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Thanks to Lina we now have the Tim Flaherty page!

There are many unanswered questions.  I have not the slightest clue what this Jesus Focus is.  I think I have a vague idea, but how did Father Timothy Flaherty wind up there?  He most definitelty is no longer a Roman Catholic priest, so, did he seek laicization and then join up with this group?  I dont know.  I tried to get some answers on this and got nowhere.

Note that the offences transpired over a 20 year period.  If that account is accurate that means that Flaherty was molesting before and after he was ordained, and also while he was in seminary.  Not a comforting thought at all. 

Also, note that in January 1992 Flaherty was senteneced to two years in jail, and that in August 1993 he published “Nursing Ethics: The Transformation of an Ethical Field”  Research Services, Saint Paul University, Ottawa, Ontario.

How much time did he serve? 

Also, Flaherty eventually attained a PhD in Bioethics.  When did he pursue studies in Bioethics?  And where?  I get the impression that it may have been at Saint Paul University in Ottawa.  Was it?  Does anyone know?

No matter, is it just me or is it not a bit of stretch to call any convicted clerical molester an ethicist?

And, is it just me or does anyone else get a shiver seeing  that a convicted clerical molester was doing research on “Implicit Ethics of Professionals in the Field of Pediatric Chronic Care”? (and perhaps still is?)

I don’t know…

Working for Health Canada.  And then with the Audit Committee in the Office of the Comptroller General.

I know he has to work somewhere, but, as an ethicist? for government agencies?

Here’s another piece of info I wasn’t able to add to the page because, for whatever reason, the software will not allow me to add it.  Flaherty was a speaker at at Professional Development Week 28 November to 01 December 2006 (Ottawa Congress Centre).  I did make mention of that on the page, but, as you will see, this link gives a little more of an in-depth bio:

 Here’s the bio:

Tim Flaherty, PhD,
A/Director, Audit Committee Recruitment & Development Secretariat, Capacity Building & Community Development Sector, Office of the Comptroller General

Tim Flaherty is the A/Director, Audit Committee Recruitment and Development Secretariat, Office of the Comptroller General. The Secretariat’s focus is on the implementation of the federal government 2006 Policy on Internal Audit as it relates to the establishment of Departmental Audit Committees. The Secretariat is responsible for the development of competency profiles for Audit Committee members and the development of a merit based selection process to meet the needs of federal departments and agencies. In accordance with the Directive on Departmental Audit Committees, these external Audit Committee members will be required to provide deputy heads with independent, objective advice, guidance and assurance on the adequacy of departments’ risk management, control and accountability processes.

Prior to joining the Office of the Comptroller General, Tim Flaherty was Director of the Ethics and Governance Division at Health Canada and subsequently, Deputy Team Leader, Expenditure Management Review (Biotechnology) with Treasury Board Secretariat.

No mention of course of what Tim Flaherty did before all of that!

I don’t know where Tim Flaherty is working right now.  Is he still working around Treasury Board? or is he back with Health Canada?

I tried to reach Tim Flaherty by phone today.  I was able to get his new phone number, but, no answer.  I will try again, but because I was talking to others who know him I think he has probably been tipped off that I would be calling, but, I shall try 🙂  I have many questions. 

I was told that Tim Flaherty is doing “fantastic” work with AA.  And I was told that I should just leave him alone because he now has a doctorate and all of ‘that’ is in the past. I was accused of being on a witch hunt for asking questions and wondering what exactly he is doing now. 

If anyone has any more information please either blog or send me an email at

Enough for now


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6 Responses to Many questions

  1. Lina says:

    I’m sorry my questions about Flaherty is causing you some problems Sylvia.

    Awhile back, at this site under the heading of ACCUSED: Monsignor Robert Borne, I was speaking about this person who had a loved one who was a deacon. I found out the place he was at, was Thunder Bay ON & the Bishop there was Bishop O’Mara. It was this Bishop that asked this deacon to look into this Father X, I found out the name of that priest…it was a Fr. Tim Flaherty. The deacon did find out some information that pretty well told the sad story that Fr. Flaherty was a molester. Bishop O’Mara told this deacon it was not his concern & he was taking care of the situation & the deacon was to FORGET about it.

    I believe this person who told me about Flaherty just doesn’t want to talk to me about that situation any more because their loved one is still part of the Catholic Church ministry in some way. This same person told me also when Monsignor Robert Borne (Diocese of Pembroke ON) was arrested their loved one in the Church was not surprised about Borne & said there are more of them. Whatever he meant by that statement your guess is as good as mine.

    What puts a sick pit in my stomach is what I found out proves to ME they are many Catholic priests, nuns, monsignors, deacons, etc.. know there are cover ups but will not step forward to help the victims & even their loved ones! They rather go on pretending it did not happened. The victims are the ones that are left out in the cold.

    It’s a shame…a bloody shame!


    • Brunelle Brenda says:

      Lina, not only is it a bloody shame, but criminal.

      I am disgusted to read comments from priests, or read comments from people that talked to priest around the topic of abuse…. but they remain silent, or blog in secrecy so as to not be identified.

