I highly doubt there will be an indictment filed

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A few updates on pending court dates:

(1) Father George Smith:  as noted previously Father Smith is scheduled for arraignment on 62 charges, 09 April 2012 (Corner Brook, Newfoundland courthouse).

For those planning to attend, I checked today  – start time is 10 am.

There are 62 charges and 11 complainants.

(2) Father Linus Bastien‘s next court date is 31 May 2012 at the Windsor, Ontario courthouse.  This is pre-trial and will NOT be open to the public.

(3) Father Eric Dejaeger‘s next Iqaluit court date still stands for 07 May 2012 to file a formal indictment.

Although the court date is scheduled for formal indictment, given the situation what actually happens is very much up in the air.

First, there is the issue of Dejaeger’s defence lawyer. As you know, Father Dejaeger’s lawyer, Andrew Mahar has just been elevated to the bench and is now a federally-appointed judge.

Dejaeger has retained a new lawyer, Malcolm Kempt.  Kenpt is a local from Iqaluit.

It almost goes without saying that, come 07 May 2012,  Kempt will beg for time.  Kempt is new to a very complex and convoluted case.  He will need time to work his way through and digest the realms of documentation which no doubt comprise Dejaeger’s file.

And then of course there is the fact that the RCMP is still investigating in Igloolik.  IF there are new charges from that on-going investigation, or IF there is a raft of relevant documentation turned over to the Crown at the 11th hour, then the Crown will have to beg for time to get on top of things.

So, yes, the Iqaluit court date of 07 May still stands, but from what I hear I highly doubt that there will be an indictment filed on that date.  I do believe chances are high that there will at least one, if not two, requests for time.


I am working on another case.  It is taking a bit of time – will be committing myself to getting the information together so that it can be posted next week.


Spring is here.  I think time has come to tuck the winter boots away for another year. The birds are singing up a storm outside and busily building nests.  I love it!

And, of course, tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day 🙂

Enough for now,


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