Antigonish Vicar General placed on leave

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Father Paul Abbass, former spokesman and Vicar General of the scandal-plagued Diocese of Antigonish, Nova Scotia has been placed on a Leave of Absence from his diocesan and pastoral responsibilities after a complaint of some nature was filed with the Nova Scotia Department of Community Services.

Abbass, ordained in 1979, had recently relocated to Talbot House, an addictions  treatment centre for men in the Sydney area of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.  Abbass has served as Executive Director for the Talbot House for the past 17 years.  It is only recently that I was told he had stepped down from his position as spokesman for the Antigonish Diocese and moved to Talbot House in Frenchvale, Cape Breton. Despite the move he had retained his position as Vicar General for the Diocese

With the relocation to Talbot Hosue Father Abbass was  responsible for the parishes in Frenchvale, Christmas Island, Iona, Boisdale and Baddeck.

Pending the outcome of the investigation Bishop Dunn has relieved Abbas of all his duties at the parishes and as Vicar General of the diocese.

The complaint seem to relate to Abbass in his capacity Executive Director of Talbot House.

In 2009 Archbishop Anthony Mancini appointed Father Abbass to serve as spokesman for the Diocese of Antigonish in the wake of child pornography charges  against Bishop Raymond Lahey.  Abbas has also been in the news frequently addressing the sex abuse settlement, the financial status of the diocese, sale of Church properties and pending parish closures.

I have started a page for Father Paul Abbass.  I will add to it this evening.

I commend Bishop Dunn for publicly acknowledging that there is an investigation of some sort under way.  In due course I suppose we shall learn the nature of the complaint.

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