      My God priest, if you truly want to separate your pure intentions from those brother priests with evil intentions then stand-up and be heard. Identify yourself and speak up in the name of our Faith, in honour of our spirituality, more specifically to protect unsuspecting children from these predators.

      If I ever become aware of anyone bringing harm to a child, priest or any other citizen, I could not remain silent and sleep at night.

      remaining silent is being true to who? Cowards and guilt is often associated with silent whispers.

      Brenda Brunelle

  2. prima facie says:

    Hi Sylvia: Regarding the blogs above, I have a couple of brief comments: In the blog “Many Questions”, what were the exact words conveyed to you about “leaving Father Flaherty” alone? The “exact words”? And do you know who conveyed the message to you…..who? Tell me Sylvia; did you feel threatened at all?
    I assume you must have been speaking to someone of “some” prominence, but to tell you to “leave Father Flaherty alone”….I mean really.

    Also, I will be as brief as possible. Usually any comment about “AA” illicits a million unsolicited interpretations or defences from every “AA” expert/member…..relax!! relax members!… (relax member’s, breath in, breath out—imagine yourself completely relaxed….read on)…. Now Sylvia, you mentioned something about “Fantastic” work with “AA” (“Alcoholics Anomymous”). FYI: There is a media access link for “GSO” (“General Service Office”-“Alcoholics Anonymous”) and contacts numbers for “Alcoholics Anomymous”, “World Services, Inc.”). If you access them on the “web” or call them, you might want to ask them if it is the practice of “Alcoholics Anonymous” or the position of “AA” to have their doors “open to all”, and IF, as soon as ANY person enters the “doors of “AA””,….does it mean that the person is exhonerated from all previous “allegations or otherwise”, including, acts committed or acts of ommission relating to criminal acts and other, whether convicted or not in a court of law. Ask them if besides “working the steps” while in “AA”, should or shouldn’t a person be held responsible and accountable to society for their actions that are alleged to have contravened the laws of the land.
    For example: If a person has committed criminal offences, they can attend “AA” voluntarily or through court order, and also “get active” in the “politics” of “AA”; however, at the same time, the person must still answer “in the courts” for criminal behaviours/charges. (responsibility, accountability, consequences).

    Don’t forget, “AA” members advise Insurance Companies, Law Firms, Justice, Social Policymakers, etc., etc., on setting standards, protocol, etc., on interacting with “Alcoholics” and other. “ALL walks of life” can be found in the “membership” of “Alcoholic Anonymous”….believe me “every walk of life”….every character, every profession, laymen and professionals are members of “AA”

    Based on my experiences, associations and discoveries, I believe all too often, many people look at “AA” as a “hiding place” and unfortunately “the system” often and wrongly looks at this as….”the person is going to “AA”, so we will wipe the slate clean.” I don’t agree.
    All too often, I have seen “AA” exploited!!! I have seen “members” exploited and I have seen politicians start their political lives (premeditated) using the springboard of “AA”. I have seen prominent citizens enhance their personal riches (premeditated) using the springboard of “AA”…..and I have seen “criminals” exploit “AA”.
    I believe I have seen the very greatness of “AA” seriously exploited and abused.

    As a member of “AA”, I was encouraged to “Accept The Things I Cannot Change”…..and basically, “Let Go and Let God”….so-to-speak.
    I have been told, that if I was “working the program correctly”, I would not have these concerns. Of course, I disagree.

    On June 21, 1986, I joined “AA” in Coral Springs, Florida, while in a residential treatment program designed for Alcoholics and other drug addicts. In 2000, I stopped attending “AA” on a regular basis. I have been sober since June 21, 1986.

    James P. Bateman
    a.k.a. “Prima Facie”

  3. Sylvia says:

    James/prima facia

    I will get back to you tomorrow with exact words – must go through my notes.

    As for who conveyed the message, at this time and for a variety of reasons I prefer not to reveal the identity of the individual. At this point there is no need – should the need arise, I will gladly do so.

    As for feeling threatened – I wouldn’t at all say that I felt threatened, but I did indeed have the LAWSUIT word tossed at me. So, perhaps threatened in the sense of implication of possible legal action? Yes, that sort of a veiled threat was there. Very veiled, but the L word was thrown my way 🙂 It doesn’t scare me. It annoys me!

    Congratulations on 25 years of sobriety! Well done. That’s a lot of years and something to be proud of. You are a reminder to those out there who are struggling that it can be done!

    And thank you for shedding some light on those who exploit AA and/or its members. I suppose it doesn’t surprise me, but, disappointing nonetheless. As with all things, caution should be the order of the day for those involved with AA.

  4. prima facie says:

    Right on…..BB,…”The Force is with You”

  5. Brunelle Brenda says:

    I have looked through, I believe all links that are associated with Tim F. But for some odd reason, there are no pictures of this ex priest.

    Can someone help me, was his photograph ever taken during his court days? I am just curious to see if he carries any resemblance to someone else I know.

    Call it a shot in the dark!

    thank you


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