Rest in peace

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I received word today that Marius P. Tungilikis is dead. I don’t know what happened, only that he is dead.

I don’t believe Marius ever blogged on the site, but we were in touch from time to time over the past two years.

Marius was sexually abused in Repulse Bay by an Oblate priest.  He had attempted to have charges laid a number of years ago, but in 2000 was told by someone with the Department of Justice that the priest was living in Belgium and, since there was no extradition treaty with Belgium, the case would not be pursued.

The priest, it turns out, was not living in Belgium – he was living in France. Whether or not there is an extradition treaty with France I have no idea.

Marius wanted to deal with his molester.  At one time he had someone scouring court files in Yellowknife looking for some paper trail of the sex abuse allegations against Father Johannes Rivoire omi.  No luck.

Marius planned to go to police to get the charges filed again, or to have the police look at the case, but, he was having a rough time.  He wanted to, and he intended to, but to my knowledge, he never did.

I didn’t know Marius well, but I knew him well enough to speak on the phone several times  and exchange a number of emails.  He was a gentle soul.  Tortured.  Hurting.  Working so hard to help other victims. Wanting so much to deal with his own abuse and pursue justice, but, struggling.  Struggling.

I’m putting Father Rivoire’s name out there for  Marius. I will add a page with further info in the next few days.   This is for Marius.  So that people know.

Rest in peace Marius.

Please pray for the repose of Marius’ soul.

Enough for now,


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3 Responses to Rest in peace

  1. RIP Marius

    Brenda Brunelle

  2. Angèle Themis says:

    I found this comment about a Father Johannes Rivoire on this website/blog. Scroll down to France, and then the post on Notre Dame de Lumière. Apparently, he was a treasurer on what seems a jolly trip… this was back in 2005… it could be a lead to follow up on…

  3. Sylvia says:

    Thank you Angele. I have posted a page with some information about Father Rivoire – that information has been added.

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