More dawdling?

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Tomorrow is yet another court date for previously convicted molester Father Charles Picot.

03 Nov 2014:    to enter plea and elect trial process; ;22 Sept 2014:  09:30 am, “first appearance,” Bathurst courthouse, Bathurst, New Brunswick

Will he finally show?  We shall see.  This has been going on since January.  It’s high time, is it not, that he showed up for his “first appearance”?  This dawdling has to be terribly hard on the complainant.

I hope some of you can be there to see what the story is this time.  Please. if you are free to attend, pop over to the courthouse to find out what happens this time around.

And please, as always, keep the complainant in your prayers.


I added a link to Deborah’s online petition to have a Mass said once a year for sex abuse victims.

Click here to link to Deborah’s online petition

I don’t usually promote something like this but for goodness sake all Deborah is asking is that sex abuse victims be remembered and prayed for in the London Diocese at one Mass a year.  She shouldn’t even have to ask.  I think it goes without saying that all our bishops should be encouraging prayers for all  victims of child sexual abuse regularly, – and particularly for those who have suffered such abuse at the hands of clergy, deacons or religious.

I don’t understand why it’s not being done.  I am beyond disbelief that Bishop Fabbro has refused Deborah’s request.

I signed.  I made no comment.    You have the option on the petition to either make a comment or just sign.

Also be assured that there is no need to pay money for anything.  Don’t let that deter you from signing.  I paid nothing.  I made no comment.  But I did sign.   If this can urge Bishop Fabbro to have one Mass a year offered for victims it is well worth signing.  Heaven knows the victims need the prayers which offered during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Enough for now,


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