He was just learning to spell paedophile?

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I’ve added a number of articles and other information to the Father Frank Van Tighem page.

As you see, Father Van Tighem is still alive and living in Calgary, Alberta.

It’s interesting that this is  another priest who decided to become  priest after spending some time teaching.  (Yes, I know – like some others, Father Robert Couture first became a priest and then decided he wanted to teach. )

Note the following coverage of the Van Tighem abuse in the 20 January 1995 ” Priest continued work despite complaints”:

It was the first such case the diocese had dealt with, O’Byrne told the Herald Thursday. He said he was operating with some degree of uncertainty: “I was learning how to spell pedophile.”

I realize that Father Robert Whyte is a Basilian, but the charges against him, and later conviction were all in relation to abuse of children perpetrated while O’Byne was serving in the Diocese of Calgary.  Those charges came under Bishop O’Byrne’s watch, and I think from what I can see would actually have come right on the heels of the allegations against Father Van Tighem? (the allegations the Bishop sat on for about 14 months)

And Catholics were to believe the Bishop that in the mid 90s the bishop was just learning to spell paedophile?   Talk about making light of the charges against Van Tighem.

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2 Responses to He was just learning to spell paedophile?

  1. Pamela says:

    I am a concerned grandmother because my two young grandsons, ages 8 and 6 are attending the St. Mary Catholic Christian school in Okotoks, Alberta. I do not know if there have been any sexual abuse cases in that school, but because I have heard of so much atrocity done in our Canadian residential schools and because padeophilia continues to be a huge problem all throughout the Catholic dioceses, can you tell me if there have been any cases in this school or in the city of Okotoks, Alberta.

    • Sylvia says:

      I don’t personally know of any at that school, but you could try asking the school? You should also ask, or have your children ask, for a copy of the school/school board’s policy regarding sexual abuse.

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