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I have just received an unconfirmed report that clerical molester Father Dale Crampton died this morning.  The word I received is that he fell from the balcony of his apartment located on the top floor of a high rise.  At least one person described the death as suicide.

Has anyone any further news?



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75 Responses to Dead?

  1. Sylvia says:

    I now have confirmation of Father Crampton’s death.

  2. Larry says:

    Is he a convicted molester?

  3. prima facie says:

    Click on the highlighted Dale Crampton in Sylvia’s blog above.

  4. Sylvia says:

    Yes Larry, he was a convicted molester. As prima facie says, click Dale Crampton in red text on my blog above – that will take you to a page of information regarding Father Crampton.

    Crampton was currently under investigation – allegtions of historial sexual abuse.

    I hear from another reliable source that Father Crampton took his own life.

    I have also been told that Father Crampton left detailed instructions to his lawyer: no wake, no funeral, no Mass and at no time is the Bishop of Ottawa to be involved in any way.

    With respect for all his victims I must say I find all this very unsettling. That a priest should bring his life to an end in such manner, and should adamantly refuse a Catholic burial and Mass, is disturbing.

    May God have mercy on this tortured soul. I wish the torments of Hell on no one.

    I pray for Father’s many victims – this will be distrubing news for them too. Rest assured it is not your fault.

  5. Larry says:

    I aggree with you Sylvia.

  6. Larry says:

    Such a terrible tragic life and death of one human being.God knows him and He does love the man.Thank God for loving us all “just as we are.” He dosn’t say to anyone ” change and I will love you.”

  7. Michel Bertrand says:

    hope he is forgiven in his afterlife, a prayer even for him as we would for the very sick

  8. Larry says:

    To know Jesus is to know that we are all forgiven.Forgiveness is the essence of God.

  9. Patrick says:

    hell is too good for him

  10. Larry says:

    I hear ya Patrick!

  11. Lina says:

    When I first heard the news about Father D. Crampton’s death. I told myself not too many tears are going to be shed for this priest.

    Only God can love a molester. Then I should let God deal with him.

    Furthermore, I ask God to help me deal with my own anger, forgive all my transgressions, indeed help me on this earthly journey because I for one do not want to die with hatred or a grudge in my heart.

    To strive for a pure & a contrite heart.

    I tell God everything, no need to pretend, God knows all.

  12. Larry says:

    God loves you as you are Lina. Not one of us will ever be perfect but thats a good thing. The saints have no need of Jesus. He came for the sake of those of whom’s hearts are not pure.He dwells within the darkest and ugliest part of our being.Thats the reason we should not be afraid to look at our own shadows. If we choose to deny our own inner poverty we are also rejecting a personal and intimate comunion with Christ.

  13. Patrick says:

    forgiveness is an easy thing to say. this man has left scars that don’t heal, memories that time does not erase, and an emptiness that nothing can fill.

  14. Larry says:

    I know very well what you mean Patrick. I’m not pretending to be one who forgives easily, I,m only saying I’m gratefull for the fact that God can and does forgive those that I can’t yet. I dont think forgiveness is easy at all.

  15. Tony says:

    I was e-mailed yesterday by a freind in Ottawa regrding Dale Crampton…I knew about Crampton through some of my St. Pius X high school freinds and it stirred up some ghosts for me. I was one of the Ken Keeler’s victims and testified during his trial all those years ago. I remember being elated when he promplyly peaded guilty on day 3 but that didn’t last long because we all felt that there was more to say and his supporters were saying he pleaded guilty do save the face of the church. He pleaded guilty because he was guilty. I thought this went away for me years ago but Crampton’s suicide brought it all back…how would I feel if it was Keeler? The Cathloic in me would probably feel guilt even hough it was not my fault. I pray for Crampton’s victims as I can’t imagine what the they are going through and I even pray for crampton’s soul and for the hope that Keeler never gets to that critical point. The saddest part of all through all of the stuff we went through with Keeler and his entourage is that when he was convicted, the chrch prayed publically for him but never mentioned us and to this day…almost 20 years later, not a single word.

