Press Release (Rob Talach re conciliation process in Archdiocese of Moncton, New Brunswick)

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We are here today to raise issue with the conciliation process recently offered by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Moncton to the victims of sexual abuse by Father Camille Leger or other priests of the Archdiocese.

Let me be very clear from the outset, as advocates for victims,  myself a victim’s rights lawyer and Mr. Mantin as a representative of SNAP and as a victim himself,, are united in our opposition to the plan as presently proposed .. This plan, is best described as “church-centric” in that it, by accident or by design, it best suits the needs of the Archdiocese. Furthermore it fails to address the core demands and motivation of most victims of sexual abuse.

Let me specifically outline the basis for our concerns:

1.      Secrecy instead of privacy

Having worked with victims and represented their interests we understand the desire for privacy. Being sexually abused as a young person is typically not information which most people want their friends and neighbours to know. Unfortunately being a victim is viewed by some as a stigma. While the real shame, embarrassment and dishonour of this crime should be carried by only the perpetrator, too often the victim also feels that burden. Therefore confidentially and privacy is important to many.

Our present legal structures recognize this reality. Those we make a complaint to police, have their identities and information stringently protected by the police involved. Once criminal charges are laid against the perpetrator, an automatic public ban on the identity of the victim is put in place. That court mandated protection is permanent unless the victim chooses otherwise.

In civil proceedings, lawsuits, again the victim is allowed to proceed with their identities veiled and the Courts have again been sensitive to the privacy of victims by granting similar publication and identity bans in those cases as well.

The Archdiocese in their plan have firstly failed to point out to victims that privacy can be maintained through the already existing legal structures of the land, both criminal and civil. Instead they have made it appear that their plan is the only one that offers privacy. The cynical amongst us may even suggest that they have used the victims’ fear of being disclosed to herd them into their process.

But the Archdiocese plan does not stop at privacy of the victim. It also involves privacy for the perpetrators, being both those who committed the sexual abuse as well as those in the Church who may have known of it or covered it up. This broad and sweeping confidentiality in their process can be best described as secrecy. Secrecy is not new to the Roman Catholic Church, it is in fact their preferred method of dealing with matters of scandal.

For anyone who doubts that secrecy is a driving force behind this plan, just look to the outcome of a similar approach in the Diocese of Bathurst. Did we hear of the names of any other perpetrators out of that process? Were the police involved in any additional investigations and prosecutions? Was it ever explained to the good people of that Diocese how priests were able to abuse so many for so long? Why at the end of that process was the final act a quiet request to the Courts to forever seal all information that process learned about abuse in the Acadian peninsula?

The problem with secrecy is that is protects and enables sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is one of the most egregious crimes in our society. Those who commit it, condone it or cover it up must be exposed to the light of day. The police must be involved when the perpetrator is alive in order to protect society. The public should know if an institution, such as the Roman Catholic Church, has enabled it. Most importantly, the victims, have the fundamental right to know why and how a sexual offender came to be a priest in their parish when they were young and vulnerable. Secrecy benefits only one side in this process – the Archdiocese, its bishops, its priests and its reputation.

2.      Representation for the victims

In a case of sexual assault there are two main parties, the victim and the perpetrator. One of the core legal beliefs of our justice system is that the perpetrator, is entitled to legal representation. The right to a lawyer! We all know that from TV and the movies. If I or anyone was to stand up and suggest otherwise there would a outcry.

Now if the accused is afforded that fundamental right you would think that the victim would surely have the same right to legal representation. Victims by their very nature can be vulnerable and they should be provided the right to their own lawyer. A lawyer that they have chosen and who is duty bound to have only the victim’s best interests at heart.

The Archdiocese’s plan shockingly denies the victims that right. Not only does it fail to provide financial support for victims to get a lawyer it declares that they will not even deal with any victims’ lawyers at all. Victims are to come to their process, unaided, naïve and vulnerable., just the way the Church likes them.

The Church expects the victims to simply – trust the process, trust the church. If there is one thing that this Archdiocese does not deserve from these victims it is trust. We have already seen the Archdiocese’s failure to be candid on the extent of their knowledge of Father Leger’s crimes. Why would a victim trust the Church now? How can a victim trust the Church? The Roman Catholic Church’s track record on being trustworthy on this issue is not exactly encouraging.

