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Tomorrow (01 April 2010)  the verdict will be rendered in the most recent Father Charles Picottrial.  I don’t have the time.  Place: Campbellton, New Brunswick Courthouse,  157 Water Street (City Center) Campbellton NB-2nd floor 

Keep Derek in your prayers.  And please, if the courthouse is within driving range and you have the time, try to get there to be there for Derek. ( I don’t know for sure if Derek and his wife were going to make the long trip to Campbellton for the verdict, but, I think if it was at all possible they will be there.)

As always, please give us news of the verdict, either by posting a comment or a link to media coverage.  


As I blogged yesterday, Don Grecco was found guilty of breach of bail.  He tried a ‘not guilty’ plea, but he was found guilty.  His sentence?  The 30 days served pre-sentence plus one day to run concurrent!

A lark really. 

But, what choice but to take the crumbs which fall under the table?  And at the end of the day it’s another guilty verdict for Grecco. A little “tut tut” and an ever so gentle tap on the back of the hand, but, …a guilty verdict.

A lark! 



Things are still chugging along to get all the Father Hod Marshall charges transferred to Windsor.  It sounds as though the Toronto charges are now taken care of.  The Sudbury charges are next.  Hod apparently has to sign a transfer of some sort – there’s a court date in Sudbury on either the 20th or 21st of April which will probably get that technicality taken care of.  By the next Windsor court date of 28 April 2011 all charges should be in Windsor.

Once again there is talk of a guilty plea in the offing.


A note of interest.  After his conviction child molester Father Barry Glendinning taught at Edmonton’s Newman Theological College.  He was there from at least 1976 to 1983.  He may well have been there in 1975?

Eric Dejaeger was at Newman Theological College from around the 1973 or 74 to perhaps 1977 as a seminarian.  I don’t have the years down pat, but he definitely was there for a good part of that time.

Were the pair there at the same time?  Did Glendinning perchance teach Dejaeger the novel Glendinning approach to liturgy?

Does anyone know if Glendinning was teaching when Dejaeger was there?



 I’ve added a page on Father John E. Sullivan.

Sullivan, a priest with the Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie, was charged in 1989 and, from the information I have on hand, went to trial in late 1990. 

I don’t know the verdict.  I tried calling the North Bay court house, but because of the age of the file, to no avail.   I was told I need a ‘conviction’ date and from there the file could be tracked.  And I was told that the place to get a conviction date is the police.

Not so.  I tried.  No luck.  I can’t prove who I am therefore no information would be given. Plus I honestly got the impression that whether I proved who I was or not I would not be getting any information regarding the outcome of Sullivan’s trial.

This is truly amazing.  It seems to me that a verdict is public information and in the public domain.   What difference therefore does it make who I am?  I wasn’t asking for top secrets.  All I was looking for was the verdict.  This I do not understand at all.

Anyway, that’s the way it is.  I will have to find some other way to find out what happened at the Sullivan trial.  The answer obviously would be that someone out there knows and can post the information or send it to me at cornwall@theinquiry.ca.  Barring that I will eventually get into a library and do a thorough search.

32 charges related to allegations of abuse of boys age 9 to 12 from 1958 to 1978. 

I really would like to know the verdict. 

I’d say by looking at Sullivan’s whereabouts since trial that he either entered a guilty plea or was found guilty.  There’s no sign of him in the directories in the early 90s, and then he’s in Quebec, and has been in Quebec ever since.

But, the charges could have been stayed?  Or there could have been an acquittal?

And the fact is that Sullivan did move around.  Even before the charges were laid Sullivan was on the move. 

In fact, note that Father Sullivan spent time serving in the Archdiocese of Toronto.  Why, I wonder, did he head out of the Soo and off to Toronto?  Was it related to the departure of Bishop Alexander Carter?  Was that it?  And, did he perhaps head off to Toronto to serve under Alexander’s brother, Cardinal Emmett Carter?

Or, were there other reasons?

Anther question:  How long was he serving in Toronto?

Note too that when he was arrested and charged Father Sullivan was at the Mary Lake Augustinian Monastery just outside of Toronto.

What was he doing there?   

There are lots of gaps.  Anyone with any information please pass it along.


I am currently putting together information for a page on Father Robert Morrissey.  I will have posted tomorrow.  Keep an eye on New to the Site (click on “New” on the menu at the top of the page)

Enough for now


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4 Responses to A lark!

  1. Lieve Halsberghe says:


    Father Eric was born in Roeselare, in Belgium. I was told he was active organizing things for the missions abroad and also that he taught catechism to young children. He left for Canada when he was 26, “a late calling”, they say, to study to be a priest, from 1973 to 1977. He knew the former bishop of Bruges, Roger Vangheluwe (Belgium’s most notorious pedophile priest, whose confessing to abusing his own nephew caused the scandal to burst in April 2010), very well and also frequented the house of the bishop’s nephews, one of whom was to be abused for so many years by the bishop. Former bishop Vangheluwe can be linked to a great number of pedophiles, older and younger.
    I am convinced that Dejaeger knew very well what he was doing when he left for Canada, to become a priest and be sent of to the “pedophile’s paradise” (same like in Alaska http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/the-pedophiles-paradise/Content?oid=1065017), where, like many of his Oblate brothers from all over the world, he abused the weakest of the weakest, helpless Inuit children.
    As far as I know, no victim of Dejaeger pre 1977 nor post 1995 has come forward, though I would not be surprised if anyone did.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Do you know if he took any university courses before he left for Canada Lieve?

    And what – or who? – inspired him to be an Oblate – in Canada? I don’t expect you to know that, but I would think he must have known at least one Oblate who was influential in that decision.

    It’s just all rather bizarre.

  3. Michel B. says:

    The leopard is spotted now and was spotted then, I agree with you Lieve I would not be surprised that some people Dejeager abused are quiet and that some may be while he was organizing missions, teaching young children and perhaps during his days in toe to becoming a frocked child molester. Now he did get 5 years for BL, I sure hope that given the high number of allegations and his escaping and hidding in 1995 he gets more than 5 years…if he is found guilty.

  4. Sylvia says:

    I too am heard pressed to believe that he just arrived in Canada and started molesting. I hope if there are victims in Belgium they will speak.

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