Difficult time

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Yes, Father Bernard Buckle has died.

21 January 2015:  Father Bernard Buckle dead

As you may recall, Father Buckle, a retired priest with the Diocese of Corner Brook, Labrador, was charged August 2014.  Father Buckle, who was suspened after the charges were laid, had entered a plea of not guilty and elected trial by judge and jury.

His preliminary hearing was just around the corner – scheduled for 18 February ’15 in Stephenville, Newfoundland.

I have been told that Father Buckle suffered a heart attack some time after the charges were laid, and that he was scheduled for heart surgery in St. John’s.  It is unknown if he did or did undergo the surgery prior to his death.

At a time like this my heart goes out to the complainant.  Please keep him in your prayers.  This will be an extremely difficult time for him.

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12 Responses to Difficult time

  1. Bob says:

    Sylvia, why do you always say your heart goes out to complaintant & to keep him or her in your prayers. In reference to Father Bernard Buckle why do you not also ask readers to keep him in their prayers. This sort of presentation seems that you judge Father Buckle as guilty & have some sort of anger or resentment towards him . For god,s sake do you profess to follow the word of JESUS & his teachings ? Time to revisit & think on what you say. Thanks, “BOB”.

    • PJ says:

      “Bob” Do you not know that this site is in support of victims of abuse by collars and that church?? Here’s the title – Blogging the sex abuse scandal and betrayals of trust in the Roman Catholic Church in Canada

      Hope this clears up your misconception.

    • Sylvia says:

      I am sure you know as well as I Bob that there will be many prayers offered – both in public and privately – for the repose of Father Buckle’s soul. How many will remember that there is a complainant out there who is equally if not more in need of our prayers?

      In this instance my thoughts were and are with the complainant. There is now little hope for him for that elusive goal of “closure.”

      I again ask for prayers for the complainant during this difficult time. He needs our prayers.

      As I said “at a time like this” The case never went got to trial. Surely somewhee in your heart you understand the burden this puts on the shoulders of the complainant?


      We will never know if Father Buckle would have been acquitted or convicted in a court of law.

  2. jg says:

    “For god,s sake do you profess to follow the word of JESUS & his teachings ?”

    Some nerve you have to attempt to “turn the tables” on Sylvia. If you followed the word of Jesus and his teachings, you would understand the situation and keep quiet, reflect on your own life, your failings and your ignorance and Pray that the Good Lord will enlighten the abusers and their enablers.
    It is no wonder that some are listed and never convicted! The church, their pedophiles are delaying for ever in Court, and everywhere else, only hoping that the “priest” or his victim will pass on before they are convicted!!!
    BOB???…. time to revisit what you say!

    I have just returned from a funeral where my Father’s abuser performed some of his “spectacles” back in the 1960’s… the officiating so-called priest was himself reported to me as “attempting” to engage with a teenager after a baseball game!! THAT was never reported and still too offensive for my acquaintance to consider talking about openly…It is still something too painful to remember, let alone report!!….even if he says he’s over it. It is the way of survival, to forget the pain as long as you can.

    How in GOD’s name do you think I felt for an hour? Do you think I felt like praying for the abuser and the pervert officiating, supposedly blessing “the body of Christ”!!!
    I felt sick to my stomach, mad, confused and utterly disgusted by the entire situation. I felt dirty just being in there…in Church , where I use to sing and find Peace!
    The Church, YOU and the other blind mice should return to their hole in the wall and just be quiet!!!
    You are in no position to look down on or chastise anyone!
    Take responsibility!!…or “enable” that/it!!

    • Bob says:

      J G, i will pray for you my friend because you do need some help other than what man is able to give. There is so much hatred & anger around this site & i have so much love & compassion for any one that was abused by any clergy or any other human being but i don,t back or defend any of these abusers as all i stated was what if an accused abuser was not guilty of any abuse would you not pray & help this person as well as the accuser that had him or her charged as i ,m sure that this happens many times. I rest my case with god bless you & all who suffer. God Bless, “BOB”.

