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Father Eric Dejaeger’s next court date is 08 February 2011 (1:30 pm, Iqaluit courthouse, Nunavut).   I have no idea what happened at yesterday’s hearing and see nothing in the news.  Strange.  I will try to  get more information today. 


Fors those who haven’t checked New to the Site, I posted two more pages yesterday:

Father John Corrigan

Father Anthony Patrick Bennett

I had actually been doing the list alphabetically, but when I realized that Bennett molested at Corrigan’s residence I decided I should follow along with Corrigan.

Note, by the way, that both of these priests were described as “homosexual.”  Contrary to the sentiments of many, homosexual clergy DO molest young boys.

That aside, note Judge Seabright’s words when sentencing Father Corrigan:

Gross indecency and sexual assault are probably the worst crimes against children that can be committed.  They take the innocent and cause damage that … may never  be fully discovered

That was 1988!  He knew.  Judge Seabright knew back in 1988 what so many – Church officials included – claim they did not know.

On the other hand, note Judge Riche’s comments at the 1989 sentencing of Father Bennett:

Bennett was dressed casually at the time and was not wearing his clerical attire …Mr. Bennett is not a pedophile, he is a homosexual.  It is not unlawful to be a homosexual.  

Was Bennett any less a priest because he was NOT in his clerical attire? And, while it may not have been unlawful to be a homosexual, homosexual or not what Bennett did to that boy was obviously unlawful. What prompted Riche to come out with that?  “Mr. Bennett is not a pedophile, he is a homosexual.”  What’s the point here?

A final comment on this.  Why do judges insist on incorrectly referring to these priests as “Mr.”  Their correct title is “Father.”  If judges can’t deal with that, then at least go with “Reverend.” 

All that aside, the question on my mind now is the following:  What the heck was going on at Father Corrigan’s residence?  How pray do tell did it come to pass that Father Bennett was at Father Corrigan’s place molesting a young lad?

Enough for now,


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