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I am just home – attended the sentencing hearing for Monsignor Robert Borne in Pembroke today.

The “sentence” meted out? Nine month conditional.  As far as I’m concerned, another ‘tut tut bad boy!’ In truth I anticipated this, but it doesn’t make it any easier to witness.

More later.  For now I will paste the following from the Pembroke Observer:

Conditional sentence for Pembroke priest

The Pembroke Observer

10 April 2012

TINA PEPLINSKIE tina.peplinskie@sunmedia.ca

A Pembroke priest received a nine-month conditional sentence for indecently assaulting a 16-year-old boy.

Justice Julianne Parfett imposed the sentence on Monsignor Robert Borne in Pembroke Superior Court Tuesday afternoon after hearing victim impact statements from the now 48-year-old victim and his mother, as well as reviewing 59 letters of support submitted on behalf of the Roman Catholic priest.

The first five months will be spent under house arrest and he must wear an electronic monitoring device. Following the conclusion of the sentence, Msgr. Borne will be on probation for the next two years during which time he is not to associate with the victim or his family and he must not be in the company of children 18 and under unless supervised. He must not consume alcohol

He must provide a sample of his DNA and his name will added to the sexual offender registry for a period of 10 years. He is also prohibited from owning or possessing weapons for a period of 10 years.

Enough for now,


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10 Responses to Tut tut!

  1. Larry Green says:

    The 59 letters in SUPPORT of a man tried and convicted of being a sexual offender , having his name added to the sexual offender registry, is very telling for me and it should be to anyone. This is precisely the support he was receiving from these same individuals during his years he took to prepare this young boy and during the years in which he was sexually exploiting and assaulting this young boy.
    These “supporters” of this sexual offender have not publicly identified themselves – I believe because they feel more shame than the offender ( who does not openly show any sign of any shame or any remorse). The lenient sentence is no surprise nor is this continued show of support for his defiant, deviant and criminal conduct! It’s just more of the same.

  2. Lina says:

    Yes…the verdict is in and the sentence for Monsignor Borne was light and so unfair not only for this victim but for all his loved ones and his supporters.

    This is one brave victim who got some justice and he stood his ground to the very end.

    It would be interesting to read this victim impact statement and the one from the victim’s mother.
    I think we will not have access to those to read unless the victim himself gives the okay to do so right Sylvia or anyone else knows?

    As for those 59 letters supporting Monsignor Robert Borne they can burn them for all I care.

    Monsignor Robert Borne you are a disgrace to the priesthood and hopefully soon you will be defrocked.
    On the other hand maybe you just do not care if you are defrocked?

    Shame on you Monsignor Robert Borne!!!

    • Sylvia says:

      I would like to be able to post the Victim Impact Statements Lina. I was planning to ask the victim (C1) and his mother but I got tied up with other things and by the time I was free they were gone.

      C1, if you are reading this, and if you and/or your mother would agree to have your statements posted would you email them to me at cornwall@theinquiry.ca?

  3. Orion says:

    I agree with you that this was expected. What is most disconcerting is the lack of comment from the Bishop of Pembroke. What now? Does he continue to live at Diocesan expense in a diocesan house? I really wonder if this ‘slap on the wrist’ will result in laicization…as it should as he has admitted to being a homosexual and has been,in his own words, active.Those 50+ letters of support worked.

    • Lina says:

      “Orion, my post to you yesterday must have got lost in cyber space. Please forgive me if I am repeating a similar post.

      Msgr. Robert Borne is what you would call a smooth operator and a professional manipulator. His victims know this only too well!

      Msgr. Borne admitted in court that he had several CONSENTING sexual relationships with other ADULT males. As we know under the Canadian law this is not a crime but in the Roman Catholic Church it’s a big no-no.

      Msgr. Borne did deny he’s gay even though it’s well understood when a man has sexual relations with another man he’s gay/homosexual.

      Why did he did drop that bombshell news in the courtroom? Many believe he slit his own throat with that one revelation. I believe he knew what he was doing. Msgr. Borne is arrogant and deceitful.

      Is it possible he was sending a message to some of these men who may be part of the clergy as a warning of some kind of a threat?

      I never thought I would say this but I do feel some sense of pity for any consenting gay adult male who had an intimate relationship with Robert Borne, they must be going through hell now days especially if they are part of the priesthood in the Diocese of Pembroke.”

  4. Bernie Bates says:

    i was from Pembroke and i am glad i am gone…. i remember Bob he does not deserve father….and all he gets is this ….. shameful…. he should be sent to jail .. with a bunch of real men and be on the receiving end… the pig… and what did the catholic church d0? hide like they always want to do.. cowards…. gross pig is what you are bob and your dam lucky you never touched one of my children…. shame is not enough for you….

  5. Sylvia says:

    Somehow in the throes of re-doing menus a series of comments which had been posted disappeared. I have re-posted them – they are not in the order in which they were originally posted, nor could I post them at the time they were originally posted, but, they are back.

  6. Anne C says:

    The victim stood their ground, in extremely tough circumstances. I respect and applaud that. It is a real example of strength and hope for humanity. Sometimes that is all you can do. Do the right thing – whether or not the result is fair. (Even when the result is outwardly brutal, as it is here). With respect to those who fought.

  7. Anne C says:

    About the 50 letters…very creepy. What are those people thinking – that the priest is seriously innocent? Does not that say something about the dual nature of the role of the priest. A deeply corrupt institution that demands smiles and perfection from a priest who cons the community (the 50 letters) all the while they carry on a perverted private life (the abuse). Charm never seemed more disgusting. In a world that is sick with fake smiles, throughout society, I still say: do what is right.

  8. deeplybetrayed says:

    I like that comment, Anne C, about the “dual nature” of the priest’s role.

    I have lost respect/trust for the priest and for the R.C. Church.
    I have not lost faith in God, truth, justice, righteousness. I still read Scripture, pray and do good works.
    I want to believe many priests are not predators. But when I see a white clerical collar, there’s an imaginary question mark right in the centre of it. I(We) would never have known about any abuse – ever – if the abused had never spoken out. IMAGINE THAT! Imagine the power they had and would still have!
    My brother who was abused by a “sweet trusted, fun-loving” neighbor between the ages of 8 and 10 went to the police twice in the last 8 years (he is now 50) but stopped the procedure because of the anxiety and stress and sleeplessness.
    We can only imagine how difficult it is for those men, deeply pained, to tell their story in court under the watchful eye of the R.C. Church and lawyers/judge, who can manipulate the laws they make/study.

    Oh God of Justice, by the power of Your Holy Spirit, bring justice to those who are denied. Bring all truth into Your Light.

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