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Well, turns out Tim Flaherty is still working for the Federal Government, in Treasury Board.  Someone brought this to my attention.  Take a look:

 Tim Flaherty listed on Governmment of Canada website as Senior Director, Policy and Professional Practices, Treasury Board. in Ottawa, Ontario

I went hunting through some papers from Saint Paul University looking for other info re Flaherty – found one article which I shall scan.  Unfortunately it is in French but it can be run through the translator to get the essence of the article.

I still can not understand how Flaherty, a convicted child molester, was considered a suitable candidate for studies in ethics or bioethics.  Nor can I understand how the powers concluded that a convicted child molester was a fitting candidate for a bursary.  So, I was on the hunt trying to find anything which would shed light on that particular dimension of the Flaherty scandal. 

In the process of the hunt I  invariably came across some other bits of information unrelated to Flaherty which have an interest now which they did not hold many years ago.  I will scan what I need to scan and put the pieces together for posting this evening.  All very interesting!

Meanwhile, it is raining.  It has been raining a good part of the day. And, guess what?  Yes – the water is coursing its way into the basement again!  So, even as the heavy duty fan is blowing things dry from the last round,  the water is seeping in again!    Oh  my!  Such a nuisance. 

Enough for now


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2 Responses to Hunting

  1. prima facie says:

    ….and don’t forget, when Senators, other politicians, policymakers and legislators seek counsel, to assist in their decision making process, including passing legislation, people in “positions” such as Tim Flaherty’s, are ready and willing to provide so-called insight, expert information and perhaps even their own “research”, which ultimately influences decisions made by legislators, Justice and a variety of other, “powers that be”.
    So, imagine if a person in a position of “power” elects to bring “on board”, other similar thinking people to form committees, fact finding think tanks, etc., etc., setting social policy?
    What biases are involved? What prejudgements are involved? What social agendas may be influencing our legislators?
    This is why, so many people, seek positions of power and influence.

    So sometimes, we taxpayers may wonder how legislators can come up with the ideas, decisions they do.

  2. Suki says:

    Is Tim Flaherty still alive ?

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