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I have, as I mentioned elsewhere, added quite a bit of information to the Father Paul Abbass page.  I must say I now have many questions.

For example, according to this brief cv, Abbas served in Victoria, British Columbia after ordination.  My first question is why?  Was he originally ordained for the Diocese of Victoria?  If yes, why did he leave Victoria?  If no and he was in fact ordained for the Diocese of Antigonish, what in the name of goodness was he doing in Victoria, immediately after ordination?

Is there anyone out there in Victoria who can find out more?  He would have been there in 1979 and perhaps into the early 80s.

My next question is:  what took Father Abbass out of the Antigonish Diocese and off to the Toronto Archdiocese a few years later? and to work for the Catholic school board as a staff development officer?!

I have no idea when Father Abbass went to Toronto, or how long he was there.  I do know that the 1991 Catholic Church Directory lists him there, and that the cv referenced above makes mention of the fact that he worked for the Toronto Metropolitan   School Board as a staff development officer.

So, when did he leave the Antigonish Diocese for Toronto? and why?

And why did he leave Toronto?

In the 1992 CCCD Father Abbass is listed with the phone number for the University College of Cape Breton.  According to the cv, he served as chaplain at the College.

So, the went from working as a staff development officer for a Toronto school board to serving as Chaplain at a college in Cape Breton?

Strange.  There’s probably a good explanation somewhere, but, strange

Then at some point Father Abbass becomes involved with Talbot House.  Media reports say he has served as Executive Director at the centre for 17 years.  That would mean a start time of around 1994 or ’95.

However, according to the 06 March 2010 article in the Atlantic Catholic,  Community Helps Men Struggling With Addictions, he “has ministered as the executive director for the last 11 years.”  That would put the start time at around 1999.

Which is?  Perhaps it doesn’t matter, but, why the 4-5 year discrepancy?   Is it a case of error in reporting?  Is it possible he was working at or assisting at Talbot House for several years before he became Executive Director?  Is that perhaps it?

And then there’s the Talbot House charitable status.  Here’s a link to access links to the years 2000 to 2011.

I have glanced through.  I don’t really understand.  Can anyone explain?

According to the Cape Breton Post, Talbot House receives approximately $420,000 annually from the provincial Department of Community Services.

Here’s the info for 2011. The 2011 return shows nothing in revenue  from the provincial government, and nothing from the municipal government, and $425,815 as other revenue (generated by the board) .

The 2009 return shows $100,865 from the provincial government, nothing from the municipal government and other revenue (generated by the Board) as $328,379

The  2007 return shows $198,239 from the provincial government, and an equal amount from the municipal government, and other revenue as $224,138

The 2005 return also shows revenue from both the provincial and municipal governments ($186,428 and 195,428 respectively) and other revenue as $ 204,369

Is there a reason that some returns show revenue from the provincial and/or municipal government and some don’t? Would revenue from the Department of Community Services not be classified as revenue from the province? Could be categorized as “revenue generated by the board?

Could someone out there with knowledge in these matters enlighten me and others who don’t understand?

One final thing…

Eleven days after  Father Abbass was removed from Talbot House by members of the Board Bishop Dunn issued a press release.  In that press release the bishop announced that Father Angus MacDougall will act as Vicar General on an interim basis (replacing Father Abbass).

As I scanned the charitable status returns I couldn’t help but notice that Father Angus MacDougall is a former member of the Talbot House Board of Directors.  I’m sure that makes no difference to anything, but, an time of interest.

Enough for now,


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3 Responses to Questions

  1. Sylvia says:

    Note the last link above which shows Father Angus McDougall as a member of the Board of Directors for Talbot House in 2008. Is that David Dingwall on list of Directors THE David “I’m entitled to my entitlements” Dingwall? the former PC Liberal MP and Cabinet Minister?

  2. Walter Holman says:

    David Dingwall is the former Liberal MP and Cabinet Minister.

  3. Sylvia says:

    Thanks Walter. Right you are. That was slip on the keyboard on my part. I will correct above lest I offend either political party.

    or Mr. Dingwall!

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