These two main issues, secrecy and the lack of legal representation for the victims are two of the main concerns we have with this process. Some additional concerns are:

1.     the short time lines – June 30th – which does nothing but create stress and an unnecessary sense of urgency in victims.;

2.     The valuation scale, in that what they propose to pay is inadequate, especially for those victims where the abuse fundamentally altered their lives;

3.     Finally the process was designed without any input from the victims or their advocates. I can tell you that my phone never rang.

At this time I would like to briefly turn the floor over to Mr. Mantin. Again by way of introduction he is the Director of S.N.A.P. Atlantic Group. S.N.A.P. stands for Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. This victim’s advocacy group originated in the United States but is now a global force working in support of victims. Not only is Mr. Mantin a S.N.A.P. Director but more personally he is also a victim of sexual abuse when he was a young person within the Catholic faith.

Ledroit Beckett

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37 Responses to Press Release (Rob Talach re conciliation process in Archdiocese of Moncton, New Brunswick)

  1. PJ says:

    Well said, Mr. Talach!! I hope this press release goes far and wide.

  2. 1yellowknife says:

    Bravo, Mr Talach: you are a leader in your field. This press advisory just confirms what I already know of your work and of your commitment.    My prayers go with you.  

  3. Mike Mc says:

    The Church expects the victims to simply – trust the process, trust the church. If there is one thing that this Archdiocese does not deserve from these victims, it is trust.


    I do.

  4. Anne C says:

    Good press release. Yes, it is the church’s same secrecy and “in house” damage control, playing on (or should I say preying on) the victims’ natural need for privacy. One high priced lawyer hired to basically serve an abuser and do damage control for the church. And what self-respecting lawyer (an ex-judge no less) would be a part of this arrangement. This is not a solution, and it is also very immoral for the church to try to silence the victims this way. It is obvious that the church has learned nothing, and will do nothing real to solve the deeper problems.

    I also agree with the other post from that retired Catholic journalist – until the church allows married men and women priests, these problems will only get worse. Why does the church have such a problem with women? And with marriage? The church’s actions, including this one, all indicate to me that they are willing to tolerate pedophiles – as long as they keep excluding “the real enemies” – women and sexually healthy males.

  5. Mike Mc says:

    Anne C says: I also agree with the other post from that retired Catholic journalist – until the church allows married men and women priests, these problems will only get worse. Why does the church have such a problem with women? And with marriage? The church’s actions, including this one, all indicate to me that they are willing to tolerate pedophiles – as long as they keep excluding “the real enemies” – women and sexually healthy males.

    Although Sylvia doesn’t see these comments as necessary in this thread, I’m glad someone else connects the issue with this comment too. I believe the problems will only get worse. Talach says:
    Why would a victim trust the Church now? How can a victim trust the Church? The Roman Catholic Church’s track record on being trustworthy on this issue is not exactly encouraging.

    Why would anyone trust the Church today? Seeing how Bishops have handled the sex abuse issues and have insisted that this secrecy be kept,  means to me that they are still caught up in ruling the faithful for the wrong reasons. Although I have been reprimanded for saying this, do you think if women had held the position of Bishops  in the Church since the 1940s, the abuse would have continued the way it has to this day? I truly doubt it. I think Talach’s points of view are valid that the Church remains “church-centric” with its male dominated thinking and secrecy.

  6. JG says:

    *First of all I want to thank Rob Talach for his involvement in coming to a solution in the case of my Father during the Bathurst  diocese ”process”…and on top of Mr. Talach’s concise and honest statements in this press release,  he helped expose the ”cheating” method’s used by bastarache and his team…At the risk of sounding repetitive to those who already read my Father’s story,  bastarache sent me and at least one other person, a letter to advise of his findings. The glitch was that , although he had all the information as to where and how to reach me (phone, e-mail, cellphone, address, etc.) they sent the letter to the wrong address to stretch the six months after my Father’s passing to prevent my family from taking civil action. Because of Mr. Talach, we managed to get the documents before a judge just ”hours” before the deadline…(and for the ”money” weary, my family or I did not get a single penny! They made sure, probably because of my ”continued involvement”…)

    …As if by ”miracle” bastarache’s assistant called me around 10:00 the day right after the ”deadline”!!! Pretending he was away, couldn’t reach me…I called him a liar and a crook and that impression certainly hasn’t diminished with the time…18 months now since that day!

