Are Quebec police investigating?

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I had a touch of the flu yesterday.  Nothing serious but just enough to keep me from the computer.  I am pretty well back on track 🙂 And, apologies for the spam which made it through – I usually catch it right away.  Literally hundreds of spam get blocked every day – lots of filth and foolishness.  These two squeeked through. They won’t hurt your computer – the object of the exercise is to get their message, whatever it may be, out.


A reminder for anyone living in the Barrie Ontario area that Father Roger Bazin has a court appearance scheduled for tomorrow.  I am deeply concerned that the Crown and or judge will yield to pressure to have the buggery charge dropped.  The Barrie media hasn’t been covering the case.  Is there anyone who can get in there to keep us abreast of what is going on?


Also, more clarification re Father Kenneth O’Keefe.  I have heard from two different sources that St. Joseph’s High School did close in 1975 and that the school did NOT merge with St. Pius X. 

Apparently when St. Joe’s closed in ’75 some of its teachers, including Father O’Keefe, went over to Pius X.  St. Joe’s students were left to choose where they wanted to go.

Father O’Keefe started teaching at Pius X in the Fall of 1975.

And, this information which was sent my way:

St. Joseph’s High School, 881 Broadview Avenue (was operated by the ORCSSB but owned by the Grey Nuns and was sold to the Jewish Academy) [as per]

The original St. Joseph’s School opened in 1894, on the University of Ottawa campus, serving the Sandy Hill community until 1957 when it burned down over the Christmas holidays. In 1959, St. Joseph’s reopened at a Wilbrod Avenue site, where it served children from Senior kindergarten to Grade 5, while grades 6 to 8 students were accommodated for one year in another building just down the street. In 1960, the new St. Joseph’s High School was opened, staffed by the Carmelite Fathers, followed by the Basilian Fathers and the Sisters of Holy Cross. A private Catholic high school, it was located on Broadview Avenue just south of Carling Avenue, offering the full range of high school grades. [as per]

(grades 9 and 10 were funded by the Separate School Board while 11-13 were deemed to be a private school)

St. Joe’s closed its doors in 1975. Their last year book …!/group.php?gid=36872413126&v=wall

I think it is now very clear that if the charge against O’Keefe dates to 1972 then, at the time of the alleged incident, O’Keefe was teaching at St. Joe’s, NOT Pius X.

Someone raised the possibility with me that if there was abuse at the Basilian cottage at MacGregor Lake in Quebec then the Quebec police would be involved.  Very true.  “Victim” blogged that victims were sometimes taken to the cottage.  I wonder if perhaps the Quebec police are investigating allegations related to the cottage?

I will update the O’Keefe page now.  I believe the dates have been sorted out.  Still no word back from the Basilians.  I will try again today or tomorrow – I still would like to hear from them personally that O’Keefe was at St. Joe’s 1959 to ’75, and started at Pius X in the Fall of ’75.  If there is an error in the Basilian records it warrants correcting.  (Ditto if everyone else is wrong and their records are right)

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