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He’s guilty!

Monsignor Robert Borne is a convicted child molester.

I’m just home.  More later, but, in truth, what else is there to say?  He’s guilty.

Enough for now,


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  1. apologyneeded says:

    Actually, he’s not a convicted child molester so why don’t you do you’re homework a bit better and get your facts straight. This is your second blog in a row that has blatant false information. You go to these court sessions for what reason Sylvia? To ensure that people who have been molested in the past can have even more of a reason to be angry for what has happened to them? Anyone can read about the trial in the local media, we don’t need false facts coming from some biased blogger who feels it necessary to blow things out of proportion and feed followers with her own idiotic points of view. If you truly want to help those who have been hurt, then you should focus on providing people with the truth, and let them know that there are people out there that are innocent even to a certain degree, as is the case with Msgr. Borne. You have spent the last several months making him out to be something that he is not, and upon learning the verdict today, you continue to do the same thing. Why don’t you spend some time blogging about the lies that have been told this entire time by the supposed ‘victims’? Why not Sylvia? Because that’s not what your readers want to read? If you had any sense of morality and reasoning you would apologize for what you have made this wonderful man appear to be in your disgustingly biased blogs. Instead of attacking him for the ALLEGATIONS against him maybe some research into the good he has brought to many people in the area over the years serving the Lord. I can personally guarantee that the scales would heavily favour those who he has reached out to and helped over those who may have been affected negatively. You should be ashamed of yourself for what you have been doing.
    Just for clarification for those who want the truth, Msgr. Borne was acquitted of 4 of the 5 charges laid against him, and was found guilty of the only charge that he admitted to in court, NOT CHILD MOLESTATION. OR SEXUAL ABUSE. A lapse of judgment caused this entire ordeal.

    • Inhisservice says:

      The Pembroke Observer and my sources tell me that the trial proceeded with two alleged victims – FOUR two apiece – indecent assault, gross indecency. My information is that the conviction was on the 1979 (Griffth) C2 – BOTH COUNTS.

      Your loyalty to Borne is admirable, but misguided. There are many more out there – more ‘lapses of judgment’, as it were.

    • Inhisservice says:

      I would challenge you to read Dan’s sharing on this blog. I believe every word, with good reason!

    • Sylvia says:

      Guilty to two of four charges charges apologyneeded. TWO. There were four charges against him, and he was acquitted of two. There was one charge of indecent assault and one of gross indecency from C1. There was one charge of indecent assault and gross indecency from C2. He was convicted on one charge pof indecent assault AND one charge of gross indecency. That’s a GUILTY verdict. On two charges.

      The boy was 16. You may call a 16-year-old a man. I don’t.

      Borne did NOT admit to the two charges. He admitted to groping the boy and having homosexual relationships with several men, and a sexual relationship with the boy’s older brother. Those were not the charges. Perhaps you think they could have been or should have been, but they were not.

      I didn’t hear him admitting that he performed oral sex on the boy, did you? To the contrary, he denied it.

      I didn’t hear him admitting that he French kissed the boy, did you? No, impossible. He denied that too.

      One, two, four – he’s guilty. He is a convicted child molester. The boy was 16.

      He’s guilty. G-U-I-L-T-Y.

      You want me to focus on the good he has done? Sorry, apologyneeded, I can think of no good that trumps the damage done by a priest who uses and abuses the young to satiate his own perversions, who so sorely betrays the trust of his flock, who brings scandal to the Church, who brings disrepute to his fellow priests, and who thumbs his nose at the God he professes to serve.

      He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

      You call this a lapse in judgement? For shame. How dare you minimize the damage done by this man in such trite fashion.

      I will pray for him. I will not for a moment excuse him. He is not fit to be a priest. I now pray that the authorities in the Pembroke Diocese are setting the wheels in motion to have Monsignor Robert Borne laicized/defrocked.

      • Inhisservice says:

        Bravo! This has been a longggggggg time in coming!

      • Lina says:

        Well said Sylvia!