    After all the games they played in Bathurst and plan to repeat in Moncton, they are coming up with an even more subtle form of intimidation. This time , right at the onset, they have already commented the church may have to sell assets! As if the victims hadn’t suffered enough they are now telling them , their families, their communities that because of them, the faithful are going to be seriously impacted…driving a wedge between members of the same families. 

    At least in previous settlements(ie.Antigonish) they waited ”after” the reports to venture this kind of statement. Here, they just picked the book at the last page and try to influence the victims into accepting lesser settlements

    Guilt, shame, embarrassment and now ”sacrifice”…for everyone except for the church,the abusers, the enablers and their lawyer or judge.


  7. Lina says:

    *This is a good strong press release.  I do agree with poster 1yellowknife about Mr. Rob Talach.

    ‘This press advisory just confirms what I already know of your work and of your commitment.’

    —The Catholic Church is fighting dirty and they have been doing this for ages. They see this has fair and just and I see it more like giving these clergy abuse victims and their supporters the middle finger.

    Speaking up and educating the public about the cover-ups is a smart constructive move. 

    As for Anne C and MikeMc spoke a little about females in the Catholic Church.

    I agree we should be careful not to derail from the topic. I will respond to your posts.

    The Catholic Church seemed to have had trouble with females since Mary Magdalene.

    They were not too sure what to do with this lady, nevertheless she was a problem that needed to be dealt with and dealt with FAST.

    The early church leaders wanted to discredit Mary Magdalene (making her a prostitute) so these male leaders could used this poor excuse to keep women from having a place of authority and leadership roles in the church. Such as priests, cardinals, popes etc…

    The church leaders knew Mary Magdalene was the first to find Jesus gone from his tomb and also the first to see him arisen.

    Basic human nature prompt these insecure, fragile ego men to keep this leadership role and make sure this role was not to be shared with females.

    I believe it may be as simple as that. 

    My point of view of course from a female. 🙂


  8. dave mantin says:

    Mr. Talach and I were in another city in N.B on another matter, when we seen and read the news on what was going on. We then decided that it would be best to hold a press conference and allow the public to see what is really going on . We have set up a confidential email address for advice and a 24/7 phone line for any sexual abused victims within the Atlantic region.

    Our email address is and our number is 506 977 4627.

    Anyone with information on this case please call or email us. Your name will be kept confidential under our protection act.

    Again Sylvia thank you again for all the work you do. 

    And JG I heard about that situation that i was very upset. Contact me sometime,
    I have a idea in that case.

    Dave Mantin

    Atlantic Canada director of S.N.A.P ( Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests)

  9. Lina says:


    Guilt, shame, embarrassment and now ”sacrifice”…for everyone except for the church, the abusers, the enablers and their lawyer or judge. “

    That statement of yours JG. pretty well describes the Roman Catholic Church world wide game plan. It is really sad, frustrating but so TRUE!

    This is why a website like Sylvia is important to so many people who are hurting, who are suffering and frustrated about the abuse scandals, and betrayals of trust by those in the Catholic Church.

    JG..I’m sorry for all you been through. 

    As well as for those who are in and living this nightmare and betrayal from these wolves in sheep clothing in the Catholic church.

    The abusers, their enablers and their loyal supporters have been in the wrong for so long. finally the tide is changing for the better. There is still a long way to go of course nevertheless, it is already starting to happen by the small steps that have been taken. 

    Furthermore, these steps of progress will continue with the courage and determination of people because of their spirit of survival and it is simply the right and just thing to do.


  10. JG says:


    Thank You for your concern but I don’t consider I have been through anything in comparison to a single child being abused, raped and destroyed for life.

    I am doing this if only for one child!  It is worth my life…many of our lives! I cannot for one second imagine where this horror started but it has to be fought head on!

    The outcome with Bathurst was not what I had expected and I had suspicions from the start…  My wife showed me the newspaper add from bastarache and I remember telling her: ”Let’s see where this goes!” …

    Here we are! Maybe it was meant to happen like this. I do believe ”He works in mysterious ways” because He has, many times in my life in so many ways…

    So I never feel sorry for myself and when I am tempted, I remember all the ”blessings”…I know I have said that often but I mean it in a very profound way…and I hesitate to share these ”stories” that give me Life…maybe some day.