    Before the case became a case, the curch was given ample opportunity to help Keeler (and can imagine they could have helped Crampton) and to keep this quiet as nobody wanted to go to court…they were supposed to be the bearers of truth but continued to make their own assumptions and disregard the many testimonials that they were given and they archbishop even went public stating that he appolgized to the victims…a total misrepresentation of the truth…20 years later, I’m stil aiting, or even hoping.

    Sylvia, I remmber you from the Keeler hearings and the last couple of days it has become more vivid than than I care for it to be.

  16. Larry says:

    Tony I feel so much empathy for what you have gone thrugh.The inaction ( Typical of the catholic church)toward you and especially after all these years Tony , just sickens me beyond words.This is the type of disgusting conduct that drains me of any faith I have in the church at all.I makes me so …… angry.

  17. Larry says:

    I blame the F… catholic church more than the disgusting molesters. And rightly so. They are far worse.

  18. Larry says:

    The so called holy leaders are nothing but a bunch molester pushing dictators.

  19. Tony says:

    Don’t let them steal your faith Larry, the mesage is still great bt the messangers need some work…

  20. Larry says:

    The “holy leaders” get all thier power from the “holy rollers”

  21. Sylvia says:

    Tony Tony. I have thought about you so often over the past years. I have wondered about all of you. I wonder about your brother. I think so often of your poor dear father – the memory of him in tears outside the Ottawa courthouse is forever etched in my mind.

    The trial of Father Ken Keeler was my first exposure to the horror of clerical sexual abuse. It had a profound impact on me. Your testimony and that of the other Keeler victims was for me a first step of many in comprehending the horror of abuse and the profound impact it has on victims. I also learned the despicable manner in which you and the others were dealt with by the Bishop, the diocese and even parishioners.

    As strange as it may sound Tony, I thank you, your brother and the other victim/witness and in a special way for coming forward and therby allowing me to see and hear what I obviously needed to see and hear.

  22. Larry says:

    One huge sickening disgusting lot.

  23. Patrick says:

    wish I had God or something. thought I’d be happy for this day, but I just feel nothingness

  24. John says:

    Patrick…….I completely understand where you are at. I too have been struggling with this news of Cramptons’ suicide. At first upon hearing of the suicide I had to pinch myself to feel anything. Upon further reflection, I tried to understand what would drive someone to such despair as to make that lean out on the balcony. I must say that suicidal thoughts have crossed my mind over the years, but whatever or whomever intervened, those thoughts were not acted on. I understand your struggle with a God, for what kind of a God allows this to happen to innocent children (before anyone starts on that comment….I have heard it all). I just want you to know Patrick……..YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

    Take care,
    John Mac Donald

  25. Tony says:

    Thanks Sylvia,

    I went back in your archives and read some of your writings regarding Keeler and they were extremely accurate and articulate. I live in BC now and have lots of contact with one of the other victims. My brother lives in Italy And I have only seen him once since he left all those years ago. He can apply to come bak now but has no interst. I know that the memories of his childhood are not great.

    I want to share someting that I have not disclosed till now…my brother was absent from th prelimanry trial that day so many years ago because he tried to kill himself the night before he was to take the stand…it was so hard to hear them tying to rip apart his charcter while he was lying in a hospital. He is better now and enjoying his life in Italy. My dad and I never talk aboout this anymore because I still remember the look in face and the feelings of guilt he felt all those years ago…I don’t ever want him to relive it…I hope he doesn’t connect the dots with the crampton suicide as i have.

    I have 5 year old twins and every Sunday I debate with myself about bringing them to church…I myself have only been a handfull of times since and everytime I go, I see the Priest and then I look t his right and see the alter boy(s_)…my mind wonders…good this be happening to him? I still stongly believe in God but I have never come to grips on how to get there again.

  26. Michel B. says:

    I feel so sad reading all of these recent post. It has brought out old tears again and I can only imagine how troubled these acts have had on your sense of being. The legacy left behind by the crass inhumane selfishness of these men and then the systemic oppression of good honest innocent people in order to avoid public shame and loss of public regard is crimininal and immoral.

    It has nothing to do with a faith that works. How can words ever help heal such immense pain ? How can one ever look at these outter trappings and feel close to any conception of a loving God?

