More allegations against Brothers of Christian Instruction

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I have had contact with a victim of Brother John Paradis (Brothers of Christian).  He also makes allegations against Brother Marcel (Brother Claude Villemure) .  He has given permission to post. Here it is. I will post as I received it.   A warning, some of the content is graphic:

Haunted since January 1966. Molested, fondled, photographed and an
attempted sodomy all par for the course at St Mary’s.

The Japanese physical education teacher found me reading a Playboy
magazine which I had been given to read by a friend. He took me to
Brother Marcel. Brother Marcel and the physical education teacher took
me to principal Brother John’s office and I was told to wait
outside. I heard and still remember the American Forces radio being
turned on playing POLKA music. I was called in and the door was
locked. I was wearing my white St Mary’s tshirt with the school name
on the front and blue jeans. The physical education teacher told me to
take off my shoes, he then pulled off my tshirt and undid my jeans and
pushed them down with my underwear. I had to stand nude with my hands
on my head. Brother John then started examine me touching me all over
the front of my body touching every part of the front of me. The other
two also did the same thing until I had an erection. Brother John had
a camera and I had to smile for nude photographs he took of me alone
and with the other 2. Brother John told me if I ever read magazines
like that again he would let all my parents and my class see them. I
agreed never to read them again. They left and I was left alone nude
with Brother John who locked the door again.

Brother John then took off his crucifix from around his neck and
kissed it and put it on his desk. He took off his cassock and had no
underwear under it. He was standing in his shoes. What I remember
vividly is he had an erection which was huge, so much so that it
impressed me as a child. It was curved like a sabre. He told me I
could touch it and I did.

He then made me bend over a chair which I thought would give me more
pleasure like when they made me get an erection. I felt his hands
spread my buttocks. I had gastroenteritis and when he did this my
bowel let go and there was a gush of faeces. I stood up and said I was
sorry, there was a smelly puddle on the floor. He quickly pulled on
his cassock from the desk and when he did this the crucifix fell and
landed in the faeces. I said I would pay for it. He told me to get
dressed and get out.

When I left the Japanese secretary said “gomenasai” to me which is
sorry in Japanese. I did not know why she said this until years later,
but now I know. She knew what went on and they did inside Brother
John’s office. He was principal in charge of the school and he had a
brother and a Japanese in there molesting me with him. If this was the
best school in Tokyo, I would hate to see the worst.

On the next Brother Allan my teacher made me wait after the others had
gone outside the classroom. He showed me about 20 nude foolscap size
black and white photos of me in Brother John’s office and told me
never to look at Playboy magazines again or he would show them to my
friends and parents. He didn’t touch me.

I can verify this happened. I spoke about it to a psychologist who
made detailed notes about it 40 years ago including names of the
brothers, and the physical education teacher whose name I cannot
remember now. This was a military psychologist and my medical records
will never be erased. I do not think he believed me. The records can
be given to police NOW.

I now know the erection Brother John had was caused by PEYRONIE’S
disease a medical condition which causes curvature of the penis. An
examination by a medical examiner will establish this condition. How
else would I know he had this curvature of the penis?

I am wanting very badly to make a police complaint, however I am on
the other side of the world. Any advice on how to make this police
complaint to Japanese police is very welcome. I read from this blog he
now lives in Montreal, but perhaps Japanese police could make him
return to Japan or the brother in charge of the order could easily
order him to return. All the brother in charge has to do is direct a
doctor examine his erection which can be induced with drugs if he is
unable to produce one.

Then there is Brother Marcel who molested and fondled me all over my
nude body in the office and the Japanese physical education teacher
who also rubbed his hands fully all over my nude body if they are
still alive. Then there is Brother Allan isn’t possession of child
pornography a criminal offence?

I would like them charged. Just to know they are taken to a prison and
made to strip nude and be fully examined publically in the processing
area would make me feel good.

I wonder if the principal’s secretary is alive? If so I wonder what
she knows of how many others? As his secretary said “I am sorry”
in Japanese, how did she know, why did she say it, clearly it was a
regular event in his office.

I am ashamed I went to St Mary’s. However the revelations on these
web sites mean that after almost 50 years I will now be believed about
what I told the psychologist 40 years ago. I do not think the military
psychologist believed me and I have not ever told anyone else. But now
I feel free that this burden has been released. There were others.

One good thing is that when I was at school I never realized I had
been molested. I just thought I was being given a lesson in not to
look at pornography. It was later when I went to college that I
discovered what nearly happened being bent over in the office, and
them making me get an erection was molestation. Thank goodness I had
gastroenteritis as it saved me.

What can I say?

I am working on a page for Brother Marcel.  It may be a while before I have it together, but I started it several hours ago so well on the way.

I encourage all those who were sexually abused at St. Mary’s International School in Japan to speak up.  The same holds true for those who were molested by a Christian Brother of Instruction/Mennasian Brother anywhere else.