        Borne guilty…GOOD!
        I am happy for his victims. For those victims that could not have their day in court for whatever reason hope they are feeling some relief.

        There may be more victims of Borne out there.

        Shame on Monsignor Borne for putting his elderly Mother through this. That goes for all the trouble he is putting his sister and brother through also.

        As for the homosexual/gay issue I wonder if those liaisons he had with other males…were they gay priests?
        I know it is not a crime ( between consenting adults) but it just the idea that some of these gay priests must have been really scared to be link to Borne and for their NAMES to become public.

        Is it possible Borne was also molested when he was young as an alter boy or as a teen? He would probably never tell or reveal the priest(s) name? This man Borne is in major denial on so many levels. Saying he is not gay. Why should he say it? It would mean he lied at his formation in the seminary. He would have to face the facts he lived a life full lies.

        I am not making excuses for Monsignor Robert Borne here. He needs to take responsiblities for his evil actions.

        • Disgusted says:

          How dare YOU bring borne’s family members into the discussion. You’re disgusting and the views related to this entire situation is unsettling seeing as how you find it necessary within your views to speak of his family. Why don’t you just keep to yourself? Why don’t we speak of the fact that the alleged victim had no intention of bringing forth the charges? Why don’t we open up a blog speaking of how the victim believes he initiated the contact and did not want borne to be charged? Why don’t we also talk about how he was approached on 3 SEPARATE occasions by police pursuading him to lay the charges? We shall see how he feels now when victim impact statements are released at the sentencing. Might raise a few of your “Christian” eyebrows.

          • Lina says:

            “Disgusted”…are you replying to my post or to another poster?

            No matter…..I had enough of you guys picking on and blaming everything on the victims. This keeping everything to yourself and keep clergy abuse crimes hidden for the sake of the image of the Church is pure manure.

            About mentioning Borne’s family. Put the responsibility where it belongs on Monsignor Robert Borne himself. The adult, the priest, the great pretender who happens to be a MONSIGNOR.

            It’s sad your image of Borne has been shaken. I’m thinking about all of Borne’s victims and their families and all they have been through and are still going through.

      • Apology needed says:

        Nice to see you can spell Sylvia because you sure as hell can’t report properly. Do him a favour and don’t bother praying for him. People who support him throughout all of this will take care of that business. Prayers from loud mouthed, uninformed people like you are not necessary. But go ahead and continue to wear your “Christian” hat and pass judgement on those you know nothing about.

  2. Orion says:

    As one who knows him is aware that he’s had a lot of lapses of judgments….now we’ll see just how fast the diocese can rid themselves of this disaster….and…anyone under 18 is a child…this guy has been a manipulator for years.

  3. Leona says:

    Inhisservice. Under what grounds would he immediately defrocked? Who sends the file to Rome? The reason that I ask is that Jack McCann, a convicted sex offender, continued to serve as a priest in the Ottawa Archdiocese up until last April, and was only removed when I contacted SNAP, and they went to the media. Who is really watching these convicted sex offenders?

    • Inhisservice says:

      Hi there!

      I am not aware of the McCann case you speak of. If he is a convicted sex offender he could not possibly be functioning as a priest, unless the Archbishop has lost his mind or this priest has flown below the radar and landed in the Archdiocese from outside, which I doubt. Is this McCann a convicted sex offender of recent times? If he is, the matter below that I write about would have come into play.

      No priest can function in a diocese without the requisite faculties given him by the bishop. Naturally, and particularly as a result of these disgusting crimes against the innocent, no bishop could have a priest functioning if he is a convicted sex offender, particularly because of newer legislation. Legislation was initiated by Pope John Paul II and further revised by Pope Benedict. These cases MUST be referred to the Holy See (the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) for further action. The Congregation will tell the bishop of the diocese how to proceed. Please note: the bishop will be TOLD. The bishop has no choice but to refer the file to Rome, as will be the case with this Borne matter, now that it has been adjudicated in criminal court. There could be a Canonical Trial to deal with the cleric concerned, but mostly the Holy See has been, by decree, laicisizing these convicted clerics. One suspects that the Borne matter might have a conclusion within six months – obviously the Congregation has a good number of these cases to deal with at present.

