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I have added the Father Leonard Buckley page.  Anyone with further info please pass it along.


I have sorted out the Father Eric Dejaeger omi page.  The picture is perhaps too large?  but, perhaps also a constant reminder of the present situation?

And now, on to something else which has my stomach in absolute knots…

During the first round of charges in th late 80s Dejaeger was staying at the House of Growth in Milner Ridge Alberta. 

I had never heard of the House of Growth.  I set out to find what exactly it is.  Well, my dear goodness.  I am sick.

The House of Growth was more commonly known as  Homes for Growth or Maissons du Croissance.  It was co-founded by Sister  Jeanne Wilfort scs, a Sister of the Holy Cross and Father Raymond Beauregard omi, an Oblate priest.  Most online sources seem to give the credit totally to Wilfort.

The centre is described as a place of communal living, however, it went well beyond that.  Sister Wilfort it seems was a free lancer who offered therapy to those in need.  Wilfort was trained in “PRH” (Personality in Human Relationships) and over time came up with her own novel approaches to all that might ail the human being’s psyche or whatever.  Wilfort’s PRH specilaity was “Affectivity” which, according to one source is ” how to love and be loved, and to express oneself affectionately.”

According to a multitude of online materials, Sister Wilfort was also  busily – allegedly – sexually abusing nuns and other females. 

Here is a lengthy document which provides more than enough on the allegations and an idea of what Sister Wilfort was up to at Homes for Growth.

Sister Jane McDonald Court Texts

Homes for growth was supported by both the Holy Cross Sisters and the Oblates, that included financial support.

And this is where Dejaeger was holed up pending trial?!  And perhaps, by the look of things,  after his release from jail at the Lorrete Homes for Growth?

What the heck has been going on?  I am floored.  Totally floored.  Speechless.  I just don’t even know what to do with my thoughts on this one.


My supper is burning

Enough for now


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3 Responses to Sick!

  1. Lieve says:

    Sylvia, is that the same as Sisters of Our Lady of the Cross ? They have a chair at Saint Paul University in Ottawa, which was founded by the Oblates OMI.
    Birds of a feather flock together.
    Welcome to the heart of darkness.

  2. Sylvia says:

    No Lieve. The Sisters of Our Lady of the Cross is a different than sisters of the Holy Cross.

  3. Michel B. says:

    Sadly it’s all about ducks, ducks who when to duck school to learn how to be better ducks.
    I wonder if everyone he hurt along the way ever stood and surfaced if the trail would be the same as the one you are mapping out. I am also curious if any children or young adolescents have been hurt by Dejeager while he was in hiding in Europe

    quack quack quack

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