A Win/Win for the diocese

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Strange things going on with my computer 🙁   It took me forever to post the breaking news from New Brunswick:

29 November 2010:  N.B. court opens church funds to abuse victims

Thanks for the heads up on that Lina!

So, the judge ruled in favour of the diocese, again.  No surprise really is it?  A  Win/Win for the Bathurst Diocese: (1)  the files are sealed – aside Fathers Picot and Noel , we don’t and may never know the names of the priests who have been identified as molesters, and ,  we don’t, and may never, know how much the diocese paid Bastarche to ‘broker’ the settlement, and (2) the diocese can now boast it was given legal permission to rob Peter to pay Paul.  That’s legal permission to raid $3M from funds bequeathed to the diocese for the sole intent of financing the seminary training of future priests.

I just plain have trouble with it all.  As I’ve said before, I don’t begrudge the victims the monies, but I do begrudge the monies being taken from that Trust Fund.   

We should be hearing more on all of this within the next few days.  The extension allowing victims wishing to opt into the diocese/Bastarache settlement is up tomorrow.


Shades of Dejaeger!

28 November 2010:  Canadian arrest warrant for Fr. Godwin Scerri remains valid 

How did this man manage to get out of the country 17 years ago?  Why no effort to get him back here?  Why no extradition order?

I want to look at this a lot more closely. There are many many questions.

Enough for now


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