Hurling insults?

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I’m having some issues with my blog – nothing I can’t work around, but a bit of a nuisance.  Things I post are there one minute and gone the next.  It’s just a case of catching it and getting it re-posted. I just noticed that the following article was missing a good half of the text.  I have re-posted it and want to draw attention to it so that those who read the ‘abbreviated’ version can now catch it in full:

23 September 2010:  Another comes forward

Note the following two excerpts:

(1) Holland said he went to police to complain about the abuse in 1998, but was told then nothing could be done.

Holland said he went to Sudbury police again with his complaint in August, but nothing came of his allegation.

(2) Holland also said two other students who also attended St. Charles College went to Sudbury police, but didn’t get anywhere. He said the police officer who spoke to the men accused them of filing their complaint for financial gain and for colluding with one another.

Holland speaks as though it’s a given that the Sudbury police are no longer investigating his allegations and no charges will be laid.  Is that the case?  Is it at all possible that the police are still investigating?

Because I don’t know what the status is with certainty,and until I know otherwise, I must allow that that the Sudbury police are still investigating.

However, what is going on with a Sudbury police officer allegedly belittling the other two complainants and dismissing their allegations?  That’s what it looks and sounds like to me.

Something is seriously amiss here.  I suggest for starters that those men file a complaint with the Office of the Independent Review Director:

Beyond that can anyone offer suggestions as to how and to whom these men can file their allegations against Father Hod Marshall without being accused of being conspiratorial money grubbers?

I had hoped that we had perhaps moved well beyond any police officer treating adults alleging childhood sexual abuse in such an abrasive, inconsiderate and condescending fashion.  If things are as Tom Holland says, I was sorely mistaken.  It’s hard enough for these men to summon up the courage to speak up and come forward in the first place.  They do not need to be greeted by a police officer hurling insults at at them.

Enough for now,



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2 Responses to Hurling insults?

  1. robert gossart says:

    Sylvia: Lieve gave me your site’s address. Your site is great and informative. As victim from Belgium (1940s-50s), fyi, there no Belgian language, but French is spoken by four millions in the South, and Dutch 6 million in the North; radio, television and education have long ago erased dozen of local dialects. Question: do you know of any site similar to your in French speaking France or Belgium. We hear little from victims from the “tres catholique” France; and there must have been “exchanges” of predators between our three countries! Robert

  2. Sylvia says:

    Thank robert, both for the words of praise and those of gentle correction. The learning curve never stops 🙂

    No, I don’t know of any similar site in the French language, however I unfortunately do no speak French so would not necessarily be aware of such a site if it did exist. If anyone knows of one would you please post a link for robert?

    As for “exchanges” _ I agree. I know of one who hopped out of Canada and headed for France. He carried right on molesting …in France. Father Denis Vadenboncoeur:

    It’s interesting that you mention hearing little from victims in France. I heard the same observation from someone in France just days ago. It’s puzzling. I can not imagine for a moment that the Church in France has somehow been immune from the sex abuse scandal and accompanying cover-ups. But, in truth, until just months ago, who would have thought that Bishop Vangheluwe had been molesting his own nephew for years? Look what news of that scandal unleashed in Belgium. I think France’s day must be in the offing.

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