Brother Marcel is the Brother who celebrated his 60th anniversary as a Brother in 2012.  Brother Lawrence gave a speech at the celebrations.  Here is the text, first in French, and then in an unofficial English translation:

On the occasion of Brother Marcel’s 60th anniversary, Brother  Guy Lambert talks of the time the pair spent in England, travels to Japan in 1961, and parting in 1966 (Brother Marcel is the name under which Brother Claude Villemure is known in Japan) (French text – extract from 19 October 2012 Contacts )

October 2012:  Br. Lambert speech at Brother Marcel’s 60th (re their time in England in 60s with Br. Lessard etc.)  (English translation)

Note that Brothers Lambert, Lessard and Marcel Villemure were all at Pell Wall Hall School, (St. Joseph’s College) Market Drayton, Shropshire,  England before they landed in Japan. As I noted on the Brother Lambert page, the stately mansion, acquired by the brothers 1928,  was abandoned in 1962 and sold in 1965.

There are sex abuse allegations against the trio.  It’s hard, is it not, not to wonder what happened at Pell Wall Hall?

A quick question:  Does anyone perchance know the identity of the Phys Ed teacher?

I must get to work.  Please keep the victim who found the courage to speak out after all of these years in your prayers.  And remember too all those who endured sexual abuse at the hands of any of these Brothers, those who have spoken up, and those who are struggling.

Enough for now


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8 Responses to More allegations against Brothers of Christian Instruction

  1. Miecul says:

    I feel your pain and understand everything that’s rolling around in your head. Did you tell anyone else or was this also hid from the world, other than the psychologist? We all suffered in silence for too long. It’s my hope that every pedophile priest, brother or nun will be brought before a judge and handed the shame, we carried for so many years.

    They have to know this is the age of information and that we won’t be silenced or bullied into keeping quiet. How many others are there, who suffer silently.

    I really hope these pedophile brothers will be brought to justice. Maybe by your bravery there will be other’s who will come forward as well.

    I found this. Is this your school?


  2. there is no honesty left at SMIS says:

    Could we expect anything less than this type of behavior from the Brothers of Christian Instruction in Japan?

    When word gets out and more people start talking we should expect to hear much more.

    Sadly this site and the Labor site are read by very few of those who would be immensely interested.

    The majority of past students would have never heard of this whole sad episode of debauchery at SMIS.

    Before too much longer the Superior in Rome will be forced to hold the long awaited inquiry held by independent investigators who are not affiliated with the Catholic Church. Those hiding in Canada will of course need to brought back to Japan to be examined for their roles in this despicable history and then interrogated thoroughly by Japanese police. Hearings will need to be held in the far corners of the world where the alumnus are now scattered.

  3. a heartbroken alumnus says:

    I am very sad to hear this. Yes, notify the authorities. This is the second such allegation against that Brother.

    Those youtube videos are of St. Mary’s International school. One shows the new school building. The other shows the older school building that was replaced by the current, new, building.

    I do encourage all victims of any Brother to speak up. I also encourage alumni who were bullied and molested by their peers to speak up too. There certainly needs to be an end to the culture of cover up!

  4. there is no honesty left at SMIS says:

    Nice comment but who do they speak to?

    Not the Brothers,
    Not to the Police they are not interested,
    and not to the Archbishop.

    Maybe the King of Afghanistan might take heed? But isn’t he dead?

  5. P.Edisbury says:

    I hope these were not De la Salle Christian Brothers! When they taught me 67 years ago,there was not the slightest whiff of scandal about them then.

  6. Sylvia says:

    I received an email from a former student who attended SMIS in the 60s. The name of the Phys. Ed teacher referenced in the 2nd para was Kotakemori. Kotakemori was at the school for most if not all of the 60s and into the early 70s.

    I was also told that up until about 1960 St. Mary’s was also a boarding school. That changed around 1961.

    Can anyone firm that up? when did the school cease taking in boarders? and, if anyone knows, why?

    (Brothers Lessard, Lambert and Villenueve arrived at St. Mary’s from St. Joseph’s College, Market Drayton, Shropshire, England in 1961)

  7. TV mini series unfolds. says:

    As Brothers Lessard, Lambert and Villenueve arrived at St. Mary’s from St. Joseph’s College, Market Drayton, Shropshire, England in 1961 together, we can but presume in light of recent findings that this trio of sex fiends were no doubt sent away to Japan for being caught molesting boys at St Josephs.

    But the school closed own quickly after this. Were the Police closing in on this chapter of the Brothers of Christian Instruction?

    We know Lessard is dead, Lambert still living among boys in one of their schools in Yokohama, and Villenueve may still be living there too, as he was a couple of years ago.

    Perhaps Lambert and Villenueve are writing a book on their experiences? If you are writing this book, please make sure you send Sylvia a copy so that she can enhance your distribution list. And the Labor Dispute site would also be able to assist you no doubt.

    There will be those in England who will now be searching for a sordid link which we know must be there waiting to be unearthed. We have Agatha Christie’s mysteries in tv mini series format, no doubt there could be a similar Brother of Christian Instruction series of exploits across the world.

    I hope any mini series is translated into Japanese for alumni and parents at the non English speaking schools to watch.

    I am sure Ellen or one of the other talk back hosts would gladly give Brothers Lambert and Villenueve (or Tokyo Tower as he is known) a time slot to reveal all about their exploits. What a shame most Japanese talk back shows are so sedate, otherwise they could follow with interviews too.

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