Part of the riddle solved

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Yes, the St. Joseph’s High School at which Father Kenneth O’Keefe taught was in Ottawa.  I had confirmation from Michael Swan this morning.  The cv should read St. Joseph’s High School Ottawa (1959-1975. Swan added that “at some point the school was merged with St. Pius X.”

That solved part of the riddle, but not all.  Some have said that O’Keefe left St. Joseph’s in the mid 70s.  That is born out by this entry in Planted by Flowing Water: The Diocese of Ottawa 1847-1997 (Pierre Hurtubise omi et al, Novalis, Ottawa, 1998)

“In 1959, the Basilian Fathers were invited to direct St. Joseph’s High School in Ottawa West.  They gave this establishment the benefit of their valuable experience in the field of Catholic education until 1975.  Some Basilians taught at Saint Pius X High School.”

I now believe that O’Keefe taught at St. Joe’s until it closed its doors in 1975, and that he probably started teaching at Pius X in the Fall of ’75.  Did St. Joe’s merge with Pius X?  I don’t believe I’ve ever heard that, but it may well be the case.  I still, however would like to clarify those two years from ’75-’77.  If St. Joe’s closed it’s doors in ’75 then Father O’Keefe was definitely not teaching at St. Joe’s from ’75 to ’77.

As yet I have received no reply to my email query to the Basilians.  I will follow up on that tomorrow.  It may seem a small point, but somewhere there is an error.  I don’t see anyhting sinister in it, I just think it is error which can create confusion and warrants correction.

Enough for now.



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