    I am committed to this ”battle” not because I don’t ”Believe” but because I do. When the church starts to  worry more about the morality,  the spiritual well-being of everyone, then we will turn the page.  Not a moment sooner.  Right now they speak only of ”legality” and they are scared for themselves and their buildings and money…they need to abandon themselves and ”Believe”…

    Learn to know a child  by ”heart” …and every hair on his head will be like the inspired words of the Bible…”SACRED”…I believe it is best to not know the words of the Good Book but to understand how we need to ”Save” the Child . There can be no excuse for not doing so.


  11. PJ says:

    My wife and I believe that these scandals and coverups will spell the beginning of the end for this church and it’s power/money hungry clergy. The more they try to cover up through pay-offs and intimidation, the worse they look. Many of them are pious on the outside, but pure evil on the inside.

  12. Anne C says:

    *Great comments all around. I find there is a lot more courageous reflection on this topic here that I do not see in mainstream media (I was also scratching my head at the puff piece CBC story). If you give a bit of thought to the story, it’s easy to see where it’s going. I am happy to see SNAP involved.

    Reading these stories over the past year – it is the abuse of power that makes me so angry, time and again. I keep going back to the issues the church has with women, because, for me, and like some of you, I see the rampant child abuse in the church (and the coverup, the abuse of power and trust) as an outcome of both: enforced celibacy and of banishing half of the earth’s population from equality in their ranks! It is not normal. This obviously leads to secrecy and shame – abuse of power – never mind making infants out of everyone by taking away adult agency around sexuality in the first place. How sad – for both men and women.

    I am convinced that until the church reforms their views around women/sexuality/celibacy….the problem will never go away.

  13. Anne C says:

    PS I also agree with PJ’s comment about the ‘two-faced’ priest. Many are good, true. But don’t many of us later say about the abusers: “but he was so nice and so charismatic.” Personally I have had it –  I think we all need to be very clear-eyed about the church these days. Like any  sales agency, the church knows the psychology of the flock. No room for secrecy or sentimentality when children are being abused.

  14. PJ says:

    That was exactly what happened in my case…people were so duped by the predator that no one listened to us altar servers. We were shamed into silence. Well I will be silent no more…wait and see.

  15. Mike says:

    *     Thanks so much Rob. You are right on the money1 I picked the right man! Also, Mike Mc; your reference to Einstien is so appropriate in this case. As i said before, any organization is only as good or as bad as it’s leader.
         Honey runs downhill, but so does shi…….!        Mike.

  16. Mike says:

    *     Further to my previous comments, there are those who have slammed Mr. Talach on Sylvia’s site, insinuating that he is after nothing but the money.
         I would remind any detractors that if it wasn’t for Rob, a lot of our cases would never have went any further than some of these cases in New Brunswick will go with the “retired” Supreme Justice.
         Rob (and Sylvia) have been, and will continue to be, a great source of comfort and encouragement to us victims. This is something that the church and the Vatican can’t hold claim to!          Mike.

  17. JG says:

    *There!!!! it is official…This afternoon, ”Baspuits” sent me a link to a ‘Radio Canada” site where Mr. Langis, the spokesperson for the diocese of Moncton,  answered Rob Talach’s news conference: langis( I earlier looked at him as a doorman for the diocese!..I apologize! He is a ‘doormat”!) states in the French news report(all a repetition!) that they pay the lawyer fees, ”which can amount to 40% of payout, bla,bla,bla….” and that bastarache is trustworthy because he is an ex-judge of the Supreme Court of Canada!  Can’t go wrong there! …and(I said they would bring out the flag!!!)..”Mr Bastarache” is an advocate for the …he said the ”F” word!!!…. ”francophones”.

    What a bunch of gutless, chicken crap, mindless, self-serving degenerates!… after saying they would have to take the food out of the parishioners mouth to settle with the ”offended children”(child offence!), they move on to make it an English and French issue…because of Rob Talach’s name and province of origin. Talk about manipulation! The problem is that many may be swayed by this clergy concoction! The abuse of the men/children of Cap Pelé had nothing to do with any flag, except the catholic church’s) Lets not get taken in a different, desperate direction! Now I am getting even more curious about the extent of the ”PROBLEM”…

    They will go to any length to keep their ”market share”. .Nothing new really in that ”reply” by langis (who has incidentally lost the privilege to capitalized family name!)

    I apologize to Baspuits for posting here first but I encountered a site problem when trying to log on to the ”Radio Canada” story…just had to get to this ”insult’ for  the victims ..Hopefully they will understand this is just a continuation of the abuse.

