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Oblate priest and former fugitive Father Eric Dejager has  a court date scheduled for this morning (01 March 2012) at 09:00 am in the Edmonton Alberta court house, court room # 265 “for a plea.”

I encourage those who can do so to attend.  Please keep the complainants in your prayers.  And please send a link or post a comment on the outcome.


I have set up a page for Father Daniel Miller, the priest from the Diocese of Pembroke who was charged yesterday.  I want to review what’s there, add a few more bits and pieces of information to the page, plus blog a few comments with a few other bits and pieces of info.  For now, however, I am calling it a day  – but not before commending in the strongest terms those who summoned the courage to speak up and go to police.  Good for you!  Each one of you.  My thoughts and prayers, and I know those of many others,  are with you all.

I encourage anyone with allegations against Father Miller to contact police.

Enough for now,


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21 Responses to Contact police

  1. Walter Holman says:

    “Please keep the complainants in your prayers.”

    Why? God didn’t do anything to help the complainants before. Why would God start helping them now?

  2. Mike says:

    Interesting point – rather thought provoking! Mike

  3. Sylvia says:

    Walter, I am no theologian. I don’t understand why God allows any child to be sexually abused. I don’t understand why God allows babies to be aborted before they see the light of day. I don’t understand why God allows a child to be orphaned, or a father to be killed by a drunk driver, or a man to commit adultery, or a mother to be smitten with cancer, or a teen to go on a killing rampage, or a priest to so sorely betray the trust of his flock and cruelly and cunningly rob a child of his/her innocence.

    I don’t understand why God allowed his Son to hang on the Cross and suffer, for our sins.

    I don’t understand why God allowed the Blessed Virgin Mary to watch her Son suffer and die a cruel death.

    I don’t understand the mind of God.

    I know that we are blessed with free will. I know that God could constantly intervene to keep us from hurting others,and to keep us from being hurt, and I know that if that were the case we would have no free will.

    I know that God hears and answers prayers. I know that God gives us strength to persevere through times of great personal suffering.

    I don’t understand the mind of God, but, I do trust Him to know what He is doing. I must and will pray for the complainants, and I hope and pray hope that others do likewise.

  4. JG says:

    Help me/us understand where you are coming from…If I missed it in a previous post, I apologize and would appreciate if you directed me/us to where ever you may have explained “your’ journey…
    What has happened to you in your life to make you so “abrasive”?…according to your last two posts..
    What is the worst thing “you” did to anyone in your life?…
    Why ?… and who are you angry at?…


    • Walter Holman says:


      If my previous comments appear abrasive to you, it’s because my comments challenge your beliefs and assumptions.

      Please don’t quote the bible to me; the bible is full of contradictions: the passage you quote under the post, “Can you believe it,” “Call no man your father on earth, for you have one Father, who is in heaven” can be contradicted by the fifth commandment: “Honour your father and your mother.”

      As for my explaining my “journey,” is that one of those feely/touchy/abstract conversations people indulge in to make themselves feel sad and happy at the same time? I would much rather share my questions and ideas as I have done on this blog.

      Furthermore, I’m not angry; I’m disgusted, disgusted by people who continue to remain practicing Catholics in the face of all the evidence that proves that the RCC is one of the most criminal and corrupt institutions in the world.

      • 1 abandoned sheep says:

        I get it now Walter. You are a FreeMason, or a member of the Loyal Orange Lodge, out trying to make bragging points.
        Why not join the intelegencia on the Aetheists site ?

      • JG says:

        Sorry, but I did not quote the Bible to you under the “Can you believe it?” post..??!! If you read anything I have said before, I am not one to call any man “Father” except my Father who passed away 09 July 2010…No priest gets such a compliment from me.

        The last time I was in a rectory and church was in 2002, when I was insulted by a now deceased “priest”…I have returned in various churches for too many funerals, out of respect for the living ,not to be “indoctrinated”…

        You are disgusted?…You have no idea who else is disgusted about this whole “stinking mess”…If you want to share, this is usually a question and answer in this medium…nobody needs to be “told” what to think or what to believe or not… Don’t be so arrogant!
        ….Feely/touchy/abstract..??? I was just looking for a person…and I have a feeling “it” is not there…
        Everybody has “questions”…obviously you have all the answers you need! Keep talking to yourself!
        If you pay attention, you may notice I “never” quote the Bible…which I have probably not opened in over 25 years!
        I just remember the lessons, the “spirit”, the “stories”…I Google whenever I come up with a situation which sounds “Bibly”…out of curiosity.
        If you are not angry, let’s settle for conceited?…and confused.
        So, why so abrasive and angry?