    There is a power greater than ourselves that cares and wants us to feel at peace with ourselves, our children’s and their future and the world about us. We feel it from the balm of understandinng that is given us by those who have been in our shoes, who understand how our heart beats in pain. It is so difficult for me to understand how the act of forgiveness free’s me from my hurt injured soul when it is linked so tightly to the object of my pain. One word of understanding from someone like me helps like no one else ever could.

    Letting go is so important an act and it is so difficult if as a whole you are discounted as an individual-our spririts screams out for justice. Forgive yes but forget never. Bruised orange a song by John Prine uses these verses, “for a heart filled with anger grows weak and grows bitter, you become your own prisoner as you watch your self sit there wrapped up in a trap of your very own chains of sorrow”. The church would do well to humble itself and begin to feel and act in a manner of love for the people it has injured and help to free you of these chains but it does not look like it will happen any day soon.

    I know that the love of people with these chains who helped me with my own injured soul and freed me to try to be a helper and then moved me to try to help others who are bound by these torturous chains can help others. You forgive to help you and you seek justice so that the innocence of the child within can can come onto God and feel this healing and true HIGHER POWERS LOVE. My toughts and prayers are but very little that I can will towards you to help. Speak frankly and boldly and tell them you matter and don’t let one of their kind ever not answer for their selfishness but with your other hand and with your heart heal yourself by learning to love again, love each other in your understanding of your common pain and sufferring. God bless you.

  27. Reality Checker says:

    Read Michel’s post – over and over and over again.

    Those have got to be the MOST WISEST WORDS and advice I have heard in the past few years.

    Thank You for your gift Michel.

  28. Sylvia says:

    I didn’t know about your brother’s attempted suicide Tony. That truly must have been agony for the whole family – the machinations going on the courtroom in defence of the indefinsible while trying to cope with horrific impact of the abuse on your brother. Please tell him when you next speak that he is my thoughts and prayers.

    You speak of your difficulty going to Mass. Would that those in authority in the Church would pay heed to the cry of all victims who want so desparately to regain the faith they once had and who yearn for the Sacraments. I believe that it is long past time that “the Church” decrees instant and consistent action with the laicization (defrocking) of every clerical sexual predator known to them. Such a purge would be a huge step in showing the world that the sexual abuse of children is not tolerated in the Church and that sexual molesters are unfit to wear the Roman collar or masquerade as men of God.

    It wouldn’t take long for the message to get out that there is truly zero tolerance and any priest caught would be instantly gone.

    True, even after such a purge there is no absolute guarantee that a priest is not molesting, but I think those who do would be few and far between.

    I know victims who say they would return to church if they knew that the chances were high that the priest in sanctuary is not a known molester. Do all victims feel that way? I don’t know, but you, Tony, and Patrick and John and all the others are the lost sheep. Everything should be done by the ‘shepherd’ to bring you back into the fold – and no measures should be spared to ensure that every wolf in sheep’s clothing is out of the fold.

    I wish I could make it happen. I can not. I can however suggest that you implore God to give you the graces needed to attend Mass and receive the Sacraments even under such stress. I do believe God hears and answers our prayers, albeit in His own time and in His own way.

  29. Tim says:

    Michael, your contribution today is more helpful than many could possibly understand.
    In A A we over and over again are reminded that the only one we are hurting when we hang onto a resentment (or hate) is ourselves. Someone said to me a few years ago– It is like peeing down the leg of your pants when you are wearing long underwear- the only one it troubles is you!
    At a treament facility they had the picture of a large bird which had lost most of its feathers and hair, but grimly holding on to some prey. The caption below read —It takes more strength to let go than to hang on.
    Hate and resentment can be over-powering if we allow them to be. We both have met people who would sooner hate than not hate- they have been hating so long they know no other way of existing. GOD Bless ! Tim

  30. Michel B. says:

    I agree with you Sylvia returning to a church you feel thats is directed by a responsible and accountable pastorship might bring all affected by some of the clergy’s treachery back into the church. I might sit in a pew again myself. If they all committed suicide however people would still be left with that God awful ache imposed by abuse and that won’t heal until we love each other back to wholeness. I wonder if a model like AA’s 12 step within the same church basements might ever evlove from this. I don’t see priests announcing these meetings being available soon however.

