Welcome news from Paraguay

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Amazing and most welcome news from Paraguay:

28 July 2014:  “Reports: The Vatican fires a priest in Paraguay accused of molesting US seminarians” & related articles

The articles are of interest to Catholic around the world, but of particular interest to many Canadians whose sons were exposed to Father Carlos Urrutigoity while the latter – and fellow priests from the fledgling Society of St. John – first lived at and then near at St. Gregory’s Academy just outside Scranton Pennsylvania.  St Gregory’s, an all boys Catholic school, was then run by the Fraternity of St. Peter.

There have been allegations about the goings on in the Society in the Society of John for years, and often battles and friction between  those who alleged that Fathers Urrutigoity and Eric Ensey were sexual predators and those who defended the pair.

Some may recall that  Bishop Rogelio Livieres the Opus Dei bishop of  the Diocese of Ciudad del Este in Paraguay took Urroitigoityand other members of the Society of Sgt. John into his diocese.  Livieres allegedly refused to believe the allegations against the priest, and refused to heed warning from the Bishop pf Scranton, NY when Urrutigoity was previously incardinated.

Urrutigoity became Vicar General of the Diocese.  Dominic Carey, a Canadian who has had no problem at all with priests bedding down with young lads, is, I think, serving  in the  Ciudad del Este seminary and assisting – or perhaps even directing? –  the formation of new priests (? – I must check this out )

Recently the Vatican sent an envoy over to Paraguay to check things out.  And, …. by the sound of this breaking news Urrutigoity is gone/fired/suspended.  Whatever action was quickly taken he is not functioning as a priest in the Diocese of Ciudad del Este.

AND, Bishop Rogelio Livieres is not to ordain any priests for the time being.

I am sure there will be more news on all  of this over the next few days, but, great and indeed pleasantly surprising news.

Please note and take time to read the article which I tacked on to the news of the Vatican intervention:  “My Brush with the Sex Abuse Scandal.”

St. Greg’s has resurrected.

What can or do I say?


A family birthday and overnight visit from a dear friend over the weekend.  Summer weekends seem to be  keeping me away from the computer – perhaps the timing is right?  I am enjoying the breaks and time with family and friends 🙂

Enough for now,

Sylviaough for now,


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One Response to Welcome news from Paraguay

  1. Sylvia says:

    Yes, Father Dominic Carey is indeed in charge of teh seminiaries: http://www.christianorder.com/features/features_2012/features_nov12.html

    I will post this article on the site later, but did want to let you know that it’s another of the SSJ (Society of St, John) priest taken in and given safe harbour by Bishop Lievres whom was chosen by Lievrese to be is in charge of the seminaries/seminarian, and that as a result of the Vatican investigation Bishop Lievre is NOT to proceed with any ordinations. Does the censure relate to Carey’s ties to Urroitigoity and the suppressed Society of St, John? We shall have to wait and see, but, it would make sense, would it not?

    Is Father Carey next to be gone? I hope so. Father Carey had no problem at all with priest bedding down with young lads. He very publicly defended the ‘practise.’

    And what of the bishop? Well, there’s a basic problem there too, isn’t there?

    Truly, I pray that they will all be defrocked.

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