      • Larry Green says:

        Walter , your comments do not seem abrasive at all to me. In fact , to the contrary seem to me to be quite reasonable , insightful and thoughtful. Your disgust with my kind ( practicing catholic) is well founded even if not widely accepted. “ Touchy feely” cuddly tradition indeed is for so many of us the aspect of our “church lives” that impel us to shove our heads into places where even light won’t go.
        Your attitude along with your message is good and I think you should remain steadfast on your commitment to explicitly express the truth in public.
        Thanks Walter.

      • Deborah Kloos says:

        I came back to the Catholic faith. I believe that my relationship with God is bigger than anything that happened to me. I go to the church and pray there. I feel the Lord there. I love to sing in the choir, be involved as a Eucharistic minister and visit the sick. I am involved in the Bereavement group where we call and send cards to those who have lost loved ones and I sing at funerals too. I think what is important is the interaction with people that I serve in the ministries that I am involved in and I think that this is something beautiful. Serving the Lord is something that means a lot to me. I think that what brought me back to the church was the music ministry.

        I have had conflicts with the priests as a result of the abuse I experienced and I have been to 3 different Catholic churches already due to conflicts with priests, but I never gave up and I stood up for myself and came back to the church because it is my faith and being involved that means a lot to me. When I came back to the church and told them my story, they would not even let me serve the Eucharist even though I went to mass everyday for 6 years and was involved in the choir. They said I never would be allowed to give the Eucharist and finally this year they let me serve Communion to the Sick. This really tore my heart out because here I was a sincere person, who was hurt by the church and I did not even sue the church. They said I would never be allowed to serve the Eucharist. I was faithful and I was always there. It brought me to tears every time I thought about it. I said who are these people with this scandal on their hands to say who should give Eucharist in the church??? I was so angry and so depressed. I still don’t understand why they treated me like this. They did not understand that all I wanted to do was serve. They were trying to keep me from serving but I never gave up. I never stopped asking to be a Eucharistic Minister to the Sick for 6 years. I started visiting a person who is homebound and giving her Eucharist in the fall and it going very well. Now I am giving Eucharist to my coworker who got diagnosed with cancer. When I gave her the Eucharist she had tears saying she was so thankful to me for bringing her the Eucharist and I never would know how much it meant to her. These experiences I have had now have touched my life so much that for me, all those years of tears and feeling rejected and unaccepted by the Catholic church because they did not think I was suitable to serve the Eucharist were worth it. In the end after all these years, I feel happy that I did not give up and did not accept their rejections. I told them that as an RN I have nourished people with medication and medical care along with TLC for 21 years and also volunteered my time at the hospital feeding babies when I was waiting to adopt my son. As a teen, I volunteered every Saturday for 3 years feeding elderly patients on the chronic care ward. I said that being a Eucharistic minister to the sick was something I have done all my life and it was my vocation. The only difference was that being a Eucharistic minister to the Sick nourishes people spiritually with the Body of Christ. Being a nurse gives care to the whole person.
        Yes, the priest from the Catholic church not only abused me as a teen (a 63 y old priest with a confused 16 y old girl), but after hearing my story, in the midst of all this scandal, told me I was unfit to serve the Eucharist and never would be granted my request. This made me feel further isolated, rejected, hurt, depressed, and angry. Finally, 6 years later, the bishop granted me my request to serve the Eucharist to the Sick. I still don’t understand why they wanted to keep hurting me when I was a sincere, faithful person who never missed mass for 6 years ( including daily mass, funerals). They knew that their decision hurt me because I kept writing the Diocese letters and calling them for 6 years. I know that most people would have given up, but I did not give up. I know that most people would hate them but I don’t. I was angry and hurt but I forgive them for hurting me. I sent them a letter to thank them for finally granting me the blessing of serving Eucharist to the Sick.

