Special request for prayers

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A very special request for prayers…

Most of you remember Brenda Brunelle.  Back in 2009 Brenda launched a lawsuit against Basilian priest Father Michael Fallona – she was a frequent contributor to Sylvia’s Site.

Brenda was hospitalized recently with some serious medical problems.  She is now home but undergoing extensive testing on an out-patient basis.

Please remember Brenda and her family in your prayers during this difficult time.

Brenda, my thoughts and prayers and I know those of so many many others are with you and your family.  I pray first for a speedy diagnosis so that you know what you are dealing with.  I always think that the worst thing is the not knowing and so the torment of waiting and wondering.  And, of course I pray that it all boils down to nothing, but, knowing that is not always the case, I also pray you will all be blessed with peace, and the graces and strength required to deal with whatever comes your way.


PS  to all:  I will blog later with a little more about the Christian Brothers Instruction and St Mary’s International School.


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9 Responses to Special request for prayers

  1. Brunelle Brenda says:

    Dear Sweet Sylvia, and all of your incredible followers:
    Thank you so much for your incredible ongoing support and prayers throughout the past few years.
    I must admit, the challenges that lie ahead of me will seem like a walk in the park compared to the battle I had within the Roman Catholic Church and my attempt to hold them accountable for the crime committed upon me as a child.
    Perhaps, in some small way I am stronger today and more confident to face challenges because of the huge mountain we all climbed together during my litigation with Fr. Fallona, the Roman Catholic Church and the Order of St. Basil.
    Nothing will ever compare to the support and love that I have received from you and all of your brave bloggers on this site.
    I wish to thank all of you for your thoughts, good wishes and prayers for me and my family, as we await results and determine future course of action.
    I continue to pray for all of you, and wish for peace and compassion in each of your lives.

    One lesson I have learned through all of your writing, is that we should never give up hope or faith in ourselves. We should never allow anyone or anything to interfere with placing value on our being. We should always respect ourselves and never shy away from the truth, regardless of what that truth is.

    Sylvia, may God continue to bless you as you continue to help so many. I appreciate your support and welcome your prayers.

    My husband Don and my children are so thankful to you in helping rebuild their mom and for giving Don back his wife to a woman who for the first time; since being a little girl, feels whole and worthy.

    Thank you.
    Brenda Brunelle

    • PJ says:

      God bless you Brenda…you’re in my prayers tonight. Stay strong!

    • Larry Green says:

      Brenda, praise be to God, for the little girl and for the little girl who became the woman in Dons life. Praise be to God, for the strength and the fortitude that you have received and which has enabled you to overcome immobilizing circumstances in your life . Your goodness and humility Brenda , your decisions, willingness and determination to pursue the restoration of justice not only for yourself – but also for those of us unable for whatever reason to act the same – has been and continues to be such a powerful inspiration for wounded hearts to mend. Thank you Brenda , you truly are the hero,
      the role model, our gift.

      • Brunelle Brenda says:

        Larry, thank you so very much for your support, kind words and inspiration.

        What an incredible group of people all of you are.

        People helping People, a model the world at large truly could benefit from.

        Brenda and Don and family

  2. JG says:

    Hello again Brenda.
    I read back the Fallona battle you faced head on. You showed a lot of courage and determination. I’m sure you will show the same courage with your current battle and can only add my best wishes and Prayers until you are victorious again.
    Stay positive and Believe you will win. That is half the battle.

    • Brunelle Brenda says:

      JG, thank you!
      Believing and maintaining hope, along with a positive attitude can only help put all of us on the winning side!


  3. Leona says:

    My thoughts are definitely with you, Brenda!
    I just had an interesting experience. I tried to go back and look at the Fallona documents, but I found I couldn’t read them at all. It’s too painful.

    I know that I read them with ease when I first came to this site, and I let you know that I felt a strong affinity to you, as our cases had similarities. When I went back to look at them now, I almost feel sick to my stomach. Since we’ve met, and I know you, this is now personal. Is this a new level of understanding of the complexities of clergy sexual abuse?

    Stay strong!

  4. Brunelle Brenda says:

    Thank you for your support. The old saying,”walk a mile in my shoes” is certainly a phrase that all bloggers understand and can easily relate to. It is because – we as individuals have walked that same mile as each other; alone, scared, separate and apart from one another that we have collectively bonded here on Sylvia’s Site and have true empathy for everyone that joins this discussion board; and is brave enough to share with us their horrific accounts of what happened to them when they were a child. We have bonded together through this site as true friends with kindred spirit, unconditional support and a loving heart. I am glad that you felt ill at ease trying to read my story again, that speaks loudly to me that you continue to be outraged with this horrific crime that carries on with our young children in present time. These stories never make for a good read, they make a perfect teaching tool moving forward to hopefully one day bring an end to this crime, but never should it be a story that is an easy read.

    I feel so connected with all of you, and certainly with those of you that I have met in person.

    I thank you for your kindness, words of encouragement and support.
    I will stay strong because I know that I am not alone, I have all of Sylvia’s army behind me.

    I believe that we are all angels that have gathered together on this site with the purpose of assuring each other that you are not alone. We care, and we support you in any way we can.

    I keep saying, People helping People, sounds so simple yet so true. We each live in different areas across Canada, very few people actually know one another on a personal basis. Yet we trust each other and rely on each other during very difficult times.

    This is not magic happening, this is a true miracle.

    Thank you.


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