Santa Claus came early

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I just posted a letter which is being published in parishes in the Pembroke Diocese re the withdrawal of Father Chabot charges:

22 November 2013:  Bishop Mulhall re withdrawal of Father Howard Chabot charges

My apologies for the cut off of the text on the right.  I am having software problems again.  The scan has a margin on the right, but for whatever reason when I try to post the letter it has the margin and the last few letters of the text on the right cut off.  I concede defeat for now.


You have noticed, as did I, that it has been very quite as far as posting is comments is concerned.  Well, I have now been contacted by several people who tell me they have been trying but are unable to post.

I won’t be able to work at sorting out what the problem is this week.  I am on my way to Iqaluit this  morning :) This amazing and unexpected turn of event started to unfold on Friday evening.  I can not believe this is happening.   Santa Claus came early!

I will be out the door at 6 am headed for the airport.  I will be gone until Friday.

And, yes, of course, I will be sitting in on the sex abuse trial of convicted molester Father Eric Dejaeger and will report what I see and hear. That’s what the trip is all about.

So, it has been a mad rush to round up what I absolutely need to survive in Iqaluit for five days, while enjoying the company of our little grand-daughter during her sleep-over.

I think I now have the packing taken care of. Lots of food.  I am told that’s the way it’s done :)

And last thing on my list is this post to let you know I’m on my way, and also to let those of you who have been trying unsuccessfully to post know that you are not alone.  If you are one of the latter,  please please send me an email and let me know.  Or, if you had that problem and have rectified it could you please post and let people know what you did and how you did it.

I will be in touch next time from Iqaluit :)

Enough for now,



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7 Responses to Santa Claus came early

  1. dispicable you (Gordon Christopher Sonier) says:

    One day people will say why did we let this man back into the church and near our kids. I hope that parents keep an eye on their kids when they are around this monster.

  2. Larry Green says:

    Gordon, the bishop and his MEN are always ready and willing to grasp on to any opportunity to praise, honour and admire one another while they continue with their assault and insult on their ‘enemies’ (victims and victim supporters.)
    We should expect the bishop , any day now, to publish a reading for the ‘faithful’ expressing gratitude and thankfulness that one of his MEN got off with only 9 measly months jail time for his crimes against so many children and the church ( bishop and his MEN) got off with nothing for their role in the same crimes. A lot to be thankful for there. The ‘faithful’ can celebrate in joyful thanks while the bishop gives the victims and their supporters the ‘middle finger.’

  3. MS says:

    You are right Larry and Gordon.
    Dare anyone say anything negative about a priest/bishop!
    The programming is very hard to unravel….the guilt they have put on us if we see the truth and express it is a mortal sin. It’s easy to understand why Joan of Arc was burned to the stake since women were subhuman at the time. It’s still happening in a different way. The fire is denial, delay, reversing guilt/blame and secrecy.
    I’m sure you all can replace “fire” with other words, like the emotional pain, self-blame and feeling all alone in it, trying to make sense of it all, did God approve this as the abusers say? Has anyone seen Brian O’Dea’s interview on Remarkable People, NTV, with Mr. Stirling. Part 2 is supposed to be on at 11:30 am, Sunday, Dec. 8. He tells it like it is.
    Makes my stomach churn.

  4. Christina says:

    Lets give credit for this Trip-to-Iqaluit windfall to Sinterklaas (Saint Nicolas) whose feast day is being celebrated. He always was attuned to the powerless. Your observations and feedback – for the Iqaluit Court House – are critical. So important for the ones testifying to have this support. So grateful you are there to observe and reflect.

  5. Leona says:

    So glad you are able to be there, Sylvia!

  6. dispicable you (Gordon Christopher Sonier) says:

    Yes Sylvia so glad you are there. Just hope the victims realize that they have people behind them. And as for the victims in the other case where the priest only got 9 months, I feel your pain and anger in the sentence being so low. But also I feel your some what joy that he did not get away scot free. Our legal system needs to change. Harsher penalties need to be handed down.

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