New pictures of Brothers

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I have, as promised yesterday, posted a series of new pictures of some of the Brothers of Christian Instruction.  This turned into a day-long task – I had an offer on a trial version of some new software which I decided to download to try out.  This was a perfect opportunity to put it to a good test.  I had to do a bit of fiddling to get used to it, and still have to spend some time getting to know where to go to do execute different functions.  but all in all I am really pleased – it cuts out several steps I usually have to take when  posting pictures.  Happiness is 🙂

The pictures are all over the place, most are of Brother Lawrence Lambert fic, two are of Brother John Paradis fic, and one is of Brother Benoit Lessard fic.  As I posted them I did post a  link to each new picture posted on NEW to the site

What I have decided to to do in this instance is post each of the pictures below so you don’t have to hop all over the place.  Here they are (dates are all those of the Yearbook in which picture appears):

(1) Brother Lawrence Lambert listed as Grade 6 teacher in 1969 SMIS Yearbook

1969 Grade 6 teacher

1969 Grade 6 teacher










(2)  Brother Lawrence Lambert assisting at First Friday Mass (1969)

Lawrence Lambert SMIS 1969 Year Book-Religion faces redacted





(3)  Brother Lawrence with student 1970

Brother Lawrences  1970_Redacted






(4)  Brother Lawrence and Brother Roger pouring sand at Camp Chimekepp

Brother Lawrence Lambert at Camp Chimekepp 1971

Yes, a different camp.  It seems that in the 60s the Brothers took the boys to camp at Camp Chimekepp.  Students from those years had never heard of Camp KEEP.  Students from the 70s are familiar with Camp KEEP  and Brother Lessard’s trips out there with his Grade 6 class – those with whom I am in contact had never heard of  Camp Chimekepp.


(5)  Brother John Paradis fic – picture from 1969 SMIS Yearbook

Brother John SMIS Yearbook 1969

Brother John SMIS Yearbook 1969










(6)  Brother John Paradis fic picture from 1970 SMIS Yearbook

Brother John SMIS Yearbook 1970

Brother John SMIS Yearbook 1970










(7)  Brother Benoit Lessard fic teaching at St. Mary’s 1971

Brother Lessard with students  1971 SMIS Yearbook sans







I will leave it at that for now – tomorrow a few more words about information which has been passed along  – nothing profound, but I’m a firm believer that every little bit helps.

Please keep all the boys who endured sexual abuse at the hands of any of the Brothers at St. Mary’s International School or elsewhere in your prayers, and at the same time remember those who are right now struggling to come forward and speak of the abuse for perhaps the first time.  Many of you have been in that place yourselves.  You know what it is like.  Pray for them .

Enough for now,


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  1. SMIS alumnus says:

    Brother John (Paul) Paradis passed away on January 6, 2018.

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