Could this explain it?

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Well, my goodness me…

Archbishop Andre Richard, the Archbishop of Moncton, New Brunswick, assisted at St. Theresa of Avila in Cap Pele, New Brunswick while Father Camille Leger was there.  According to his website bio, Bishop Richard served as curate at the parish while he simultaneously served on the Vocations Committee for the Archdiocese of New Brunswick.

Father Camille Leger was Pastor at St. Theresa’s from 1957 to 1980.  It looks as though Archbishop Richard was there assisting from around 1967 to 1970.    Here is the Archbishop’s bio from the Archdiocese of Moncton website

Could this perhaps explain why, according to English-language media reports, Archbishop Richard arrived at St. Theresa’s so quickly to tell the victims that he believes them and to offer an apology?  That had puzzled me to no end. Such affirmation of victims’ allegations of clerical sexual abuse at so early a stage and apart from legal action of any kind is, to my knowledge, unprecedented.

I have heard that French coverage of the archbishops visit to the community was perhaps a little different than that which we received in English?  I have been told that there was talk from the archbishop of the need to speak to his lawyers, and that there was not an outright affirmation that he believed that the victims had indeed been molested by Leger.  Can anyone confirm this and/or send a link to the French coverage which may differ from that of the English?  That would make more sense, but if that’s the case I really would like to see it in print.

And a question for anyone who might know the answer.  While he was speaking to parishioners of St. Theresa during Masses on the weekend of 11 March did the Archbishop make mention of the fact that he had once served at that church?  He may well have and it went unreported.

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