I cringe at the thought

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So, Father Kenneth O’Keefe csb is out on bail (back to Toronto), and there’s a publication ban on yesterday’s court proceedings.

Why the publication ban?  I have no idea.

We do know however that the Basilian priest’s next scheduled court appearance is Wednesday,  01 September 2010.

There are a few new articles re the O’Keefe charges:

11 August 2010:  Ex priest facing sex assault charge gets bail  

11 August 2010:  Priest charged with decades old sex assault  

11 August 2010:  Former priest faces Ottawa sex charge  

Note that according to news reports  O’Keefe taught at Assumption College School sometime after he left Ottawa’s St. Pius X High School.  Does anyone in Windsor remember him, and when he taught at Assumption?

That’s two former Pius X teachers charged within a month!


Father William Allen –  former St. Pius X teacher –  had a court date in Ottawa this past Monday (09 August 2010)  Does anyone know what happened?  I saw nothing in the media. Did I miss it?


As promised a few days ago I have posted the Statement of Claim re sex abuse allegations against another Basilian priest Father Leo Campbell

28 September 2009:  Leo Campbell:  Statement of Claim – Plaintiff name redacted.  Defendants Father Leo Campbell, Diocese Sault Ste Marie (since dropped from the claim), Congregation of St. Basil and Huron Superior Catholic District Catholic School Board

Read it and weep.  This ‘priest’  “ministered” at Columban’s Boys’ Camp!  He also served in, amongst other places, St. Mary’s College in Sault Ste. Marie, St. Mary’s HS in Calgary, St. Michael’s College School in Toronto.

It is heart breaking.  Truly heartbreaking.

And to think that Father Hod Marshal was Principal at St. Mary’s while Campbell was there!   And to know that Hod Marshall was definitely out and about Columban’s Boys’ Camp, whether at the same time precisely as Campbell I don’t know, but, he was there – more than once. 

That’s two of the four definitely affiliated with the camp to one degree or another. What of the other two?

I really will have to get that chart put together to see where these Basilians overlapped and/or trod in each other’s footsteps. I cringe at the thought.

Anyway, with yesterdays announcement of charges against Father O’Keefe we now know of at least four Basilians who served in and around Ontario and beyond who have been charged or sued:  (1)  Father Rober Whyte csb (2)  Father Hod Marshall csb (3)  Father Leo Campbell csb and (4) Father Kenneth O’Keefe csb.

That’s just more than a little bit disturbing. 

But, well done to those men who summoned up the courage to go to the police station and file a complaint.  I’m sure it wasn’t easy, but, you did it.  That first step is the biggest and hardest to take.  Well done. 


To my knowledge we now have no less than 13 Canadian priests currently under investigation or facing charges, and legal action related to one who is deceased (Campbell) Check the list…. 

Click on the  RC Scandal tab at the top of the page.  Then click on Canada.  There’s the list, on the right side under “In the news.”  With the exception of Bishop Wingle, there is the list.  I try to keep that list current with scheduled court appearances. If you are aware of any changes please let me know 

As I look at the list right now I am wondering what is happening with the Father George Smith investigation.  Does anyone have any news?

Ditto Father Lucien Lussier.  Does anyone know what’s happening there?  I tried to get through to the Alexandria courthouse about two weeks ago to check this out.  No luck.  If time permits I will try tomorrow.


As I mentioned elsewhere on the site, I am trying to find out if the Diocese of Pembroke covers legal costs for clergy who are accused of sex crimes.  Father Proulx is on holiday and it seems he is the only person in the diocese who can handle my request (I was directed to him by the Chancellor, Msgr. Bridges). Father Proulx will be back on Wednesday.


I have also been trying to determine the status of Father Peter O’Hanley.  I realized recently that he hasn’t been listed in the Canadian Catholic Directory for some time.  I thought perhaps he might have been laicized, or perhaps moved out of the country and become incardinated elsewhere.  So, I called Msgr. Henneberry, the Vicar General for the Diocese of Saint John, to find out.  No luck.  He doesn’t know.  I have to contact the bishop. 

I have sent an email request to Bishop Robert Harris.  As yet, no response.


As I have also mentioned in the past, I have been trying to get information on the extradition process re our fugitive predatory Oblate, Father Eric Dejaeger omi.  Not easy either.  I am now awaiting the return of people with Justice Canada who can answer my questions.  That is supposed to happen today or tomorrow.


I will wrap up with this:

11 August 2010:  Pope Benedict rejects Irish bishops’ resignations 

I am floored!  Why did he do that?  Why?

Enough for now,


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10 Responses to I cringe at the thought

  1. Sylvia says:

    Thanks Curious. I posted it on the “Legal” page: http://www.theinquiry.ca/wordpress/contact-me-2/supreme-court-upholds-blanket-publication-ban-for-bail-hearings/

    I am constantly amazed that, despite the freedom the US press has in reporting on criminal cases pre-trial, US judges and juries still seem to function effectively. Why the assumption in Canada that our judges and juries are incapable of doing likewise?

  2. Tim says:

    Have you heard the Pastor of St. Patrick’s Basilica in ottawa, along with the Parish and the former manager of their book store are being sued in a sexual harrassment case? The first complaint was dismissed by the Pastor, but, when the complainer persisted, the manager of the store was forced to retire. Then the Pastor claimed there was no basis for the complaint. Tim

  3. Sylvia says:

    Do you have something concrete to back up those allegations Tim? For example, if there is in fact a lawsuit, can you provide a copy of the statemant of claim? or can you give the file number of the statement of claim?

    It’s a serious allegation to make publicly Tim. There needs to be something to substantiate it.

  4. Tim says:

    There are at least 30 people I know who are very familiar with this case. I know the complainant, and so do they. There are at least 2 Priests who were not involved in the facts of the case who are also aware of the facts.
    I am not privy to the statement of claim at this time: should I get to see it, I will try to get you a copy of it. Tim

  5. Tim says:

    Sylvia, I really need to talk with you- either on the phone or in person. Tim

  6. Sylvia says:

    Send me an email with you phone number Tim. I will get in touch. My email address is cornwall@theinquiry.ca

  7. Sylvia says:

    Some clarification…

    Tim is referring to a situation involving the former manager of the book store (male) and a former female employee at the bookstore. It does not directly involve clergy. As I told Tim, it’s not the sort of information or allegations which are addressed on this site.

  8. TJ says:

    I went to Assumption College School in Windsor at the same time Fr. Leo Campbell. I once went to use the washroom (room 110) and there were at least 14 urinals to choose from. I chose one when suddenly Campbell came to the urinal directly next to me, took out his junk urinated and put his arm around my shoulders as he was doing this. I was freaked out. I knew him from summer camp, but I did not know this was in his nature until that time.

  9. Sylvia says:

    Thank you TJ for passing that on. How many boys I wonder did Campbell try to seduce in the washrooms?

    What a sick perverted human being.

    What are your recollections of Father Campbell at summer camp and as a teacher?

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