      It is my guess that he will be given the boot and rightly so. He will never function as a priest again for the rest of his life.

      Naturally, there is the matter of civil liability. Will the victim(s) seek civil action against Borne personally or the diocese? The victim (1979) in which the guilty verdicts were rendered is the most obvious person to seek damages. Does Borne have anything to go after? Is there clear evidence that will prove that the diocese had information about Borne’s antics and did nothing to stop him? We shall see, probably over the next few years.

  4. Sylvia says:

    Inhisservice, I repeat, slow down. Your constant posting make it impossible for others to try to follow other posts. I will have to restrict you if you can’t manage to do so yourself.

    That aside, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Father Jack McCann, convicted child molester, was functioning freely in the Archdiocese of Ottawa for years. Father Ed MacNeil omi, convicted child molester, was functioning freely as a priest for years. Ditto Father Michael J Walsh. All three were discovered in the past year. All three had faculties to function.

    As for canonical trials, the fact that the three molesters mentioned above were still functioning as priests speaks for itself.

    • Inhisservice says:

      Thanks for the spanking mom – I will try to behave.

      I do know what I am talking about – try to keep up ok?

      There is newer legislation from John Paul II, I believe 2001 is the date. I refer you to the document – short form SST!

      OBVIOUSLY if the convictions were prior to 2001, the legislation was NOT yet in force – get it?

      • Inhisservice says:

        Chew on this: from the Vatican website – further revised by Pope Benedict XVI

        On 30 April 2001, Pope John Paul II promulgated the motu proprio Sacramentorum sanctitatis tutela [SST], by which sexual abuse of a minor under 18 years of age committed by a cleric was included in the list of more grave crimes (delicta graviora) reserved to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF). Prescription for this delict was fixed at 10 years beginning at the completion of the 18th year of the victim. The norm of the motu proprio applied both to Latin and Eastern clerics, as well as for diocesan and religious clergy.

  5. Sylvia says:

    No more for today Inhisservice. That’s it.

  6. checkyourfacts says:

    Just for the record you know nothing about Msgr. Borne’s family and you have no right to talk about them in this blog. Msgr. Borne was not found guilty of being a child molester so get your facts straight. All those allegations were thrown out.

    • Sylvia says:

      If all the allegations were thrown out, what was he found guilty of? I think you have things a little muddled here. The conviction was on the two charges which stemmed from his sexual abuse of a 16-year-old boy. Those two charges stemmed from the time he French-kissed the boy and then performed oral sex on the boy in the rectory in Griffith.

  7. primafacie says:

    Well Sylvia; it is certainly good to hear the verdict in this matter. Let’s see what happens henceforth. “Inhisservice”, you seem to be pretty “angry”, even though Borne is guilty.
    Sylvia, you and I have often talked about what I going to address Mr. Selbie about. We know each others position don’t we….and yet, we are still very good friends.
    Mr. Ray Selbie, Esq., lawyer, preacher, lecturer, good Catholic or all of the above. You articulate a good argument (that’s the lawyer/preacher) and you appear to know the Catholic Church. In a November 25, 2011 post, at 5:03pm you addressed “TWLST”. In the post you wrote about homosexuality. You qualified your statements by saying you, “believe the scriptures against gay lifestyle are sufficient to tell me what God thinks.” You write, “I will side with the scriptures and the official position of the Church.” And, you briefly mention that based on your years at St. Augustine’s Seminary, you conclude homosexuality is the main cause.” In addition, you utilize the words “orientation” and “lifestyle”. Mr. Selbie, is there a possibility that sexuality is genetically predetermined?
    Many well-spoken academics would argue in 2011 that some people live a homosexual lifestyle or sexual orientation indefinitely or for a short time for various reasons. Other people may argue that homosexuality is genetically, predetermined. However, YOU have made it very clear, you believe in the Catholic Church and the scriptures as interpreted
    by the Catholic Church. My point is, many people believe otherwise. What about the priests, ministers, clergy in other religions who are homosexuals or who are living a homosexual lifestyle today? You see, you ask about the healing and reconciliation process and moving on to help the victims; but your input obviously will only be for the ears of Catholics who are willing to listen; you do not appear to be open-minded to hear the strong opinions of others. However, you have made it clear where you stand. I wish the many lawyers I have retained in years gone by had made their foundation beliefs
    so clear. I would highly recommend you to represent Catholics, but I would not retain your services. Do you only represent Catholics? By the way, I am male, 57 years old, married with two children and grandchildren. Politically, I am on the right, but not to the extreme right.

