Dejaeger sentencing update

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CBC North is live-blogging the Eric Dejaeger sentencing hearing. From the CBC website:

LIVE BLOG:  Eric Dejaeger sentencing: Victim impact statements to take 2 days

The sentencing hearing began today in Iqaluit for Eric Dejaeger, the former Roman Catholic priest convicted last fall of 32 counts of child sexual abuse dating back three decades in Igloolik, Nunavut.

On Monday morning, his defence lawyer, Malcolm Kempt, told the court that victim impact statements could take two days.

Justice Robert Kilpatrick is expected to issue his sentence after that.

m impact statements could take two days.

Justice Robert Kilpatrick is expected to issue his sentence after that.

The CBC’s Peter Worden is tweeting from the courtroom. Follow him here or on Twitter: @wordenCBC.

So here’s a recap to noon:

– Victim Impact Statements may take two days

– Final arguments are scheduled to start Wednesday am and will take one to two days

– Nine victim impact statements have been given  Four more are expected after the lunch break

I will keep an eye on Peter Worden’s tweets as the afternoon unfolds.

As an aside, I was just thinking again this morning that we never heard another word about that charge related to Dejaeger’s failure to appear in court.  That’s when he fled the country to his native Belgium back in 1995 and a warrant was put out for his arrest.

Why was the charge not prosecuted?   There are many who would dearly love to know who, both in and out of the Church,  aided and abetted Dejeager’s departure. Had the charge been prosecuted we would have heard at least some evidence of who knew what and when.  Not now.

Anyway, lunch time.

At last check it was -34 c in both Iqaluit and Igloolik with forecast of snow flurries throughout the day.

Keep the many many Dejager victims in your prayers.

Enough for now,


PS:  I see a short article posted re the morning’s proceedings.  I will post it now and link in here as soon as it’s posted

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  1. Sylvia says:

    It sounds as though court was cancelled this afternoon due to weather. Here is CBC’s Peter Worden’s last tweet:

    “Flight from Igloolik cancelled due to weather, so victims will give statement as sentencing hearing continues tomorrow. #dejaeger”

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