Had the job been done properly in early ’89

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Marcel Lalonde. has a courtdate this morning (Thursday)  in Cornwall:

20 February 2014:  09:00 am, courtroom #2, first appearance, Cornwall, Ontario  courthouse (29 Second St. W.)

I hope some of you people in Cornwall will  be free to attend to keep tabs on what’s happening here.  It’s hard to know if Lalonde will show up tomorrow or not.  Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t.

There’s something very important to note about these charges.

Note that the charges date to an incident in the Fall of 1989.  This from “Man charged with sexual assault”  in the 05 February 2014 Cornwall Standard Freeholder :

“A Cornwall man has been arrested and charged with sexual assault and sexual interference relating from an incident that happened in the fall of 1989.”

“…in the fall of 1989.”

Part of the mess in Cornwall related to the thoroughly botched police 1989 “investigation” of sex allegations against Marcel Lalonde.  That “investigation” started January 1989.  Constable Kevin Malloy was the investigating officer.

Charges were never laid.  Children’s Aid was not notified.  The school board wasn’t notified.  The file sat untouched for 10 years.  And, yes, Marcel Lalonde continued to teach.

And, yes, there it is – these new charges date to the Fall of 1989.  In other words, had the job been done properly in early 1989 Lalonde wouldn’t have been around in the Fall to get his dirty hands on another child.

Those interested in delving to the depths of this dirty mess can, for starters, read Constable Malloy’s testimony at the Cornwall Public Inquiry:

22 April 2008:  TRANSCRIPT of Kevin Malloy testimony at the Cornwall Public Inquiry

23 April 2008: TRANSCRIPT of Kevin Malloy testimony at the Cornwall Public Inquiry


And this excerpt from Justice Normand Glaude’s Report:

The Marcel Lalonde investigation

That doesn’t come close to covering this particular tangled web, but it might give those trying to put the pieces together a bit of an idea.

I am wondering if per chance Don Johnson will once again represent Lalonde?  Johnson is a former Cornwall Crown turned defence lawyer.  He defended Lalonde before.  He defended Father Lucien Lussier.  He defended and got acquittals for Harvey Latour, Father Kenneth Martin, Sandy Lawrence and Father Paul Lapierre (Lapierre was found guilty on charges in Quebec – the same victim, Claude Marleau. )

It was in his days as Crown in January 1989 that Johnson allegedly told Constable Malloy that the sex acts between Lalonde and the victims were consensual and there was no reasonable and probable grounds to lay charges (at least two of the boys had passed out and woke to find Lalonde molesting them).

A convoluted dirty mess.

Please please keep the complainant in your prayers.  There is no way the powers that be want to see a guilty verdict here.


I will post some information on Brother John Paradis fic later this morning.

Enough for now,


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