Rest in peace

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Happy Easter everyone.  My thoughts and prayers were with every one of you today, especially those of you who are or are feeling alone.  I know it’s hard on special occasion like this, and hard when family are too far away to get together to celebrate.  The only thing I can do on occasions such as this is to remember you in a very special way in my prayers.

Our family were here for Easter dinner plus celebration of two birthdays.  We had a lovely afternoon – and weather surprisingly was good enough for an Eater hunt for the children.


I was thinking back over Easter of the past.  Do you know that yesterday (19 April) was the  eight anniversary of Dick Nadeau‘s death?  Those who followed the Cornwall sex abuse scandal and cover-up remember Dick.  He was quite a character.  He fought hard, tirelessly  and valiantly to bring the truth to light in Cornwall.   I still think of him often.  He had become a dear friend.

It’s so hard to believe six years have passed.

May he rest in peace.


Last Wednesday (16 April) there was a judicial pre-trial hearing in the Father Daniel Miller charges .  These hearings are NOT open to the public.  This coming week I will find out when Father Miller’s next court date is.

Father Miller was sentenced to nine months in jail on another set of charges last November.  Does anyone know if he is out yet?  I wouldn’t be the least surprised.

Enough for now,



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  1. Lina says:

    There is something off about that Fr. Dan Miller case. Then again, should we be surprised about the quietness of it all?

    Sylvia, a family relative went to a Pembroke priest’s funeral (Fr. Tate) some time ago.
    During around that time he was talking to a few clergy members of the Pembroke Diocese. He was told that the Pembroke Diocese was optimistic about the outcome of certain cases that was happening.

    They were glad that charges were dropped against one of their brother priest (Fr. Howard Chabot.) recently and proceeded to add…

    ‘there’s just a few loose ends to tidy up with the Fr. Dan Miller case, then there should be no more trouble with scandals in the Pembroke Diocese.’

    I didn’t comment on that last info because that family relative was just telling me what he was told by some priests.

    All through the conversation I noticed not one word was said about the plight of the abuse victims, it was all about the clergy.

    By the way, that family relative that shared that info with me is my brother.
    We respect and love each other even though he’s a strong pro clergy supporter and I’m a pro victim supporter.

    He knows my history with two of the Pembroke priests. That is why he would not give me the names of the priests who spoke to him.

    My brother was sad when I told him last year that I don’t trust any Pembroke priests. Maybe one day he said I will come to trust a priest again. He like to see me his sister back into the Catholic fold. He even told me he is on first name base with the Pembroke Bishop and even has lunch with him at times.

    I gather he’s letting me know he could arrange a meeting for me with the bishop.

    In my heart Sylvia, I know talking to a bishop is not going to solve my situation.

    I love my brother.

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