Major news flashes

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Well, my dear goodness.  You will not believe this.  Two major news flashes

(1)  Donald Grecco

Ex priest and convicted child molester Don Grecco has just been arrested! 

According to a Press Release from the London-Ontario-based-law-firm LedroitBeckett Grecco was arrested for a breach of his release conditions. 

I know no more than that.  I have left a message with the OPP seeking further information.  The OPP ans. machine promises a return call within one business day. Meanwhile keep an eye and ear open for further details.

The press release also advises that Grecco victim Mike Blum has received numerous comments and overwhelming support via his toll free line and email. The press release further states: 

Information provided pertaining to other cases of sexual abuse in the St. Catharines area is being followed up and referrals to the police are being encouraged.

(2) Father Michael J Walsh

Good news for the poor souls in St. Brendan’s.  Archbishop Currie is back-peddling furiously. 

06 October 2010:  Convicted priest to Stop Attending Church Services: Archbishop

Listen to the audio link.  The Archbishop actually can not see why people are upset. 

This is yet another reminder that there truly is a great divide between the bishops and laity when it comes to dealing with known clerical molesters. 

But, let’s enjoy the good news.  By the sound of things, and unless the Archbishop has another change of heart, Father Walsh will no longer grace the sanctuary of St. Gabriel’s Church in St. Brendan’s.  That truly is good news 🙂

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