    Don’t trust them…the church and cheer leaders under ”Roy Bean” of Acadia!!! All the tricks are out of the hat!


  18. Sylvia says:

    Is this the article jg?

    06 June 2012:  “Catholic Church: The Archdiocese of Moncton defends its conciliation process” (google translation

    I went looking for it and this is the only one I could find, but the hunt is difficult which I thought might be it.  Is the google translation fairly accurate where it reads that Langis: “stressed that the conciliation process is led by Michel Bastarache,
    former judge of the Supreme Court of Canada and human rights of

  19. JG says:

    *Right on Sylvia!

    This said, in this context, to the ”francophone’ press, is quite inappropriate. It is meant to be ”consumed” by the same people , their families, their friends, neighbors, who have just heard(I can’t believe it!) in the past week that the church may have to sell assets…On top of that, they only have until the end of the month to make up their minds! No pressure there, is there! Everything compacted for maximum(or maybe minimum effect!)

    It is not what is said but what is implied... To me it is the same as if my neighbor told me:” Well, I am a thief, it is true but we live in the same city, the same neighborhood…”Wink! Wink!…

    Trying to get some sympathy and to suppress by impressing with the Judge’s road map…

    They can deny their intention to mix in some ”culture” but this is also my first language and I know when I am being manipulated! I just hope the victims can feel the ”buffalo” running through the room!

    I don’t see anything new in that press release besides this…but I’ll read again, in both languages…


  20. JG says:


    *I moved my comment to the following tread:

    “Catholic Church: The Archdiocese of Moncton defends its conciliation process” (google translation)

    Sylvia, the above went on ”that” tread as well, by mistake…could be removed ….


  21. Heavy Hearted says:

    *I am sadly very torn on this issue and many like it.

    The first time I had seen the press release was on Ledroitt Becketts web page, and it’s headline said something along the lines of abuse victims should avoid payouts.  My first thought was how nice it was to see a personal injury law firm shooting for legal justice instead of settlement money for a change.  Then I read the article.  The headline should have said “don’t accept a payout until we represent you so we can get our 25-40%” but that would have been an honest headline.

    Sadly then I also see SNAP is involved.  Why do I say sadly?  That’s simple:

    “David Clohessy, director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, known as SNAP, was deposed on Jan. 2 in Clayton, Mo. amid accusations that the group had printed restricted information in a press release.” 

    In the text of the deposition – posted online by The Media Report on March 1 – Clohessy was asked by attorneys, “Has SNAP to your knowledge ever issued a press release that contained false information?”

    “Sure,” he responded, without offering any defense or explanation.”

    These people are already victims once.  Other than to push own agendas, get their names in a headline and fatten wallets is there a reason to exploit them?

    Abusers need to be held accountable!!!!

  22. JG says:

    *Heavy Hearted,

    First time I see you on this site…or under this name!…No!…you’re a new one…from lurker to poster! But that is allright!….

    You are obviously educated and well calculated…It is your right to question the lawyer’s, or SNAP’s motives…but in your infinite wisdom, how do you view the upcoming cover-up of any other abusers which may surface as a result of this ”benevolent” payout in the Moncton area?…. When do you think bastarache will again go before the Court to have his ”findings” sealed and thereby protect the clergy and church hierarchy from any public disclosure?

    Your post is just a new twist of an old assertion that:”..they are just doing it for the money”…except that your new , recycled tactic,  is to paint the lawyers with that brush!

    Get some credibility and let us hear how you view ”the church’s” motives as it pertains to money, retirement of an ”archbishop” in ”mid-crisis” and the appointment of a ”native son” to replace him…vienneau, who has been working behind the scene, in good old church tradition!!!…too much has been happening in Moncton in less than a month …maybe you can tell us about that ”urgency” and ”calculation’ by the church!!!!

    When is the celebration planned  for the new ‘archbishop”, to put everybody to sleep about the church abuses???

    Abusers and enablers need to be held accountable”! Right!

    Nice diversion!…but we can smell the rectory from here!


  23. PJ says:

    JG…you’re right on the money with this poster! To just come out like this and start slamming Talach and SNAP is irresponsible. The hush-money that bastarash will arrange (at great monetary benefit to himself) is designed to save the church millions in legal fees, payouts, and at the same time to keep the perverts hidden within the church realms. No, the victims of abuse have every right to seek a more fair settlement which also means that church has to spend tons more to defend itself…a double barrel shotgun blast to the heart and wallet of the church. That’s the only way we will get them to pay attention to the suffering and hurt they have caused us. They only respond when their riches are threatened.

