Well suited and chosen

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Look at this!

29 March 2012: “Sexual abuse by priest Camille Leger Cap-Pele, NB: the church knew”  (google translation of French)

This is a google translation but, if like me you are not bilingual, you will have no problem sorting out the general gist.

I was puzzled in March of this year when Moncton’s Archbishop Andre Richard headed off to St. Theresa of Avila in Cap Pelee to  tell the victims of Father Camille Leger that he believes them and to apologize.  I was both pleasantly surprised and utterly shocked. As I said at the time:

“Ever the skeptic I suppose, I can not help but wonder if there is perhaps a stack of allegations on file identifying Father Camille Leger as a molester?”

So, they did indeed know.  We now know that in 1997 Normand Brun confronted Church officials about the abuse he endured as a child at the hands of Father Camille Leger.  By the sound of it, in the twinkle of an eye the archdiocese put a cheque in hands.  I think by the sound of it this was not a lawsuit, but rather a case of a victim personally confronting diocesan officials? and of officials in turn getting things ‘settled’ in great haste?  If that is in fact the case, with that speedy response I am inclined to believe that officials were well aware of Father Leger’s perversions long before Normand Brun landed on their doorstep.

As you see, one of the officials who helped in whatever fashion to get that cheque into Normand Brown’s hands was none other than Valery Vienneau.

Vienneau is now Bishop of the scandal-plagued Diocese of Bathurst, New Brunswick. It was Vienneau who brought in former Supreme Court Justice Michel Bastarache to ‘broker a deal’ with the many victims of clerical sex abuse in the Bathurst Diocese.  They don’t like to acknowledge that that’s what it was all about and that’s why Bastarche was hired, but really, it was. We haven’t heard much of that deal lately have we?  It was Vienneau who sought and received permission from the courts to raid the Bathurst seminary fund to pay of the settlements, and it was he who manged to have the courts agree to have all court files sealed

And it is Vienneau who flatly refuses to divulge the names of the many priests of his diocese who have been identified as molesters.  It’s all top secret!

Father Valery Vienneau, a native of Cap Pele,  became Vicar General of the Moncton archdiocese in 1997.  I believe it would have been in his capacity as VG that he assisted then Bishop Ernest Leger settle this troublesome matter.  (Archbishop Leger, by the way, had just been appointed Archbishop of Moncton in 1996)

I wonder how many of the victims of Father Camille Leger Vienneau knows personally?  It’s not a large community.  My guess is he knows quite a few.

I wonder too if Vienneau knew that Leger was molesting the boys in his community?  I wonder had he, at the very least, heard rumours?   Regardless, how crass that he didn’t go to his hometown as soon as he had talked to Normand Brun.  Was there not an ounce of concern in his bones that there were other victims who were suffering?  Did he not have concern for people he knew who might have been molested by Leger?  Was he not a tad concerned that children of friends might have been abused by this predatory priest?  Or, did he just want to see Brun silenced and sent on his way?

I suppose like Monsignor William Lynn he could tell us he was just following orders?  Or that Bishop Leger forbade him him from pursuing the matter any further?

Bottom line;  it looks like Vienneau was both well suited and chosen to climb the ladder of success.

I really would like to know more of Normand Brun’s dealing with officials of the Archdiocese of Moncton.  If you are reading this Normand would you please get in touch with me (cornwall@theinquiry.ca)  Even if you prefer not to contact me I still commend you for speaking up.  Thank you 🙂

Enough for now,


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6 Responses to Well suited and chosen

  1. Sylvia says:

    My apologies to Normand Brun.  The google translate changed his name to Normand Brown – I didn’t notice.  I have corrected the text.

  2. Mike Mc says:

    I think “seals” should be broken and secret vaults cracked open if there are hidden abuser names and people in there. I’m presently reading  Rescuers -Portraits in Moral Courage in the Holocaust.

    It starts off with this:

    There is a story about Claire Boothe Luce complaining that she was bored with hearing about the Holocaust. A Jewish friend of hers said he perfectly understood her sensitivity to the matter; in fact, he had the same sense of repetitiousness and fatigue, hearing so often about the crucifixion.

       I think Catholics are somewhat complacent and bored with hearing about the sexual abuse scandal. They read or hear stuff and because they are conditioned to be like sheep, they do little to make an out cry. Thus secret files, vaults and seals mean little to them. Oh Catholics are shocked and saddened for these priests and victims. But they feel the Church must do “its thing” and rid the abusers from the Church.

    I’ve lost my trust in the Church leaders and their secret deals. It’s time the Catholic people wake up and see the greater problem that lies within the Church.  This site says it exactly as it is:”…..betrayals of trust in the Roman Catholic Church in Canada.”

  3. JG says:

    *The ”magnanimous” Valery Vienneau of 2009, with his newspaper articles calling for ”reparation” and making us believe he wanted to make things better for the victims was just continuing what he had started in 1997 or ”before”…a cover-up!

    He was such a good ”corporate employee” that he was rewarded with a ”promotion”…Incredible! It was never about ”Healing but primarily about ”Hiding”! the truth to protect the church.

    His own community, his own people and he chose the ”prize money”…”the silver or gold pieces”..He abandoned the very people who gave him his life! Treason is too good a word…just another ”snake” in the game of deceit!

    I had no respect for him after the way he and Bastarache tried to ”trick” my family,  I  would have more respect for a prostitute than for these empty carcases who manipulate everyone for their own advancement. The ”ladder of success” shouldn’t be covered with dirt especially for supposed ‘men of GOD”!

    Not an ounce of dignity! What fools we have been!

    Normand Brun,  ”Thank You” for shining more light in this abyss!


  4. JG says:

    *I just watched Norman Brun speak up on the ”CBC New Brunswick ” news at 5 O’clock.

    Sylvia will have this up on the site in no time(she never sleeps!). … Just wanted to repeat to Mr Brun  how much I believe men/people/human beings like him will make a difference in the lives of so many victims.  Water has never been known to run uphill but I believe this is another shining example of changes coming from the ”base”, against the current, for a change!

    Mr Brun,  your calm demeanor, your courage and assurance should be an inspiration to all victims…past, present and hopefully never in the future….

    By the way..I completely agree with the method you used to stop the abuse!  At thirteen years old you had character and I applaud that “kid”…for standing up for himself…and now I applaud you for standing up for “all the others”…

    This is not in vain! Thank You again!


  5. Sylvia says:

    Thanks for drawing attention to the CBC New Brunswick clip JG.  I was unable to download the video but could get the audio.  It took a bit to get it together, but,  it is not posted.

    A great clip – I’ll say more on it later. 

  6. Donald R says:

    *If we take time to look at the date of appointment of these leaders of the catholic churchs some will match…André Richard was active in Cape Pelé at the same time as Camille Légère, also was in Yarmouth N.S at the same time as convicted pedophile Albert  Leblanc, in Bathurst as bichop,  during convicted pédophile Lévi Noel was still an active priest….so pure coinsidence …..? He must know about mantale reservation or it’s just in his guts that he’s a frigging liar and he know how to teach his followers.


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