message in Inuktitut

  1. Sylvia says:

    The APTN article is posted with video link:

    04 February 2015: “Defrocked priest DeJaeger sentenced to 19 years for horrific sex-crimes, leaves ‘dark legacy’ in Nunavut” & VIDEO link

    Note: “DeJaeger is now in custody in Edmonton…”

  2. Sylvia says:

    I am going to call the Edmonton Crown tomorrow to find out what’s going on with the Edmonton charges. I will post as soon as I know something.

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