    BTW I am Michel the social worker from Baker Lake. After reading this stream of comments I felt like I should take a plane to Belgium and grab degeager by the ear and pull him all the way back to Canada myself to answer to his accusser in Igloolik. I know only to well what they have done ! I am so angry I have been pulled back into this mess but work needs to be done yet again and I hope that my higher power will direct me to accept those things that I cannot change and fix those things that I can .

  31. Patrick says:

    such good posts – I don’t feel so isolated and am reminded that there’s good out there

  32. Larry says:

    Tim , isn’t it so true that we so often need to be reminded of the good people there are our lives and in the world in order to maintain our hope in humanity ?

  33. Larry says:

    Freudian slip , I meant Patrick , not Tim.

  34. Lina says:

    I’m deeply moved by reading all the posts on this thread.

    I’m sorry that these so call men of God did these diabolical acts to you…the innocent.

    I’m sick to my stomach that many clergy members (Monsignors, Bishops, priests, etc..) do not help the victims more. They see no wrong when these criminals go free for whatever reason they think is valid. There is no such thing as a valid reason when it comes to these wolves in sheep clothing. Enablers are cowards in hiding but God knows who they are.

    I pray, bad priests, bad priests what are you going to do, what are you going to do, when the law comes & gets you? It is just a matter of time. I pray, please do the right thing by these victims!

    To all victims & to all those victims that just cannot speak for themselves. You are all in my thoughts & prayers.

  35. Larry says:

    Compassion pours from your words Lina.

  36. Michel B. says:







    We all need to be constantly sharpened.

    This parable may encourage you to know that you are a special person, with unique God-given talents and abilities.

    Only you can fulfill the purpose which you were born to accomplish.

    Never allow yourself to get discouraged and think that your life is insignificant and cannot be changed and, like the pencil, always remember that the most important part of who you are, is what’s inside of you.

  37. John says:

    Is the HB stamped on the pencil a reminder to always remain a Humble Being?

  38. Patrick says:

    A bad night for sure. Usually the happy pills kick in, but not this time. I know the light will emerge though – this is just another tunnel to go through.

  39. Michel B. says:

    hope your better patrick, every day a new begining

  40. Sylvia says:

    Hang in Patrick. You are not alone. There are many peope out here who care.

  41. John says:

    Patrick…I also sat up most of the night questioning. I was reflecting on an earlier post from Tim (post #30), and the word HATE, and whether hate had any role in the way that I was feeling.

    I just want to clarify here that Crampton had nothing to do with me, and I had nothing to do with Crampton. I am just sitting in the same chair that Patrick is sitting in. Fractionalized, minimized, fragmented, discounted and above all HURTING……..and ANGRY. I don’t want to feel this way, this is NOT me. I re-read your posts Patrick, in post #10 you wrote your very first reaction to the news…”hell is too good for him”, I understand that……..THE MONSTER IS GONE!! Then reality hits…..That’s not me, I don’t rejoice at the news of someone taking their own life, WHOEVER that someone may be. Then the questions about yourself…..Am i really that hateful? Is this who I am left being? Is this what I have become? Am I going to stay this way?

    In a word….NO!!!!!!!!

    Patrick, earlier I likened us to sitting in the same chair, I apologize if these are not the questions running through your mind. I just know that this is what was running through my mind as I sat with the news. All that we are trying to do is heal, clean-up, sort through and make sense of the wreckage in our lives. We want and NEED accountability, both ours and someone elses for where we sit today. The choices in life are ours, as they were Crampton. Patrick, you did not make the man jump, that choice was his and his alone.

    Patrick, I am trying to figure a way to both finish this comment and keep it open. I just want to say to you that, to me, you are exactly where you should be as both a victim AND a compassionate human being.

    John Mac Donald

  42. Patrick says:

    Thank you all. I realise my emotions were sort of bouncing all over the place … that’s how my brain works it seems. At this moment I’m in a good place.

    Just listening to a fave song of mine that goes:

    We are sunlight
    We can sparkle and shine
    And our dreams are what we’re made of

    So just hold on
    You can make it happen for you
    Reach for the stars and you will fly

  43. Larry says:

    What song is that Patrick ?

  44. Larry says:

    Who , if you know , is the singer and writer ?

  45. Larry says:

    Is it the song that made you in a good place ?

