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According to CBC’s Peter Worden, victim were in the courtroom in Iqaluit around 1:30 pm.  It sounds as though the afternoon session of the Eric Dejaeger sentencing hearing has proceeded.

As always, please keep the victims and their families in your prayers.

[I see it is all over for the day.  There were six short victim impact statements given.  According to Peter Worden, final submissions start tomorrow]


The next courtdate for Father Robyn Gwyn is:

10 February 2015:  09:00 am, “to set a date,”Kingston Ontario courthouse (279 Wellington St.)

Father Gwyn is a priest with the Archdiocese of Kinston Ontario.  He has been ‘retired’ and on an “indefinite leave of absence” since 2004.  He has been living in Berwick, Nova Scotia

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.


The following information has been incorporated into the Father Ronald Leger csv page.  The information is  from an unofficial translation of the Father Ronald Leger Viatorian bio (Yes, a friend kindly walked me through the document and translated as he went.  I took notes.  We will carry on with the other French document (  Father Ronald Leger “Father Ron” ( Viateurs du Canada March 2011 no 28) at another time.  Here are the points which have been added:

  • Born and raised in Lancaster, Ontario where his father was both the caretaker of the Church (earning $1/day) and man who stoked the furnace for the nuns at a convent ($10/mos.)
  • Attended Cornwall Classical College where he attained a BA.
  • His parish priest was not very happy when he joined the Viatorians.
  • 1960 Novitiate in Riguad, Quebex
  • Scholisticate at Joliet, Quebec
  • One year at University of Montreal (this was probably the year prior to ordination)
  • Taught Math at Classical College until 1968 when the college closed its doors.
  • Attended Catholic University in Washington for 21/2 years (he had already started summer school there before closure of the college)
  • January 1971 to Montreal to prepare for his final exams. His superior asked him to go to St. Jean Baptiste to give a hand with some sort of liturgical camp run by a Father Beaudry. Father Leger accepted . After this he decided he would like to get a teaching diploma
    September 1971: to Manitoba to get teaching credentials
  • Started teaching High school in Manitoba. Opened a drop-in centre for youth. The centre attracted youth form the high school where he was teaching
  • 1978-1980: Back to Montreal after suffering burnout: According to bio, ‘unfortunately the full time teaching accompanied by the shortened nights with youth caused his first burnout.”
  • to Winnipeg and opened his second drop-in centre. This time he was teaching 1/3 of the time and was assisted by a Board of Directors to help raise funds for the centre. The centre attracted street children and youth who had attended the first centre,
  • After 15 years he was nearing another burnout and decision was made ‘to start a new career.’ At this time he became Pastor at Holy Family


I am going to add that picture of Deacon/Justice Terence Platana this afternoon.

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