    • Ray Selbie says:

      Prima Facie
      As soon as there is scientific evidence provided that “gay and lesbian’ individuals can be said to be genetically different than what the scripture holds, I will listen to it. In the present time, there is absolutly no evidence of what society has been brainwashed to accept i.e. that there is a genetic or proveable disposition to homosexual or lesbian behaviour. As sure as I prefer to accept the scriptures on this matter, I accept the science. It is a matter of choice not predestination. SHOW ME THE PROOF!!
      Ray S

  8. primafacie says:

    Okay Sylvia—-no more for me either—bad boy!!

  9. Folks,

    This story is a tragedy on every level. Victims have been profoundly wounded. The Church in Pembroke has been deeply wounded. Yet it has all been necessary. The Church must take whatever steps needed to: a) rid itself of such predators and make restitution is so required, and b) ensure that no cover-up ever occurs again.

    I am deeply appreciative of Sylvia’s efforts this week. Her coverage has been truthful and complete (a fact attested to in a related comment thread here by another person who also attended the trial) and she has done yeoman’s duty in keeping this entire sad affair in perspective. For those who have stated otherwise, I can only recommend that you examine the coverage in sources like the Ottawa Citizen which corroborates every statement of fact that Sylvia has provided. It is people such as she who are acting as a needed disinfectant for the Church for by holding the Bishops ‘feet to the fire’ she is ensuring that the people we should be MOST concerned about (victims) are not ignored. She deserves our prayerful thanks… and she has mine.

    To throw in my two cents, I too think that Borne will be defrocked. It happened to the other priest convicted from our Diocese (Prince) and I cannot see how he could escape the same fate. Like it or not, Borne now stands as a convicted sex offender. He has no place among clergy. The same should be the fate of every other clergyman who shares the same criminal conviction. It blows my mind when I consider that there are still men pretending to stand ‘in persona Christi’ when they have been convicted of such a horrific abuse. It is a small miracle that there are still faithful in the pews given the feckless Bishops who have permitted convicted sex offenders to publicly celebrate the sacraments. We priests may be few in number, and we are all over worked… but help like that we do not need.

    Fr. Tim

  10. 1yellowknife says:

    Question for Inhisservice
    In whose service are you, exactly…

  11. 1yellowknife says:

    …. and have you spoken with your employer, lately…

  12. valleygirl says:

    To Robert Borne’s victimes: I just want to thank you for coming for coming forward and reporting the horror you suffered as children at the hands of Robert Borne, someone you, your parents, your teachers and the Pembroke community trusted and respected. I cannot begin to imagine the pain you live with or the ways this abuse has affected your life. THANK YOU for finding the courage to tell the authorities of the abuse you suffered. I know that it was not easy and I think you are so courageous.

  13. To the issue of whether or not Borne will be defrocked, I offer the following from the news release sent out by the Pembroke Diocese:

    “Bruce Pappin, spokesman for the diocese, confirmed Borne remains relieved of his duties within the church, which occurred when he was charged in 2009. The matter has been referred to the Vatican for further investigation.”

    There will most certainly be more punishments coming his way, most likely to be defrocked.

    Fr. Tim

    • Leona says:

      Fr. Tim,

      Thanks you for your informative post.
      Can a similar action be taken against Fr. Jack McCann O.M.I, and any other priest who has been convicted of sexual crimes against children? Even though the conviction happened in 1991, the crimes occured at a similar time to Borne. What would need to be done in order for that process to be started? Can you as a priest ask for that action to begin? I would certainly have a great deal more faith in the bystanders in the issue of clerical abuse if they began to take these types of actions.