  46. Tim says:

    John- In your post #42 you have made a statement that helps not only you, but, many who take the time to think about it as it might apply to their own situations. To use a phrase first used by someone we all hope to see face-to-face one day-You are not far from the Kingdom ! Tim

  47. Reality Checker says:

    I just want to send all of YOU …..


    Just a reminder – There are those who care who read this forum.

  48. Patrick: When I find myself in a similar state to what you described, I think back to a few years ago when I was invited to join with two other couples on a Caribbean vacation. I was lying on the beach when I noticed a woman walking past me who had tattooed on her left foot ‘This too’ and on the right foot ‘shall pass’! I’ve often given thanks to God for the gift of those two feet for the message helps me to remember that no matter what crap surrounds me.. it too shall pass.

    You clearly have great people on this site who are willing to reach out and support you. Don’t hesitate to turn to them in times of turmoil.

    Fr. Tim

  49. Mike Blum says:

    This is Mike & Gina. Dio gets it for you…SRV gets it for me! It get’s us through during the dark times. Patrick we are “stronger as a bundle then a twig!” We are apart of your bundle!!
    Mike and Gina

  50. Mike Blum says:

    Patrick this is our email if you want extra support…

  51. Larry says:

    Fr. Tim
    How are you ?

  52. Larry says:

    What do you think about Borne and Eric?

  53. Larry says:

    Just to be clear and concise , Fr. Tim is a beutiful man and priest in my view. We have in the past had different points of view on matters that were relatviley trivial .

  54. Michel B. says:

    all people are beautiful and add to the garden that is life and love, regardless of sect, denomination, politics or organization. Criminal behaviour however is another matter.

  55. Michel B. says:

    Is that not criminal behaviour, eradicating a people. But would Christ not love even such a man, did he not die for our sins. Teach me something I am listening.

  56. Tim says:

    Michael, he died for our sins, yes- but for those sins we have asked for forgiveness in Confession, and for which we have received Absolution. Remember, there is Mercy from GOD, but, there is also Justice. Hell is not just a figment of some story-teller’s imagination. Tim

  57. Michel B. says:

    Not my place to discuss such things, I am but a blade of grass in the lawn of life. I am much too small a speck of sand to even begin to try to guess at God’s expectations. I know I am loved and I walk with HIM/HER/IT without guilt for my past or future mistakes. I do make my choices and for that I am responsible. Peace.

  58. Larry says:

    I was talking about beauty in the sense that the truth and sincerity of a particular individual is intended to do good to others. Hitler in Gods eyes is beautiful because God sees all things. I know that all things are beautiful because they ” are ” but only God sees all things as beautifull because He is perfect.

  59. Larry says:

    Fr. Tim
    Did you ever ask Bishop Smith about Borne allegations ?

  60. Michel B. says:

    Larry go check this site it appears the bishops knew quite a bit

  61. Lina says:

    “Larry Says: Post#53 (October 15th, 2010 at 10:00 pm)
    What do you think about Borne and Eric? ” and
    ‘Larry Says: Post # 61 (October 16th, 2010 at 12:12 am)
    Fr. Tim
    Did you ever ask Bishop Smith about Borne allegations?”

    Do you really believe Fr. Tim Moyle will give his honest opinion on Monsignor Robert Borne? And Bishop Smith?

    I’m sure Fr. Tim knows more than he is willing to share here at this website.

    Anyway, he would need to notify & get permission from Bishop Michael Mulhall. This Bishop is not going to give him that kind of a green light to speak his mind openly like that.

    The lawsuits against the ex-Monsignor Bernard Prince in the Pembroke Diocese are still not settled. Some are, but not all.

    Fr. Tim will not reveal anything that is going give bad publicity for the Diocese of Pembroke. If Fr. Tim did speak out on the abuse in this area that would bring change & more charges against the criminals that would be a miracle!

    He is more likely to play Good Cop & the Bishop play Bad Cop.

    Fr. Tim Moyle may be a good priest but he is like the rest of his brother priests. They stay quiet out of fear what will happened to them if they break that code of silence.

    He is one of many Bishop’s men that will pacify as many Catholic folks as possible so the good old image of the Catholic Church will stay intact.