  24. Sylvia says:

    Yes Heavy Hearted, abusers need to held accountable.  Sad to say, the Bastarche deal will hold neither the abusers nor those who covered up for them accountable.  It will however, as  offer the victims the anonymity and apology they so desperately desire, along withe counselling they need and a settlement of some sort for the pain and suffering endured as victims.  It is an inviting ‘deal,’ especially so for the many victims who are still battling  the shame which is not theirs to bear (it belongs to their molester and his enablers) and desperately fear that people will find out that they are victims.  Both the archdiocese and Mr. Bastarche know very well how to seduce the victims.

    I personally would have no problem at all with the Bastarche deal IF it was accompanied by transparency.  Unfortunately it is not.  The truth is that a report can be made public which retains the anonymity of the victims while identifying every molester by name: ditto those who excused, tolerated and/or recycled known molesters.   There must be accountability, and transparency is one small part of those who are responsible for the pain and suffering being held accountable.

    I don’t for a moment blame the victims who turn to Mr. Bastarche, but I do not hesitate to blame Mr. Bastarche and the archbishop for seducing the victims and tapping in on their vulnerabilities to ensure the lid is kept on the scandal and its magnitude.

    As for legal fees, rest assured Mr. Bastarache is not doing this out of the goodness of his heart.  He is being well paid.  In fact, when he did the same ‘job’ for the Bathurst Diocese his salary was included in the information which was put under lock and key.  Why do you suppose his salary is top secret?

    I personally don’t care who ensures that the victims get the counselling, apology and compensation to which they are entitled, and all with an assurance of anonymity for those who desire it – I do care when victims are used and exploited to enable a cover-up. That is what happened with the Bastarche deal in Bathurst.  What is happening in Moncton will be a replay.

    You mention reading something on Media Watch.  I think William Donohue fits in there somewhere, does he not?  That’s the Donohue who earns in the order of $400,000/yr telling everyone that all victims are liars and money grubbers and there really is no sex abuse crisis in the Church?

  25. JG says:


    If a lawyer is criticized for taking 40% or even 50%…imagine the Supreme Court Judge‘s take on a deal such as bastarache has landed!…twice!

    …and if he and vienneau were willing to lie to me, for money or revenge,  how many others have been cheated, lie to and for how much ??..

    They are looking after our ”Souls” all right!  …and the last thing they request is a ”receipt”! That is for real!….vienneau’s last request was for a receipt for their donation!!!… One improvement in Moncton, they were able to get an apology, for what that is worth! I now just look at that as empty words coming from ”them”…

    I’m still here because of Rob Talach and his team….and because of a lie from people I trusted…

    100% of a lie, from the church! …”without offering any defense or explanation’


  26. Heavy Hearted says:


    Trust me friend, I am nowhere near a rectory.  I am sitting in my living room 1500 km from where this took place, and if it wasn’t for a fluke sighting on the lawyers website I’d be none the wiser. 

    Abusers come in many forms.  Ambulance chasers like Talach are only slightly less dispicable than any sexual abuser.  Exploiting a victim for his gain, whether it is an abuse victim, motor vehicle accident victim, discrimination victim, etc, and whether the reason it is financial, personal or professional, is just deplorable.  Same applies to SNAP.  How do you expect them to be taken seriously when their own director admits to making stories up for the press and avoids questions in a deposition?

    Re: Moncton – everyone acts in their own best interest.  It is up to the individual victim to determine if the settlement offered is a just amount.  They don’t need a little birdie with an agenda in their ear.  Why they did it and how the amounts were calculated are questions neither you or I can answer.  If the victims feel compensated by the offer who are we to judge?  More importantly, how do individual settlements preclude other victims from coming forward in the future?  Any settlement, with or without representation, will likely come with a confidentiality agreement attached.  Talach’s involvement changes nothing about the outcome except potentially for the settlement amounts. 

    This is different than what took place in Bathurst that he cited because the accuser has already been outed.  Regarding the Bathurst case, “The Ontario barrister points to the settlement process in Bathurst after the Charles Picot and Levi Noel cases, as an example of how privacy helps the diocese and not the victims” yet in his press release above selling point #1 was to allow for privacy, not secrecy. 

