Is this the best ‘they’ can do?

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Finally some news on court dates.

(1) Father William Allen

next court date 04 October 2010 – “to be spoken to”

Time: 08:30 am

Place: Courtroom #5

Courtroom #5 is a remand courtroom. 

(2)  Father Kenneth O’Keefe csb

the 29 September court-date was remanded to 03 November 2010 – “to be spoken to”

Time: 08:30 am

Place: Courtroom #5.   Again, this is a remand courtroom.

I found the following explanation of “to be spoken to” on the Risen, Inch & Fraser website:

My matter is marked “To be spoken to”. What does that mean?

This means the court has not yet heard from you as to how you wish to proceed with your case. Your court appearance is shown as “to set a date” or “to be spoken to” as the court is waiting for you to tell them what you will be doing – will you be setting a date for trial or pleading guilty? If you have your own lawyer, he or she will be advising the court on your behalf as your case progresses.


I want to draw attention to the following:

17 September 2010: Adult Community Healing Resource Centre Opens October 1, 2010 in Cornwall Ontario 

Note the following quote from the Janet Handy comment:

It is a happy day when an agency meant to be a safe place for women, can be a part of teaching men how they too can be a part of the solution.

Is that where male victims fall into package?  Teaching them how to “be part of the solution?”  Meaning what? 

Is this the best ‘they’ can do for male victims?

This is the outreach to male victims of sexual abuse?  Funded by our tax dollars? On the heels of a $60M inquiry?


Take the time if you can to link to and listen to the podcast posted by Curious

There’s Father – now ex-Father – Brendan Foley…

He never believed in celibacy.  He never for a moment felt that he was deceiving parishioners by living a ‘double life.’  He believed the expectations put on him by Roman Catholics were “antiquated.”  He claimed his sexual assaults on two teenage boys were acts between consenting adults. He felt his job as a priest was to make the Church “more modern.”  He never told Catholics that sex outside marriage is alright, nor did he tell them it was all wrong.  As far as his homosexuality goes: “I don’t really care what the public thinks.”  He is adamant that he did not betray his parishioners.

And then listen to the mothers of two of Father James Hickey’s many victims.  And weep.

Enough for now



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3 Responses to Is this the best ‘they’ can do?

  1. prima facie says:

    RE: As per your blog and quotes, “Adult Community Healing Resource Centre…” and ….”can be a part of teaching men how they too can be part of the solution…”.
    Sylvia…is this for real? Is this the proposed program for helping male victims of sexual abuse? If it is, I say shame! Shame on the “so-called” advocates who have been paraded around and honoured as “blazing new trails” when it comes to helping male victims. “Blazing new trails”..I think not; I believe “sell outs” would be more accurate, “IMHO”.
    I recently read news articles where some “appointed trail blazers” (the one’s who should be vigorously advocating), expressed “mild” dissatisfaction about how public monies were “flowing”, so-to-speak or as how the butt kissing, “chicken gut”, “Not So Absent Observer” use to articulate so eloquently.
    Now, it appears those “annointed one’s” have retreated into “silence”…perhaps for their next instructions from “The State”? (ie) “Powers That Be”.
    This is a travesty! It is my opinion that for anyone, specifically any “annointed advocate” with “access”, to claim being unaware and surprised, is rediculous-to say the least…..scandalous would be more fitting! “They” are a “priviledged sub-group” in Ontario’s machine….”they had to know”…and for that, I say they are either lying and deceditful, self-serving, self-preserving, sell-outs” or naively, ignorant, blind-followers.
    I mean, holy shit, talk about signs-symptoms of victimization!!!HELLO! Anyone home?

  2. Larry says:

    That was very to the point and a very powerfull expression of the truth Prima Facie. There can be no one who dosn’t know your position on this matter after that. I totally agree with you.

  3. Philippe says:

    Brenda, John is correct. There is no raseon why you still can’t go to the police is there? Not that according to this protocol that much would happen after he served his jail time.It concerns me that there is no reference to the church’s hiring practices. What type of criminal record check are newly hired priest’s subject too? If it is only a first level check, then those perpetrators such as McCann whose conviction was in the 90 s, would not be filtered out as they may have received a pardon. I believe that may be the case from clergy arriving from outside of Canada as well.The policy also needs to add the practice of posting the names of credibly accused priests.

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