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I’m getting some pictures of convicted molester Father Dan Miller ready to post.  The picture gallery wants to crop the top off some so will revert to posting them onto the page one by one rather than as a gallery.  I should have them posted fairly soon.  Once those are up I will get to work giving some details about the five guilty pleas and, as I see it, the diocesan cover-up and long-term protection of a known clerical sexual predator.

And, yes, thanks to all you courageous victims we can now definitively say that Father Daniel Miller is indeed a child molester – a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Good for all of you.  Every single one of you.  Good for you for putting the shame right where it belongs: smack dab on this wolf in sheep’s clothing’s shoulders!

My heart goes out to the “complainant” whose charges have, at this time, gone nowhere.  Father Miller was going to push on to trial on those charges and, as I understand it, the “complainant” was not ready at this time to move on.  I pray that he will find the courage to do so.

I want to also pass on the word that there is another victims who is dead.  And there is yet another victim who has not been found.  Strange as it may sound, Miller has admitted that he sexually abused the latter but police were unable to find the man.

One final note here before I get back to the pictures, there were initially 7 gross indecency charges and 5 indecent assault male charges.  Father Miller entered guilty pleas to 5 indecent assault male charges.  That means all the gross indecency charges disappeared in the plea bargaining.  Perhaps in some cases it was felt that the charge would be difficult to prove in court?  I don’t know – I do find it disturbing that they’ve all disappeared.

And, a final final note for now.  I do believe that Miller’s lawyer, Robert Carew, is going to be hankering for house arrest for his priestly client.  He got it for Monsignor Robert Borne – let’s hope and pray that the Miller victims are not dealt the same slap in the face which so often masquerades as justice for victims of sexual abuse.

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  1. Merf says:

    Why are these priest not stripped of their titles and defrocked. House arrest is not good enough for them they should be placed in jail. Those young boys have been living with that shame for years and these men get a slap on the wrist. Being a Catholic is not something I am really proud of now …. I do still believe in the saints and blessed virgin but have a hard time listening to a priest who really know nothing about everyday life… other than they can do as they please and get away with it.

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