Something’s amiss

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So something HAS been happening in New Brunswick after all.  This is the Google translation of a French article which appeared on the CBC Radio-Canada website: 

06 December 2010:  Other priests shamed

As always it is not the best translation, but suffice to give us an idea of what’s happening.

A group of victims – Citizens for New Brunswick (if that’s the correct translation) – is  pressing the Bathurst diocese to release the names of their molesters.  I am assuming that this relates to the Bathurst Diocese/Bastrache ‘compensation’ process.  Some time back we learned through former Supreme Court Justice Michel Bastarache that a number of clergy were identifed as molesters: Bastarache would not release their names.

Whatever the reason, way to go Conrad Brideau and all those who are lobbying the diocese to do the right thing.

Brideau released the names of two clerical molesters:  Fathers Abel Laviolette and Gerard Gautreau.   I was able to put together a little information on Father Gerard Gautreau.  I am unable however to sort out who Father Abel Laviolette is. I think perhaps he has another given name and is listed under that?  Can anyone help me on this?  I need an idea of what years and where he served in the Bathurst Diocese. Please either post the information here or contact me privately via the following email address:

Nothing on this in the English language media. Not a boo.  Perhaps tomorrow?

And still not a boo on the diocese/Bastarache compensation package.  Something is surely amiss there.  The courts rolled over and sealed the files.  Then the courts rolled over again and gave the Bathurst Diocese the judicial nod to raid the the seminarian Trust Fund to compensate the victims.  All seemed to be going according to Hoyle.  But, the 01 December  2010  deadline for victims opting into the process is now well past and still not one single public word hailing the culmination of what was supposedly a ground-breaking process. 

 What’s going on?  Whatever it is the diocese has decided to stay mum.  So has Bastarache.  And whatever it is, it can’t be good.  If there were cause for rejoicing and back patting we’d surely have heard something by now.

Strangely enough, the media has gone mum on this too.  Why?

 Something’s amiss.   

I pray that the victims are holding strong. Meanwhile all those victims who are pressing the diocese to do the right thing and release the names of ALL known clerical molesters, keep the pressure on and keep up the good fight:  it’s a battle which shouldn’t need to be fought, but given the lack of diocesan transparency it’s a battle which must be fought. 

Enough for now,


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4 Responses to Something’s amiss

  1. raymond fougere says:

    *bonjour ,  je veus juswte vour dire que je suie victime du pere camille leger. je suie catholic, depuie cette evenment du pere camille leger,chutait pu la meme personne. je ne suie pu travailler ma toujour afecter. jai jamais die a personne mon histoire de ce jour envert bcamille leger. javaie vinght troie ans quant ca cest ariver. javaie eter voir le prete pour de laide. loese quille ces vanjer sur moi. moi jetait jeinner. et jai jamaie dit a personne, mais ca ma toultemp  inquietter.jai pas eter a leglise depuie, et jai demander au bon dieu pourquoie ca ses ariver .je restait au petit cap ces anner la. et jai un garcon au petit cap que jai jamaie vu depuis  ca ces passer ce drama.  ca boulvercer ma vie et je ne suie pu pareille depuie. je les pardonner de ce pecher enver moi. je demande juste une somme pour majuster et matrapper au temps perdu acose du pere camille leger . […].

  2. Michel Bertrand says:

    Raymond prend courage et continue a suivre les événements qui déroule en fonction des charges contre Leger. Essai de te connecter avec Rob Talach 1-866-674-4994 et il pourras  the donner un support légal dans tes démarches. J’comprend que c’est ben dur de reprendre le top après un événement comme celui que tu a vécu ..tu n’est pas seul et ils est important que ta veriter soient connue..J’t’envoie des bonnes pensé et j’espère que tu trouve une paix d’esprit dans ton coeur quand tu va reconnaître que tu n’est pas a te blamer pour ce crime. Hang in there you are not alone.

  3. Sylvia says:

    Raymond, I removed you phone number and address and did so only for your protection.  It’s usually not a good idea to put private phone numbers out in the public domain.  

    I will phone you today.

  4. raymond fougere says:

    well, i received some money from this ordeal. the only thing it did i cause me headacre. two years after the money is gone, and im on scocial assistant,now got a call that they are cuting of my check, so im a disable person, will have to move in the wood,to survive till my pention in 2017,i get nineteen dollars a mount on my canada pention, so now im being punish for accepting money from this ordeal, it never end.the way the social servise see it im the culprit and the priest the victim, theres no justice, my coment for today `15 july 2015.

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