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After reading that Father Leo Campbell had “ministered” at Columbus Boy’s Camp, in Orillia Ontario I asked if anyone knew if Fathers Hod Marshall and Robert Whyte had any involvement with the camp.  Because the camp was funded by the Knights of Columbus and operated by the Basilian Fathers I think it is reasonable to query what presence, if any, Marshall and Whyte had at the camp.

I did get some information emailed to me about the camp.  I also did a bit of digging around myself.

I didn’t realize that the boys who were campers were so young.  As young as seven.  I read one report which said the majority of the boys attending were ages 7 & 8.  That may have been for one particular camp, but still, they were very young.

I have decided that rather than blog on the camp I will create a page.  Nothing fancy – just a simple sequence of bits and pieces of info and articles.  That will make the information easier to access should the desire or need arise.

Would anyone who worked at or attended the camp please email me (

Enough for now,



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3 Responses to The camp

  1. L says:

    Send your cell Sylvia

  2. Les Csavosi says:

    I was confused of your mention of Columbus Boys Camp because there was another Camp Columbus in Waterton National Park in Alberta also sponsored by the Basilian Fathers and the Knights of Columbus. I know that in the early 70s, Fr. Fred Cahill C.S.B. was director. But happily no abuse allegations.

  3. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Not until now, Les. Busy at Varco? Mike.

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