USP bursary for convicted clerical molester

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Father William Hodgson Marshall csb had a Toronto court date this am.  If anyone has news of what transpired please pass on the word.


Well, Timothy (Tim) Flaherty did indeed pursue his Masters degree at Ottawa’s Saint Paul University.   

Flaherty received a bursary for the 1992-1993 academic year.  Here is the proof, from   Information Saint Paul University, Vol. 22, No. 3 [February 1993])

 Flaherty USP bursary Feb 1993

Remember now, in January 1992 Father Timothy Flaherty was sentenced to two years in jail   How could he possibly have been pursuing a Masters degree in the Fall of 1992?  Did St. Paul’s make arrangement to allow him to study while in jail?  or, was he out ‘on good behaviour’ by the Fall of 1992?  I don’t know, but somehow things worked in his favour – all the way around by the look of it!

That aside, what was St. Paul’s – a Pontifically Chartered University – doing awarding a bursary to a convicted clerical molester? Never mind why it was deemed apropos that a convicted clerical molester could be an ethicist, why were good dollars handed out to aid this predator with his studies?

Also of interest in the February 1993 edition of Information Saint Paul University is a a report that Jean-Marche Larouche, a member of USP Faculty of Theology,  was invited to give a 40 hour course on Bioethics at L’Institute catholique d’Afrique de l’ouest (ICAO) in Adidjan on the Ivory Coast.

As I noted on the Tim Flaherty page, Flaherty was a contributor to the 2001 publication  Ethical deliberation in multi-professional health care teams, a project of the Saint Paul University Centre for Techno-Ethics, edited by Hubert Doucet, Jean-Marc Larouche and Kenneth R. Melchin

Flaherty contributed to Part I “Implicit Ethics of Professionals in the Field of Pediatric Chronic Care.”  Larouche described Flaherty as his right hand man throughout the three-year-project: click here for further info.


Water coming into the basement :(.  Thankfully it’s not a major flood, but heavy rain on frozen ground a couple of days ago created a bit of problem and water has seeped in and oozed its way through the carpet.  We had people in yesterday working on it – more work today.  Nothing is lost – two serious basement floodings elsewhere many years ago taught me the hard lesson to keep things up and off the floor.  It paid off  :).

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3 Responses to USP bursary for convicted clerical molester

  1. Elizabeth Murphy says:

    It would be interesting to see a list of the faculty and staff of St. Paul’s, past and present, who are or have been in conflict with the law of Church or state in respect of sexual offences and an accompanying list of their fields of study to see if there is a preponderance of ‘liturgists’ among them. There seems to be a connection between turning the liturgy into a toy used for self justification and using other human beings for purposes of self gratification. St. Paul’s is a disgrace.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Amen Elizabeth. Amen!!!

  3. Nancy Doumani says:

    Tim Flaherty was a priest for my school and church when I was a teenager and young adult going to high school and completing University in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Before he was caught as a molester, I used to see him in the mall sometimes with his priest uniform on and sometimes without it on, but always in the presence of a young boy.
    I always found that strange seeing him without his priest garb on and with young boys. Sometimes we sense things without even realizing it. What a piece of garbage he is!

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