    Good God…help us all!

  62. Lina says:

    Written by Tim Fischer. He was raped by a Catholic priest when he was 11. The priest’s name was Fr. Norman H Christian.
    St.Louis U.S.A.

    [[Somedays (Saturday, September 11, 2010)

    Somedays I still feel the deep aching of my soul. Somedays I can feel all the anger of the whole universe well up inside me and I want to scream to God himself. Somedays I feel that bitter wave of sadness come over me. Somedays my eyes still fill with tears and I realize “yes, this is a life long burden we bear, but I am thankfully I no longer bear it alone. And always I am saddened when I think many of the people I can talk to on the deepest levels about this are those who have been driven from God by “the men and women of God”

    We were but lambs lead to a slaughter.]]

    Tim Fischer will be taking part in the audience on Oprah Show later on this year. The taping of the show starts Oct.20th.

    The topic will be about male abuse victims.

    What a brave & courage soul like so many other clergy abuse victims!

  63. Lina says:

    Sorry, I forgot the website insert for post #64

  64. Michel B. says:

    and the rooster crows for the third time, Thank you Lina for addressing this baiting behaviour and bringing it back to the real subject, the poor totured souls.

  65. Larry says:

    Michel B.
    Who has betrayed who ?
    Where is the ” baiting behaviour.?
    Is it because you asked a question of me and I responded to the best of my ability ? If you find that my behaviour ( the sum of my past few posts ) non – beautifull , how in the world do you see beauty everwhere ? What reasoning goes on to say that talk about beauty is baiting and not welcomed in this site because we must stick to talking only about torture and suffering?
    Lina , it sure is not very Christian of you and contradictory of the principles you have proffessed to live by to make such unfounded assumptions about a human being based based on category.

  66. Larry says:

    I asked Fr. Tim these questions because I know for a fact that he is a man who speaks and acts according to his own principles and it would not be uncharacteristic of him at all to be forthcoming about anything despite what the bishop or anyone else thinks.
    Furthermore, I don’t really expect him to reply because he knows from past encounters that when I get pissed off I speak my mind to. I think he still aches from our last one.Or maybe the sum of them all.

  67. Reality Checker says:

    Larry – you’re judging – you’re criticizing – you’re getting TOO PERSONAL with posters!!!


  68. David says:

    I met fr. Crampton in the late 70’s. his actions caused me to leave the church and to set on a road of self distruction that has lasted most of my life. I have come to forgive him and returned to the catholic faith. Reading of his death gives me some satisfaction knowing that he will never enter the kingdom of heaven. I pray that all his vicims may come to forgive his actions and heal the torment and shame that they feel from his evil deeds.

  69. Lina says:

    David, you got your life back on track and that’s good news.

    David as you stated, you returned to the catholic faith. You are now in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church and you also told us you forgave Fr. Crampton.

    Would you please explain why you would write the following statement about (fr. Crampton) in your post:

    “Reading of his death gives me some satisfaction knowing that he will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

    I’m curious about the process you use/took to get to this conclusion knowing this priest (fr. Crampton) will never enter heaven.


  70. Lina says:

    I see it is your own belief David that this priest will never enter the kingdom of heaven because he killed himself.

    Taking one’s life is wrong and is considered a mortal but only God can read the true depths of a soul.

    I remember a time a person would not even be permitted to be buried in a Catholic graveyard if he or she took his or her own life.
    The Roman Catholic Catechism #2283 states this about those who take their lives:

    “We should not despair of the eternal salvation of persons who have taken their own lives. By ways known to Him alone, God can provide the opportunity for salutary repentance. The Church prays for persons who have taken their own lives”

    David you have a right to believe what you want.

    Thank you for replying to my post.

  71. David says:

    Hmm. I’ll have to consult my priest on this.

  72. Lina says:

    David the reason I ask where you got the idea of this priest we are talking about that you had this comfort that he is never getting into heaven….I thought a priest or another clergy member of the Catholic Church told you this.

    I don’t remember where I learned this but I always thought one could not say that this person or that other person who died is not going into heaven only God knows this for sure.

    I am truly sorry I was nosy David. I don’t want this topic to turn into a heavy theology lesson thing here.

    I’m happy you have your life back on track David.


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