        • 1 abandoned sheep says:

          Deborah, I know what it is like to have conflicts with some Priests. I even was in the right a few times.
          But, there was no peace of mind in that.
          Finally, through the Grace of GOD, I realized that going to Church, being in Church, receiving the Body of Christ, was not about ME. It is about how I relate to GOD !
          Then I learned that I best relate to GOD when I wish to ONLY do HIS WILL. I try to give up my pettiness, and enter into the bigger picture, which is GOD and HIS Creation in all matters.
          I am not so much able to relate to GOD through zeal, as through obedience.
          In GOD I trust, and in HIM only is my fullfilment !

        • Larry Green says:

          Deborah Kloos, you sound to me like a Christian in the deepest sense of the word. I think you are truly a very holy person and by your actions you inspire many others. Please include me in your prayers.

  5. Brian wolf says:

    I’m with you Walter. I don’t call any body father other than my own father and I can assure you , he’ll will freeze over befor I ever call a preist father . Pfffffff. What joke. I lmao.

  6. sam ruffle says:

    great job and well sad Walter. I so truly beleive and feel the same as you and to those practiceing preist that defend the guilty for wrong doing shame on you .

  7. edward says:

    to the abandoned sheep . What does it matter weather Walter is a free mason or loyal orange or not ??????????? Truth of the matter is …You do not like hearing the truth. Like i said before maybe you need to put an elastic band around your head and snap out of denial..

    • 1 abandoned sheep says:

      Why it matters to me, Edward, is something you will NEVER understand.
      I am a Roman Catholic for more than 76 years, and I have seen our Church attacked by Free Masons, Members of the Orage Lodge,and illiterates masquerading as aetheists, or agnostics many times. Until my last breath I will defend the Roman Catholic Church.
      And until my last breath, I will also try to help rid the Roman Catholic Church of the un_godly raiders have entered as homosexual or child abusers.
      This will not go down well with your kind, but it is my TRUTH!
      Do you stand for anything other than hating all things and people Catholic?
      Have the guts to admit what you are! Then we might think you are at least a man- or perhaps you are a woman trying to sound like a man.
      You are also illiterate.

  8. Sylvia says:

    Brian wolf, edward
    I have allowed you to have your say and take your shots. Any further comments along those lines will be banned. If you have something positive to contribute then feel free to do so.

  9. edward says:

    Ok you are right, and I thank you for having such a wondeful site for allowing me to vent and express my thought s and opinions. I assure you there be no more shots. I just pray that the catholic church can clean up the mess and trouble that its in.

  10. Bobbie Bees says:

    Sylvia, I saw your response to Mike above.
    Maybe you can explain to me just how it is that a military, that supposedly has a belief in god (seems as how it has it’s own church organization with military rank for chaplains and what not) can do what it can to actually foil justice.
    A kiddie diddling priest and sadistic babysitter and god just stands by while six other kids get swept under the rug?
    What type of god is this?
    32 years later and after having his childhood destroyed by the military he decides to go for justice, only the military is more concerned about trying to explain how they had an ‘in camera’ court martial to prosecute a priest that they legally couldn’t touch. So with the blessing of this god of yours they go about sweeping the whole affair under the rug again.
    How does this god of yours work Sylvia?
    I would really love to meet this god of your, i’d like to give it a slap across the face. And then I’d damn it to hell where it belongs.
    If there is in fact a hell.
    There can’t be as no one seems to fear it.

    This god of yours allegedly creates the entire universe in 6 days, floods the world when it decides that things aren’t going the way it wants, but it can’t keep a priest from having anal and oral sex with a 15 year old babysitter who would then force himself on to kids that were less than half his age.
    Yeah, I really would love to meet this god of yours. It would be a real hoot.

  11. Sylvia says:

    Bobbie, my answer to Walter is my answer to you.

    I do not know nor can I pretend to know the mind of God.

    I will add, please don’t blame God for the sins and/or failures of those in the military. And please don’t blame him for your sexual abuse.

    Also, Bobbie, the fact that people don’t believe in Hell doesn’t mean that Hell doesn’t exist, anymore than the fact that people don’t believe in God means God doesn’t exist.

    From the moment that God created you He loved you Bobbie. He still loves you. The love of God for each one of us is no guarantee that we will be spared suffering and pain in this earthly life. We are each subject to the free will of others, just as others are subject to our free will.

    Finally, this much I know…

    Whether at this moment in time you believe in God or not, God loves you Bobbie. And whether you believe that God loves you or not, God does love you. And even when you try to damn God to Hell, He still loves you.

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