Both landed at Mount Cashel

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Another busy day….

I have added a page for Christian Brother Brother Edward French.

French was convicted for sexually abusing boys at the Mount Cashel Orphanage.  However, note that French was teaching at St. Bonaventure College (St. Bon’s) in St. John’s before he  was at Mount Cashel.

St Bon’s, a private boy’s school in St. John’s, was run by the Christian Brothers.  Many of the ‘who’s who’ of Newfoundland were schooled at St. Bon’s, i.e., Archbishop Penney, former Premier Danny Williams.

I have been told that French was molesting at St. Bon’s.  After he was reported to the Principal French was sent away, exactly where he was sent and for how long is unknown.  However, French later returned to St. John’s – as  a teacher as Mount Cashel orphanage.

French, as most people know, was later charged and convicted for sexually abusing boys at Mount Cashel.

As I was looking into this I discovered that Brother Edward English, also a Christian Brother, had also been teaching at St. Bon’s.  I don’t know what happened there to cause English’s departure from St. Bon’s, but I do know that he, like French, later landed at Mount Cashel.

English was sentenced to 13 years for sexually abusing boys at Mount Cashel.

All being well I will be adding a page on Brother Edward English tomorrow.

I am amazed to find out these two Christian Brothers once taught at the prestigious all boy’s St. Bon’s.  I don’t recall ever hearing of their affiliation with St. Bon’s.  Did I miss it?  Was it common knowledge around St. John’s?  Can anyone out there in Newfoundland help me out?


[there were two Christian Brothers named Edward English.  I have discovered  that the Bros. Edward English at St. Bon’s is not the same Bros. Edward English who was at Mount Cashel. My apologies for this error.]


Speaking of Christian Brothers, Raymond Gareth Stanford was good friends with some of the Christian Brothers, particularly,  Brother Harold Thorne.

Thorne was another of the Christian Brotheres convicted for sex abuse of boys at Mount Cashel- he was sentenced to serve six years in prison.  That’s another page be done!

And yes, I am still working on the situation of Stanford working at the Newfoundland & Labrador Sports Centre in St. John’s, Newfoundland.  More to come on that.


I have added a page for Father Daniel J Mills.  It’s not quite finished but nearly there.

Note that Mills was acquitted in 1994.  As far as I can see he has not been functioning as a priest since his acquittal.  Does anyone know any different?  or, does anyone know why he would not have been functioning as a priest since 1994?  That just seems rather strange.  Perhaps he is in poor health?  Is that it?


I still, as you can see, have bits and pieces to fill in on all of the above pages.  I will get back at that later today.  I will also get a page started for Brother Edward English.


Examination for Discovery for Father Michael Fallona csb tomorrow, Wednesday 08 November 2011 in Toronto.  This is not open to the public, but, Brenda will be there – keep her in your thoughts and prayers.


The preliminary hearing of Father Philip Jacobs will continue tomorrow at the Victoria court house.  Keep the complainants in your prayers, and, please keep us posted with the small details which can be reported.

Sorry Gregory, but I edited some of your comments.   Don’t let that stop you from keeping us up-to-date.

I will try to find out tomorrow what exactly the publication ban covers.  Usually at a preliminary hearing it covers all evidence and testimony.  I don’t want to take the chance that publishing details of testimony is violating the publication ban.  Please keep us abreast of news regarding Jacobs – how he looks, and how he acts, and what he is wearing.  And tell us too how many people are there, and what the mood is in the courtroom.

Jacqueline, did you get there yesterday?  If yes, please share your thoughts and observations,

Enough for now,


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10 Responses to Both landed at Mount Cashel

  1. Sylvia says:

    Can anyone tell me if there was more than one Brother Edward English who was a Christian Brother in St. John’s? I am finding Edward English with different middle initials – sometimes that happens if someone has two or more middle names. I’m not sure if that is the case here. The Brother Edward English who was at St. Bon’s had a middle initial “A” (Brother E. A. English). I have just found articles which refer to Brother Edward English at Mount Cashel as Brother Edward Patrick English. Are they one and the same? I am hoping to come across something which clarifies this, but if someone out there knows for certain please let me know (email to

  2. Sylvia says:

    I found a birth date for the Mount Cashel Brother Edward English. It is NOT the same Brother Edward English who was at St. Bon’s. My apologies for this error.

  3. jon smith says:

    You should be sued!

