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I went to Renfrew this morning for the Father Daniel Miller court date.  Father Miller’s next court date is in question.  His lawyer was not present.  As it stands, and because of his absence, Mr. Carew (Miller’s lawyer) will have to set up the date with the trial coordinator for a judicial pre-trial conference.  The two dates mentioned were 27 June 2012 and 11 July July 2012.  We know that the pre-trial would have to be scheduled in the afternoon to accommodate Mr. Carew’s schedule, but we do not know which date is suitable.  It will probably take a day or two to get this sorted out.  If there is no word before next week I will find out and pas in the word.

I was surprised.  Father Miller was there!

The court room was packed to over-flowing with those who have been charged for various offences present for their  “first appearances” (with adjournments ‘first appearance’ can morph into three or four of the same )

Father Miller, accompanied by Father Peter Proulx,  arrived in the courtroom at 9:30 am.  There was standing room only upon their arrival.  The pair stood by the doorway to the rear of the courtroom until seats became available on the front left bench.

I certainly would not for the life of me have recognized Father Miller from the pictures I have posted on Sylvia’s Site.  Those who know him say he has lost a lot of weight, and, relative to those pictures, indeed he has.  I must add however that he is by no means skin and bone:  he looks trim, fit and healthy and has colouring reflective of the frequent walks he enjoys with Father Tardiff.

Father Proulx was in suit and clerical collar.  Father Miller was in a greenish-colored-short-sleeve shirt (open at the neck), dark denim-type slacks and black shoes.

The judge arrived at around 9:38 am.  Prior to her arrival the duty counsel for the day gave a crash course to all on ‘the process.’

The morning moved along alphabetically.  As each name was called and quickly dealt with people left and seating opened up, but there were also others arriving, so, at no point prior to my departure was there seating to accommodate everyone in the room.

At 9:40 am Fathers Proulx and Miller found seats at the front.

Father Proulx sat with his arms crossed .  Father Miller sat with his hands clasped between his legs – he fidgeted a little from time to time but probably no more so than anyone else in the room.

At 10:15 am the name Daniel Miller was called.  It was announced that he is also known as Michael Miller.

Father Miller stood.   I could read no expression on his face.

There was a brief explanation from the court that Mr. Carew was not present because he was in court in Ottawa.  Then it was announced that a judicial pre-trial would be set.  There was talk that the pre-trial would have to held in the afternoon because Mr. Carew wouldn’t be able to make it in the morning.  The judge agreed that an afternoon would be fine.

Then it was on to setting a date, and the dates of 27 June and 11 July were mentioned.  And then there was word that it would not be possible to set a date because Mr. Carew was not there.  And finally the decision was made that Mr. Carew would be asked to contact the trial coordinator to set a date.

That was it.  Fathers Proulx and Miller immediately left the courtroom and exited the courthouse via the front entrance.  Away they went down the street.

It was nice to see several people in the courtroom who were there specifically to see what is happening regarding the Father Daniel Miller charges.

As I say, as soon as I find out what the next court date is I will let you know.  If indeed it is for a judicial pre-trial it will not be open to the public. (Click here for some  info on judicial pre-trial conferences.  There is a little more here and also here.)

Enough for now,


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3 Responses to That was it

  1. Lina says:

    *Sylvia in the above post you mentioned  Father Dan Miller that : 

    “he looks trim, fit and healthy and has colouring reflective of the frequent walks he enjoys with Father Tardiff.

    What is the connection of Fr. Dan Miller with this priest Father Tardiff?

    Is this Fr. Tardiff watching over Fr. Dan Miller and is Fr. Dan Miller staying with Fr. Tardiff while is case is starting up?

  2. Sylvia says:

    I don’t know if Father Tardiff was ‘assigned’ to keep an eye on Father Miller Lina or if they are just good friends.  I have had people tell me that they often see Father Tardiff out walking with Father Miller.

    Father Tardiff was the Pastor at St. John Chrysostom Parish in Arnprior when Father Miller was first assigned to the parish in 1976.  They would know each other well because Father Tardiff was there as Pastor with Father Miller assisting until at least 1982 (Father Miller served at St. John C as either assistant or pastor until 1995).

    My understanding is that Father Miller is currently a “house guest” at the Sisters of St. Joseph mother-house in Pembroke.

  3. Paula Whyte says:

    *Hey Sylvia, thanks so much for posting these updates, I have been to one of “father” Miller’s court dates, but missed the last one due to sick kids, so I’m glad to read what you wrote.  I am going to try to be at the next one.
    I hate even the look of that man….

    Thanks, Paula

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