    As for me, I’m new to this site.  Google magic brought me here.  Why do I sound educated? Because I do my homework.  Because I refuse to look at only one side of the coin.  You say that I’m painting Talach with the same old paint brush, then turn around and proclaim cover-up to the settlement offers.  How are you and I any different?

    What do I think of the “sudden” retirement of the archbishop?  Based on what I found on the archdiocesan website, personally I think that he turns 75 in 10 days and must submit his resignation as prescribed by canon law.  What do I think of his replacement?  When I factor in that a) he is the former VG of the Archdiocese, and b) the pope makes the final call, not Moncton, I have no idea what to make of him.  He also won’t be installed for months most likely.  Remember what I said about homework?

    Sylvia is to be commended for what she is doing.  Like I said, abusers need to be held accountable.  You added enablers, and I agree with you.  Let’s just cap it at anyone who takes advantage of the vunerable.   My personal opinion – there is not enough jail time that would be punishment enough for anyone that abuses a child like this.  If every church where a priest abused, every school where a teacher abused, Penn State, police forces and the like all had to be shut down to compensate victims I wouldn’t bat an eye. 

  27. PJ says:

    “Ambulance chasers like Talach are only slightly less dispicable than any
    sexual abuser.  Exploiting a victim for his gain, whether it is an
    abuse victim, motor vehicle accident victim, discrimination victim, etc,
    and whether the reason it is financial, personal or professional, is
    just deplorable. ”  That is just wrong. Talach doesn’t “chase ambulances” like some lawyers do…he and his firm are solicited by the victims, they do not chase people around looking for easy money, they are highly professional and know if they take on a case, it won’t be an easy road. That church fights every victim and tries to beat them into the ground by every means at their disposal. Don’t think for a minute that church’s lawyers come cheap…they don’t. They will use every ploy and legal loophole to worm their way out of a settlement. We need top lawyers to fight these a$$holes. Ambulance chaser types get in and out quickly to make a buck…the reputable lawyers take the long road because they know that is the only way to win against the old boys club. For those that take the easy settlement concocted by bastarash et al, some will be happy but I’m afraid that many more will come to regret taking the quick money as it will not assist them in dealing with the pain of their abuse…trust me on this one.

  28. Heavy Hearted says:


    In first paragraph to me I could insert Taach’s name everywhere and would make just as much sense and be just as correct.

    You said ” I do care when victims are used and exploited to enable a cover-up.”  Why limit only to a cover-up.  These very same victims are being exploited for a pay day.  I’m pretty sure Talach isn’t divulging his cut to the public.

    My one question – why do you wish the Bastarche deal came with transparency but acknowledge the victims need annonymity?  As my ending up on your site shows, information can be stumbled on at any time, by anyone, and can be tied back to someone else.  Is it not better to use as much discretion as possible to protect the victim?

    I’ll agree with you though – Bill Donohue is a nut job and needs to pull his head out of the sand.  Another man with an agenda.

  29. Heavy Hearted says:

    *Last one, I swear.

    In Issue #2 Talach says that Moncton will not deal with victims lawyers, which is illegal if the victim has signed a retainer and Moncton has been provided with a notice of direction.  He also says that Moncton will not pay for the victim to hire a lawyer.  Since when does the accused pay upfront for the accusers lawyer?  He’s been around enough to know better than say something like that.  Legal fees are always built into the settlement amount in these situations.  I’m sure Mr. Talach is aware of the terms contingency and costs & disbursements.   This isn’t TV, a court case or even an arrest, and even then the lawyer provided is a court appointed public attorney, not defendant funded. 

    Item #1 from the additional concerns deals with the time limit of June 30.  If it were any longer Moncton would be accused of drawing the process out, so why make that comment?  For people who have been suffering for years, a month is a reasonable time frame to properly assess their situation.  If people need more time why can’t they ask?

    Lastly is item #3 from the additional concerns:

    3. Finally the process was designed without any input from the victims or their advocates. I can tell you that my phone never rang.

    It’s a negotiation process.  Its design has been around for how long?  Offer made, 3 options – accept, reject or counter-offer.  Both sides provide reasons for their position.

  30. Leona says:

    Heavy Hearted, you seem to have a great deal of trust in the church’s process, and a belief that their motives are to help and support the victims. Me, not so much!

