They`re not all financially bereft

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As I said earlier, no surprise really.  Bishop Vienneau/the Bathurst Diocese – and, I suppose Justice Bastarache? –  can legally rob the seminarian Trust Fund to compensate victims of clerical sex abuse:

30 November 2010: Diocese can use funds to compensate victims

29 November 2010:  N.B. court opens church funds to abuse victims

I have said before that the monies should first come from the guilty, i.e.,  the clerical sexual predators and those who tolerated, lied for and/or covered-up  for the these criminals. For those who think all clergy are bereft of funds, look at this:

27 October 2009:  “Holy Rollers, high rollers“(re probated estates of clergy) and “Six degress of separation“(re external links on Antigonish Diocese website October 2009)

How much money, for example,  does Father Charles Picot have nestled away?  What of Father Noel ? What of all the other as yet unidentified molesters known only to former Justice Bastarache, Bishop Vienneau and a select few lawyers and Bathurst Diocese officials? How much of a nest egg have they squirreled away?

Why should they not be held financially accountable? Why is it the faithful and trusting Roman Catholic who must pay for the sins of the fathers?

Another question:   Have these priests willed their insurance policies in such fashion as to serve as compensation for their victims ?  If not, why not ?  Should they not be legally bound to do so ? I don`t know how it could be done, but I am sure there must be a way.  Then, for example, when the day comes on which they must leave to meet their Maker their estate funds can go directly into the Trust Fund.

Anyway, those are my thoughts.  I am tired of those  who are responsible for these abhorrent crimes and deplorable sins twiddling their collective  thumbs while Peter is robbed to pay Paul.  I for one would not dream of leaving a bequest to the Church – not in this day and age when I now have cause to suspect that my intent for its use would be negated by a secular judge;  hence  it could be legally misused to mop up the damage done by molesters, molesters whose crimes continue to be covered-up and presence in the dioceses continues to be tolerated – molesters and their tolerant colleagues who rarely pay a penny out of their own pockets

Enough for now,


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