      • Leona: Sorry, but I don’t know the answer to your question. Priests like McCann are religious order priests. They do not work under the authority of a Bishop and there are different procedures for them as compared to we diocesan (or secular) priests. If you’re open to a suggestion??? Write to the Papal Nuncio (the Vatican ambassador) in Ottawa with your question. I don’t think that a letter from a priest would have as much weight as one that came from someone directly involved in the case. That way you can be certain that the Vatican is made aware of the situation. It could be that McCann has slipped through the cracks because of his status as an Oblate. If you cannot find the address, I can probably find it in the clergy directory for you (I know there’s one underneath one of these paper mountains on my desk!). I’m sure Sylvia wouldn’t have any problem with me posting it here.

        Fr. Tim

  14. checkyourfacts says:

    Sylvia, if you were actually paying attention in court, you would know that the allegations…I repeat ALLEGATIONS of french kissing and oral sex were thrown out. If you are going to provide your “Followers” with the facts, make sure they are actual facts and not something that you have just made up so you can feed the hunger of a guilty verdict that these people are looking for. There are good people out there who have made mistakes in the past and the abused that are reading these posts need to know that these people also exist and not everyone is evil. I would be interested in looking into your past to see all the mistakes you have made in your life that you choose not to share with the people you claim to be helping on here. God help you when YOUR day of judgment comes Sylvia, although I’m not quite sure he will be there to help.

  15. Reality Checker says:

    Someone certainly has their feathers in a knot over Borne’s GUILTY verdict! The only thing I can I say by following these various posts is the characteristics of the person posting is – arrogant, vindictive, in denial, slimey, cruel, dirty etc. etc. etc. Sounds like the perpetrator himself. Must run in the family!!!

  16. healing says:

    I honestly think we have taken so much of this out of context. These blogs are to be for the victims to heal. The victims are courageous for coming forth and we wanted justice if justice was due. Well we got the guilty verdict we were hoping for. Knowing Robert Borne personally I would have never for the life of me thought he was guilty but his admissions in court proved me wrong.Now the time has come to move on. Let us let the victims and the Borne family heal. Our beliefs in homosexuality or hetrosexuality have absolutely nothing to do with any of this.
    Just pray for the victims, their families and anyone else that is affected by this tragedy.

  17. Sylvia says:

    Leona, Father Tim is right re McCann being a religious order priest. As an Oblate priest the person to go to would be his superior. I am not sure which “province” he belongs to now (there was a huge re-organization of the Oblates a few years ago). I will see what I can find out and get a name and address to you.

    It may well be worth your while to try via the Nuncio. Here is his address:

    Most Rev. Pedro Lopez Quintana
    724 Manor Ave.,
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1M 0E3
    Telephone number: 613-746-4914

    I think it is a great idea that you – and all victims – put pressure on for the laicization of convicted clerical molesters.

    If you send a letter or email to the Nuncio please consider sending me a copy so that we can all keep tabs on what is happening.

    To other victims whose molester has not been ‘defrocked’ please consider following Leona’s suit. There is a list of contact information for many of our Canadian Bishops here (access manually by clicking “RC Scandal,” then click “Canada,” then click “Canadian Bishops contact information.”

    • Leona says:

      Thanks Sylvia,

      I must say that it’s extremely frustrating to me that I would have to be the one to do the work and take action. As a non-practicing Catholic, I could just take the position that I don’t care. If Catholics want him in their midst have at it! Once again, if I had not taken some action to reveal his past, he would still be saying Mass, or distributing communion at Our Lady of Mount Carmel tomorrow and no one would be the wiser. From some of the comments I read on this blog, there are those that would prefer it was never revealed.
      I would like to see group action on this and every other case of convicted offenders serving in the Catholic church.
      Do other priests, bishops, and members of the congregation truly not care?
      If I do take action on my own it will only be because I am fuelled with a desire to make this world a safer place for all children.

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