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I nearly have the Basilian chart finished 🙂  I posted it, but will be back at it today checking for accuracy. I will also  try to change the layout so that the lines don’t jumble when I post them.  It’s the strangest thing – all is well until I post and then the lines are all over the place.  It has something to do with having it laid out in table format – it doesn’t take too kindly to Wordress, at least not for me!

Anyway, here it is at it stands to date:. 

Basilian Chart– showing dates and known whereabouts of the following four known or alleged Basilian molesters: Fathers Williaim Hodgson Marshall,Robert Whyte, Leo Campbell and Kenneth O’Keefe

 I will be also be adding  the names of the bishops who served in the various dioceses where these four Basilians served.

If anyone has anything which should be added or sees an error please let me know at


Not a word on the outcome of the afternoon court session in Bathurst.  Is it running into today?  Is that what happened?  I can’t find a thing in the news, and no one from that area has posted a comment to bring us up-to-date.   I am anxious to see the morning papers.

We know that the Bathurst  bishop/diocese won the round for secrecy and cover-up in the morning session (what else can I call it – it’s certainly not transparency, is it?)  What will happen to the seminarians’ Trust?  Will Justice Ferguson give the compassionate nod to that too? Has he already done so?   I fear that may be the case.  Rest assured if that’s the way it goes a lot of Catholics will decide to forgo designated donations and bequests.  I must say I await the news with a degree of  trepidation.

Enough for now,


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