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Several people have asked me to post a letter by  Cheryl Helen Delacroix Thompson which was published in Saturday’s Telegram (St. John’s Newfoundland).   I have the letter as it was submitted but am not 100% certain that it was printed in the Telegram verbatim.  I THINK it was, but am waiting for confirmation – meanwhile, here is the Cheryl Helena Delacroix Thomson letter to the Editor re Most Reverend Martin W. Currie as it was submitted to the St. John’s Telegram, re Archbishop Currie and Father Michael Walsh.

It is an excellent letter.  Well done Cheryl Helena!   Very well written.. 

Will Archbishop Currie respond?  He should.  He most certainly should.

And, speaking of Father Michael Walsh…

A  friend in Newfoundland kindly and thoughtfully sent me a copy of The Story of The Roman Catholic Diocese of Harbour Grace & Grand Falls Newfoundland(James M. Fleming Srt., Print Atlantic, 2003)   I received it on Thursday and have looked through quickly.  Two itmes instantly caught my eye: (1) re Father Michael Walsh, and (2) re Father David Ostler

(1) Father Michael Walsh

Thanks to information in the book there are several parishes at which Father Walsh served that have now been added to the Father Michael Walsh page.  Of added interest is the fact that Father Walsh seems to have served in the Archdiocese of Montreal sometime in the early 2000s.  According to the book. published in 2003, Walsh was “currently working in the Archdiocese of Montreal.”  That doesn’t marry with information in the Canadian Catholic Church Directories, but I would think he must have been known by the author to be in the Montreal Archdiocese for some period of time before the book went to press (around 2002?)   Does anyone know anything about Father Walsh’s time in Montreal?

(2) Father David Oslter

First, let me make clear that Father David Ostler is not on the Accused list.  I am making note of new information because he is of interest to people in Cornwall and those who followed the Cornwall Public Inquiry.

I had thought that Father David Ostler was ordained for the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall and somehow wound up in Newfoundland.  Not so.  Father David Ostler was ordained for the Diocese of Grand Falls, Newfoundland in 1987 by Bishop Faber MacDonald, then bishop of Grand Falls, Newfoundland. 

Father Ostler served at St. Joseph’s Church in Gander from 1987-1989 (Pastor Father Edward Bromley), and as Pastor at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Gambo from 1989-1992.

In the 1991 Canadian Catholic Directory Father David Ostler’s address is that of Saint John Bosco in Cornwall, Ontario (Pastor Father L. Rivet)-  he is still listed as incardinated in the Diocese of Grand Falls.  (I realize there is a discrepancy/overlap in dates – I don’t know which is accurate – it is strange that the 1991 CCCD has him in Corwnwall when he is presumably in Gambo, Newfoundland until 1992. )

 In the 1992 CCCD Father Ostler is listed as Pastor at Saint Marguerite of Scotland in Glen Nevis.  Glen Nevis is in the Diocese of Alexandria Cornwall.  Ostler is still listed as incardinated in Grand Falls.

In the 1993 CCCD Ostler’s incardination has changed to Alexandria-Cornwall. 

In 1995 Father Ostler has moved to Our Lady of Grace in Ingleside where he served until 2000 or 2001.  

In 2002 Father Ostler’s name is not listed in the CCCD. 

 I have updated the Father David Ostler page on theinquiry.ca accordingly. 

Some may recall that in 2005 Father Ostler changed his incardination to the Diocese of Phoenix, Arizona.  He now serves at Our Lady of Lourdes and Prince of Peace Parishes in Sun City West.  

Enough for now


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  1. Sylvia says:

    Cheryl Helena’s Letter to the Editor was reprinted verbatim

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