  4. Sylvia says:

    jon smith, if you have fond memories of Brother Edward A English or anything you would like to tell us about him as one of the good Christian Brothers please pass it along to honour his memory and to remind us all that there were indeed good brothers

  5. JG says:

    Obviously you are being targeted by some church “rovers” once again…I don’t think they have a leg to stand on and even if they did, they wouldn’t get too far in a “butt kicking contest on one leg!!! ;)….You made an error, you apologized and there is not a reasonable, ordinary person without “ulterior” motives who could see a malicious intent in that post and the retraction within a few hours. There can only be one reason you have been getting the comments from”Mr. Smith” and “The Rightone” and that is to intimidate….
    Call me or E-mail for some information…

    Having said that, “this” situation is very interesting as far as I am concerned with my case and the answer I have received from Judge Michel Bastarache…In the supposedly confidential letter he mailed “somewhere” other than my home, he comments in french that the damages sustained by my Father were in essence of a “moral” nature and that any recourse before a Court of Law vanished with my Father’s passing…!!???
    That leaves me with two possibilities:
    1) that Judge Bastarache provided me with information he knew to be false since I found out I did have a recourse…was his intention or the “church’s” ” “reprehensible under the “Law” or maybe “the Law Society”… I have to think bout this one.. . … “with intent to…”

    2) possibility number two(in view of the latest veiled threats against you!) does it mean that it would be more serious before the law to err in a misplaced comment about a deceased person than to have abused children..???..
    If there is no recourse for the family of an abused child but there would be for a family or an “organization” for an error on identity…in situations where both are deceased !??No wonder this church mess smells more and more every day! The scale is rusted…

    Anyway, I am very interested in this one and it’s unexpected twist…Will keep a close watch, and just like you , one would hope that the “gorillas” involved in the “one liner warfare” would speak their mind and not wait for your back to be turned away…
    They are obviously not part of the solution…
    So we know what that makes them…!!

    Finally, maybe you could open a “legal defense trust account” and not have to face this type of bullying alone. I’ll make a first deposit in it and I’m sure I won’t be alone.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. jon smith says:

    Much in the same way as you believe that the church should be accountable, so should you be accountable!

  7. JG says:

    “Much in the same way…!!???”…an institution purporting to represent the Will and the Way to the All-Mighty….”representatives” of Christ , “ministers” of the faith, and on , and on….in a position of authority!…
    …versus “the peasant” taking sides with abused children, abused families, abused communities, an abused society for longer than we wish to remember or imagine! You are a one liner “vassal” hiding behind your anonymity ! You are as fake as your name probably is. I’ll repeat it clearly: If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem!!
    Being of “the church” it is probably a Freudian slip that you should speak of “accounting”….whereas my background leads me more towards the term “thievery” as in usurping the rights of individuals to all the Good life has to offer. “Theft” of our human dignity by the very people , the very “institution” mandated (seriously being revised!) to lead the rest of us. It is not of a “grave” sin, but a “mortal” sin to abuse children!!…
    Be accountable if you can, be ashamed especially and you can start to be generous with those who have been hurt by “the church” …otherwise it would become very obvious than you haven’t the slightest idea as to what you are defending within the church and why….
    As for your last post Mr.Smith, I give you a point for writing a “two liner”…
    Bravo and move on to honesty, humility, repentance, everything you can visualize in your Christian mirror.
    The truth be known, we are not that far apart, you, the church and the rest of us. We are hurt because of the betrayal and you (and “your”leadership)are hurt because of continued denial.
    “Faith” is what should bring us all together…
    If you wish to carry on this dialogue, tell me about your Faith in more than two lines and I will respond. Otherwise I bid you farewell, good bye, good luck .
    I’m turning this page on you for Good and for God.
    I think HE has a pretty good “accountant” and he is still conducting his audit of a
    “bad servant” siting in His chair…
    Speak your truth or be silent!


  8. Reality Checker says:

    I’d like to know from these self -proclaimed “legal analysists” on this site – what exactly are your grounds for suggesting Sylvia should be sued???

    She’s been offering a very valuable service to countless individuals who visit this site on a regular basis (for how many years now???) and you think Sylvia’s going to bend to intimidation, threats and bullying from someone who has their knickers in a knot over whether it’s this person or not???

    We’re proud of you Slyvia – keep up the good work – and when you receive that award next week know that there are people out there who support you, are inspired by you, awed by you and are there in heart and spirit!!!


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