  31. Mike says:

         If it had not been for Rob Talach, I never would have proceeded to try and correct 40 years of pain, heartache, and disorder. When I first contacted him, he was ultimately suportive and very kind and helpful. He did NOT solicite my business!!! I despise you for referring to him as an “ambulance chaser”.
         His first concern was for me, and he immediately suggested that I seek professional counselling before I went any further. He did NOT get paid for this advice!!!
         The most remarkable note in all of your stupid ramblings is the fact that you never once referred to the criminal acts being perpetrated by these priests, or “men of God” as you would say.
         It is very obvious to me that you do not understand, to ANY degree, the humiliation, the shaming, and the pain of having to admit to your family and the whole world, that you were the target (successfully) of a sick sexual deviant known as a roman catholic priest (man of God).
         It is the ultimate breach of trust my dear “Heavy-Hearted”, please open your eyes, and pull your stupid head out of the deep pile of sand it is buried in.    Mike.

  32. Mike says:

         By the way, what makes you an expert in canon law and sexual abuse? I’m really curious if you have any first-hand experience?     Mike.

  33. Baspuit says:

    Heavy Harted,
     I,ve hired Talach ask me any questions……………………….ambulance chaser, gee I don’t say that all priest are pedophiles! Yes when Talach came in the picture, bastarache’s offer climbed up and took care of any % that he is charging!
    1 Bathurst diocese has offered to pay 500$ to any victim for to pay a lawyer and another 500$ after settlement offered to be check with a/his lawyer
    2 There should never be a time limit to bring forth a crime!!!! Criminel/pedophile are dead or alive!  Hell you don’t even know how hard it is to come of this toxic shame and to do this in 30 days.
     How many more like Normand Brun, who’s out of town to know what going on in Cap Pélé and that within 30 days!!! There was no time limit in Bathurst, mind you they tried!

    On the other hand bastarache has said that a victim, has to come out with his full name, for a civil suit, compared to his avenue/route.  Which is wrong!
    With bastarache only has 2 option not 3, accept or reject and NO counter-offer will be accepted and most importantly he is not hired to make any changes, as to this would never happen again!
    Best of all you get to meet 2 students and not bastarache himself!
    Trusting the same person who is responsible, to fix it, is like asking hitler to fix his ovens!
    As Talach said the church want’s victims, nieve, loss, scared and without representation and so would you, I ask? 

  34. PJ says:

    Heavy Hearted – Guess you didn’t do all your “homework” eh? Those of us who were abused really don’t like people who judge those who are helping us. You are more interested in bashing Rob Talach, Sylvia, and SNAP, all the while making the basterash (yeah I spelled it that way) solution seem so innocent and beneficial. Time for you to report back to your bishop/pope that we see right through your thin disguise.

  35. JG says:

    *Heavy Hearted,

    Maybe you’re gone but I doubt….you’re curious and you responded quite well to a ”little praise”…and you gave up a piece of cheese!.. Thank You.

    You are well prepared for one who ”stumbled” on this site…and very protective of the ”system” because you are part of it! Under what capacity?…I think next you should tell us you don’t work for ”money”…

    If you are going to do any more research you may consider getting some input from those who have had direct contact with the effects of this clergy abuse and cover-up in this part of the country, in this culture dominated by the church for so long…Your very bureaucratic approach to all the questions and concerns may satisfy your psyche, from above…but you obviously have little direct involvement and knowledge of the victim’s life long torments! and struggles.

    You are quite supportive of bastarache, whom you claim to not know!?…You are very critical(and that is the point of your entire interventionf ) of Rob Talach,  you seem to know a little more…

    So if you want to claim to be an impartial ”stumbler” with great empathy for the victims…one with discernment, why do you sound so partial? …

    I can claim the church, bastarache and vienneau will cover-up and use every means to keep the ”information” secret because I experienced it first hand…I did not have to stand up some 1500 km away and claim to see what was happening here!…

    Speaking of ”the way things are” can be very frustrating for people looking for Justice. We are just waiting for the church to do ”WHAT IS RIGHT”

    It is OK for lawyers to lie…we know they do it all the time and with a legal blessing. This is a part of the process you did not consider or chose to ignore. Your scenarios are all interesting until the individual ”twists” and ”tricks” are uncovered;  unless sealed by the Court!

    We just always expected better from ”the church”… and the ”trust” is gone!


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