      • PJ says:

        bob: As one who was abused by a pervert collar plus about another dozen altar servers as well, that bastard gave us a life sentence and yet he only did less than 2 years. And what does that church , it’s pervert collars, and the other collars defending them do??? Offer prayers for the collar, defend that collar at great cost, and rarely give a shit for the abused. That church and it’s collars worship power and money more than ANYTHING. If they were really genuine and sincere, they would admit the crimes, when found guilty immediately defrock the pervert, and offer to assist the victims. But do they? NO. And this is why this site exists…as a place where we can shed some light on that church’s evil, and can support one another because they don’t give a shit for us. So is there hatred and anger here? Yes. Is it justified? Yes. So please take off your blinders, and those of parishioners who believe their collar is innocent, and ask them the hard questions instead of exhibiting blind faith. And you state having so much love and compassion for all human beings?? On this site Bob, you are not seen as you think you are…rather, you come across as a blind defender of that church and we do not see you as an ally or a supporter. Yes false accusations do occur but not “many times” as you stated. That is the statement that really shows your true colours…you believe that false accusations commonly happen here. WRONG.

      • Sylvia says:

        That’s pain you’re hearing Bob, not hatred. It’s pain. Terrible terrible pain.

  3. jg says:

    I’m glad you are the expert on who we should pray for, how we should feel, who should get help, who is guilty or innocent….who is angry, full of hate or full resentment!
    This site pretends to be full of information, a little light in a dark past and continuing present…It is never Judgement, Bob. It is simply Revelation!

    Certainly you are the one to pray for the rest of us sinners!
    I agree that I “need help other than man is able to give”, but what makes you think I have not been getting that help all along ? What do you really know?

    You are probably a good guy, Bob, but oblivious! If you want to make an omelet, you need to break some eggs. If you don’t want to see the “horrors” of the kitchen, go back to your table and the bliss of your company.
    Sylvia will bring out your plate when it is ready…
    Love and compassion sometimes is a rose in one hand and a sword in the other…If you understand as much as you think, surely you understand this.

  4. Denise Barry says:

    Hi just received news of Mr buckle passing…I am the ex wife of the one who charged Mr.buckle. me and my ex were married 14 years n dated two years before that, we divorced a year n half ago. However even after our divorce he was n will always be my best friend. I didn’t know of I should say his name but I will, his name is [xxx]. It took him years to come forward to what had happen to him, n it took years of investigations for the police to charge. This was a very hard road for [xxx]. [xxx] died Dec 10 21014 on my bday, he had skin cancer a few years ago and it came back n spread bad…we didn’t know about Mr buckle in hospital as I think now they were probably in hospital the same time n same hospital… one of the things xxx wanted to see done was Mr buckle go to trail…sadly he wouldn’t see that. I called victim services last week to let them know about [xxx], as I have taken his passing very hard it took a while to call them, I was sadly to know without [xxx] their wouldn’t be a case unless there were other victims which I’m still waiting to heat….xxx was a good man he had so many struggles due to his childhood n battled so many demons..but he believe n accepted Christ into his heart before I meant him. We have a 7 year old son who loves him so much…so for Mr buckle I wonder if he got to news [xxx] had passed…..either way I’m a Christian women and it isn’t my place to judge, forgiveness is a powerful thing n it frees you from what other do to you….so u don’t care that hate…I had every intention to write Mr. Buckle to say we forgive him, n it’s now between him n Godn may he get his life right before God….this is the example of forgiveness I want my son to see…we r not God, it’s his place to Judge…n yes we have courts here too that will do that, but eternally is God’s….
    I just happen on this site, n thought you would all want to know that [xxx] is finally at peace, has he said it “the battle is over”…no one can hurt him anymore…the hard part is we miss him like crazy, n wished his life had been better…thank you

  5. Sylvia says:

    I put an xxx for his name Denise. There woukd have been a publication ban on his name – I think best I do that.

    My deepest sympathies to you and to all his family. May he rest in peace.

    Thank you for letting us know.

  6. PJ says:

    May God bless you and your son in this time of sorrow. Your husband is now free of both his physical and psychological pain and I will pray for all of you today. You are a strong woman for wanting to forgive that collar.

  7. jg says:

    You have the same birth date as my mother…
    If only the church and the offenders had as much “class” as you are showing in your post, we would be a lot better off…
    Sincere condolences for your loss. Make sure your son remembers his Father. Teach him forgiveness but make sure he knows how to protect himself.
    Thank You for speaking out. More “loved ones” should speak up like you did.
    You never know who you may be helping in their time of need…
    Don’t forget to hug your boy everyday for the Father who can’t….
    Take care.

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